By Mike Schuh

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — For some kids, summer means going to camp.

Mike Schuh reports on a camp that could lead to a career in the theater.

To perform on the Hippodrome’s stage means you’ve made it to the highest levels of the performing arts.

But for the next three weeks the performers on the Hippodrome stage aren’t old enough to have a career. They are only in eighth-grade. They’re lucky to be at a camp in a very special place.

“Much more passion for what it is you’re doing. Here you are on this stage,” said one teacher.

“It made me want to cry. It may sound weird, but you see so many shows come here, now I’m on that stage. I may not be performing for anyone, but it’s humbling,” said Maddie Weinstein-Avery, student/assistant.

Some have no prior acting experience, but by Friday they’ll have learned enough to stage a show.

The Hippodrome Foundation is passionate about education. They say it’s a way to say thanks to the state and city for backing the renovation.

“We’re earning our keep, and making sure that life in Baltimore is better for everyone in Baltimore, not just the people who come to shows,” said Olive Waxter, Hippodrome Foundation.

In fact, six students last year got into the School for the Arts, including Maddie Weinstein-Avery.

“Well, I would like to be on Broadway,” she said.

The remaining camps this year are full with waiting lists. If anyone is interested in next year’s camp, contact the Hippodrome Foundation in early spring.


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