Our most recent round of showers and thunderstorms during the night have produced some heavy rain. Doppler radar estimates are that between 1.5 and 2.5 inches fell in some places, with BWI Airport getting 1.95.” The Science Center has only had 0.25″, which shows you just how different things can be from one neighborhood to another.

We’re still concerned that a vigorous impulse of jet stream energy will trigger some more showers and thunderstorms today, any of which could bring some heavy rainfall. The regional radar mosaic this morning is showing a batch of showers over West Virginia, which looks quite suspicious. This could reach the WJZ viewing area later this morning, and with the daytime heating becoming more of a factor this afternoon, there could be another very widespread distribution of rain that may be heavy enough to cause localized flooding.

Tomorrow will be hot and humid, and any thunderstorm should be brief and isolated. Sunday may be a different story, because the models are suggesting that yet another wave of low pressure will be emerging in the Ohio Valley and pulling out into the mid-Atlantic states on Sunday afternoon. If so, we may be in for another “widespread and locally heavy” thunderstorm occurrence, and then some typical hot and humid weather is anticipated early next week.

Have a great Father’s Day!!!


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