BALTIMORE (WJZ)—A group of inner city baseball players gathered for what they hope is an annual event.

Six teams played in South Baltimore at what’s being called the 1st Annual Negro League Baseball Fun Day.

The idea is to encourage Baltimore kids to take up the game.

“Just to stay active,” said Tonya Thomas, B.A.L.L. Association. “[Baseball is] not a sport they think of. A lot of kids are ready to play basketball, throw football, but baseball is not something they think of.”

The group is also spearheading a drive to collect gently used baseball equipment to give to kids who can’t afford their own.

Comments (22)
  1. Mike says:

    Not a racist but Negro League Baseball. This is not the 1940’s. Are all children reguardless of race allowed to play. Good idea bad name.

    1. Tonya Thomas says:

      Mike please read my comment below. I think it will give you the understanding of the event.Thank you.

  2. Gary says:

    i agree with mike my son is white can he play?

    1. Tonya Thomas says:

      Gary, please read my comment below. I think it will give you the understanding of the event.Thank you.

  3. Graham B. Henry Jr. says:

    Is there a way to send a donation to help buy suppilies<3<3

    1. Tonya Thomas says:

      You can send a donation to B.A.L.L. Association, Inc,, 2203 Hamiltowne Circle, Baltimore MD 21237. Please feel free to visit our website,

  4. Jonathan says:

    I agree with Mike and Gary. Here we go again. It must not be racism if the segregation benefits the race. However, Food for thought.. what if the tittle was White League Baseball….? or I suppose White Entertainment Television is out of the question as well?
    Its funny how things are only acceptable one way. It would seem that everyone is always trying to break down barriers but how do you expect progress when we are back to coming up with something based on skin color?

    1. Tonya Thomas says:

      Jonathan, please read my comment below. I think it will give you the understanding of the event.Thank you.

  5. Guy says:

    Is it only for negroes? Are there only negro children in Baltimore city?

    Worst name ever.

  6. Frankie Russo says:

    You people missed the point. The percentage of American Americans in the major leagues is less than ten percent; That’s why they are being encouraged to play, Stop acting like you are the victim. They are doing something positive and you act like a bunch of whiners.

    1. Jonathan Chiles says:

      You know I never once looked at the percentage of what color was playing the sport. What was I thinking. Damn so that means I should have a Caucasian Basketball day, because I am pretty sure it is about the same percentage there. I really have a feeling that wouldn’t go over as well Frankie.. What say you ?

      1. Frankie Russo says:

        You’re thinking like a jealous ignorant child. These are kids who don’t have the opportunities like you and you make big deal about a group of people helping kids out.Maybe If you spend more time with more important issue than complaining about inner city kids getting help, you would be a little more mature instead of a whining. crybaby

      2. Jonathan Chiles says:

        I am not talking about the kids, I am talking about the title. I take it, South Baltimore Little League, was already taken?
        Besides, I spend plenty of time talking about important issues, and one of them just happens to be Race Relations.
        As a “jealous spoiled child” I am against anything being based on a person’s skin color. Unless it has legitimacy as in Medical.

        I find it interesting your need to insult me… People with weak arguments do that, and nothing intelligent to add insult others. Also using generalizations such as “more important” issues without naming a few.
        Well Frankie – this might not be an important issue to you, but it is for me. I am against affirmative action, I am against programs where if we flipped the tables, the NAACP/ ACLU would be screaming bloody murder. However if I do it – I am a Spoiled child against the poor helpless inner city kid..

  7. Frankie Russo says:

    You can do what you want, Have a Caucasian basketball day. Who cares,bro. All across the country there are schools that are.all white because there are very little or no minorities So don’t’ act like it does’t happen. Go some cities in Utah,Wyoming or Idaho. Maybe they reworded it wrong but quit making a big deal out of it. You’re just showing your immaturity.

    1. Tonya Thomas says:

      Thank you for your support Frankie. Please read my comment.

  8. Ella says:

    Where did they play? This article doesn’t give much information…

  9. Jenny says:

    I am a South Baltimore native and I moved to Knoxville TN 13 years ago to get my child away from all the racist things like negro baseball she played softball for many years even all through high school and any color or race was welcomed.thank goodness because my child is mixed.We as adults are suppose to set an example for our children not desegregate our children.we are all gods children no matter what our race is.who came up with the idea of negro baseball day anyhow?I bet next our government will be sponsoring next years events.What about the white inner city children?what are they suppose to do for fun when they also could be low income.All my family still lives in Md. and most of them have Spanish children what are their children suppose to do?Where is the moral here?

  10. Tonya Thomas says:

    Unfortunately I think everyone has missed the point of the day, because it was not mentioned. The event is titled Negro League Baseball Fun Day to celebrate the day that has been declared. In 2009 the State of Maryland signed in that the 2nd Saturday in May is Negro League Baseball day. Just 2 months ago the City of Baltimore signed in the same dedication. This event starting in 2012 will be held on the 2nd Saturday in May to celebrate this day. It will be a day filled with baseball and history for everyone of all ages and all races. The event that just took place on June 18th had children from T-Ball age to 15, from James Mosher, Carroll Park and Lakeland, and children of all races and nationalities.

  11. Kyle says:

    I’m a white guy living in the Baltimore area and think this is a great idea. Whenever someones prefaces a comment with “I’m not racist”‘ you can pretty much bet that they are. This is a day for kids to have fun, learn about the past, and build their own future. The Negro Leagues have a great history in Maryland. This should be a day for everyone to reflect on that era…. It shouldn’t be about race. I think all you “non racist” folks are missing the point. It’s more than a name. I’ll be coming out next year to show my support.

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