In the same week 22-year-old Rory McIlroy made world headlines a man old enough to be his great-grandfather showed up in the Florida Marlins dugout.

When you’re down and out and have lost 10 straight games and 18 of 19 and your manager throws in the towel who you gonna call? Silly question, you speed dial Jack McKeon.

So what if he was born in 1930, he’s not playing he’s managing. Go ahead, go Comedy Central and have at it with the 80-year-old skipper. Bring out the prune juice, shuffle board, 5 o’clock buffet material.

Like the late night guy who said “Jack made 4 trips to the mound and 12 trips to the bathroom”. Or, “Jack McKeon could have the keys to getting the Marlins in contention but he forgot where he put um”.

Marlins player Logan Morrison tweeted on the generation gap between him and his new manager. “McKeon asked me what I had going tonight. Told him I was going home 2 play w/twitter. He replied “oh, what kind of dog is it?”

Jack was a young 72 in 2003 when he managed the Marlins to a World Series win over the Yankees and was named Manager of the Year for the second time. In his 2nd game back Wednesday night his Marlins beat the Angels ending an 11 game losing streak.

His catcher said at every high point I’d look over and see him jumping up and down like a little kid. He was taking off your hand with his high five’s. I don’t know if he’s your regular 80-year-old. He’s full of energy.”

It didn’t take long for Jack to lay down the law. In his first game McKeon benched Marlins star Hanley Ramirez who reportedly had been late for meetings and lazy running the bases.

Ramirez got the message, put in the cleanup spot for the first time in his career he came back the next night scored 2 runs and had his first multi-hit game in a month.

If Joe Paterno can still win at 84 why not a few weeks or months of Jack McKeon while the Marlins looks for a permanent replacement.

He’s the 2nd oldest manager in MLB history, Connie Mack was older but give ole Connie an asterisk, he couldn’t get fired because he owned the team.

If you’ve ever used reading glasses, received mail from AARP, got that your clueless look from a teenager or forget your password at least once a week you should be pulling for Jack McKeon. He’s one of us!

By the way Jack has authored two books, his latest “I’m Just Getting Started.” Don’t know ‘bout you but I’m Jacked!!!

  1. Faye Berman says:

    Well said, Scott!

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