BALTIMORE (WJZ)—A freak accident has put a Baltimore City police officer in the hospital. She fell 25 feet off the Jones Falls Expressway.

Derek Valcourt has the latest on the accident investigation and the officer’s condition.

That officer underwent multiple surgeries, including facial reconstruction surgery. She’s had a metal rod placed in her leg, and her pelvis has been fractured. She’s now in recovery but still in critical condition.

Officer Teresa Rigby, 27, is lucky to be alive.

She was trying to help a driver whose car was disabled when an accident caused her to fall 25 feet off the JFX onto concrete below.

Rigby’s car was parked behind the disabled vehicle, which was in the process of being hooked up to a tow truck. Rigby was standing on the right side of the car when police say another car lost control, slamming into the back of the Rigby’s police cruiser which then slammed into the disabled car, which then struck Rigby, propelling her over the jersey wall.

Traffic stops on the elevated highway are a risk police say they’re all too familiar with.

“The JFX is notorious for being a bad stretch of road,” said Baltimore City Police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi.

Scuffs on the JFX’s jersey walls are a testament to the countless accidents there every week.

Part of the danger: some stretches have very little shoulder, which is one reason why many police officers avoid traffic stops there altogether.

Others know when they do have to get out of their cars it can be dangerous.

“When there is an accident on the road, people get attracted by the flashing lights, they want to look at the police cars, they want to look at the ambulances, when they do that they sometimes veer into that scene and this is how tragedies happen,” Guglielmi said.

That’s why Maryland lawmakers recently passed the move-over-law, requiring drivers passing emergency vehicles to move over one lane and slow down.

The penalty for not moving over is $110 and one point on your driver’s license. If a crash results, it’s $150 and three points. And if the accident results in death or serious injury, the fine is $750 and three points.

It’s unclear what charges if any the driver who caused this accident will face. Investigators are looking into whether the driver was distracted, or if weather played a role in the crash.

Police say it appears alcohol was not a factor in the crash.

Comments (13)
  1. Darryl says:

    Please be OK Officer Rigby, you are very much needed.. You are in my prayers..

  2. Larry says:

    Praying for Officer Rigsby.
    Dollars to donuts the driver of the Saab was texting or talking on the phone. If they find that is the case then the highest criminal charges should be levied against the driver. This has got to stop!

  3. 1st Responder says:

    Teresa will come outta this alright because of the person she is. Blessed are the keepers of the peace. We’ll be down there to harass you later today. I wonder if they’ll let us decorate your room like the roll call room. Hang in there Shorty.

  4. BARBARA says:

    My Prayers are with Officer Rigby and her family at this difficult time. God is a healer and He is able to bring her through this. I am claiming total healing for Officer Rigby. There is nothing too hard for God to do. He can make the impossible…. possible. All we have to do is pray and claim the victory over her life. I pray that God directs the Surgeons hands to go in and fix whatever is wrong with her body. Family…….Keep the Faith and be Strong.

  5. R. Lynn says:

    I don’t know the Police Officer but my thoughts and prayers are with her and her family. You are a true hero and we need more people like you in the world. God Bless!

  6. pigeon says:

    Now they are saying the driver of the Saab lost control. Bets the driver was on the phone?
    My prayers are with Officer Rigby, her family and the fantastic physicians at Shock Trauma. May God be with all of them.

  7. Mr gene says:

    well it just wasnt her time to go, wish I could say she was lucky but poor girl will be hurting for along time….its amazing that she lived at all , that drop was fatal
    9 times out of ten. People have to focus on what there doing when they see the Police out there. Police have such a dangerous job just trying to help a broken down vehicle….its a thankless job and I am glad there are people like Rigsby who will step up and do what it takes…..risk their lives everyday. You have to respect our Police Men and Woman….there may be a few jerks out there but most of them are good people

  8. LYNN says:

    if its the law you move over and slow down for the accident then the driver should get the MAXI??? PRAY FOR THE OFFICER.

  9. DELORES says:

    prayer goes out to the officer in her family she is with the best GOD AND SHE IS AT THE BEST HOSPITAL she will be fine

  10. marlene says:

    u and ur family are in my prayers and for those that dont move over need there license took for about 5 yrs i bet they not being noisy then hopeing for a speedy recovery be blessed

  11. Dave says:

    This is a terrible tragedy and I pray for a speedy recovery for the police officer. I think the immediate deployment of road flares might have helped create a safety zone and decreased the speed of the traffic which would have increased the safety of the vehicles and individuals on the side of the road . Road flares are highly visable and they are recognized as an emergency signal.

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