The heat has returned, and is going to stick around for a while. We are already at 88 degrees at 1 p.m., and temperatures keep on rising. We will top out in the 90s today, tomorrow, and Friday while the heat index will add another 4-8 degrees to the high.


If you feel like this has been a warm month, you are correct. We were just checking back over some of the numbers. Including today, 18 of the 22 days in June have been above average – with some of them way above average. Five days have topped out in the 90s, and another at 100. Also, we have established three new record highs this month alone.


The heat is only part of the story for the next few days. Thunderstorms are the other part. There is a slow-moving cold front still well off to our west. It’s this cold front that is pumping up the heat and high humidity/dewpoints, creating an atmosphere conducive to scattered showers and thunderstorms. This front will not clear us until the weekend, so there will be some showers and thunderstorms on the radar each and every day through Saturday. And any one of these thunderstorms could grow to the strong/severe level. If the National Weather Service issues any watches or warnings, we will pass those along to you.


The front will head out to sea this weekend. Although there could still be a shower or thunderstorm on Saturday, there will not be as much action as we are going to see Wednesday through Friday. Sunday will be even calmer before another storm moves our way early next week. With the front moving through, temperatures and dewpoints/humidity will back off slightly – but still probably top out above average.


Now, if you are heading out to the concert tonight, there is the chance for those thunderstorms. They will be developing over the state, it’s just a question if they move over the stadium or not.


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