By Pat Warren

BALTIMORE (WJZ)—A former Baltimore political candidate files a claim to part of the William Donald Schaefer estate.

Political reporter Pat Warren reports, Mike Schaefer says he shares more with the former governor than the spelling of their last names.

Mike Schaefer shows some of the trinkets he’s received as a friend of William Donald Schaefer.

“Here’s a tie clasp he wore as governor with his signature on it and the state of Maryland with the signature William Donald Schaefer,” Mike Schaefer said.

A signature tie clasp, probably more than one, immortalized in the statue of the former governor at the Inner Harbor is not all Mike Schaefer lays claim to. He believes he should get $28,000 for time spent and promises made to him with and by the former governor.

“It’s more about carrying out Don’s wish,” said Mike Schaefer. “Don was giving me his library, his record collection, planning trips with me; he was on my companion pass with Southwest. He was sort of like family to me so he would have wanted me to have some recognition.”

Mike Schaefer claims that from the time of William Donald Schaefer left the comptroller’s office, the two of them met several times a week. He claims the reasonable value of services for meals, transportation, errands and purchases is $28,000 in a period of 56 months.

“If I had the courage to discuss money with him, which I never really could bring myself to doing, he would have done something of that nature,” said Mike Schaefer.

Mike Schaefer says the two men bonded over their shared name and shared interest in politics. Mike Schafer has campaigned for senate, mayor, and last year, as Baltimore sheriff, hoping to capitalize on the name.

“The governor and I would sing songs together, we had a marvelous time,” Mike Schaefer said. “I think he enjoyed that he had somebody he could talk about things he knew.”

An attorney for the estate tells WJZ they are reviewing the claim. If his claim is not granted, Mike Schaefer says he will appeal.

Comments (12)
  1. William H. Schaefer says:

    Mike Schaefer may have been a friend, but if not in the Will, name is not enough.

    William H. Schaefer
    Hagerstown, MD

  2. bjgj says:

    Glad I don’t have friends like that. He just ought to be ashamed of himself to even consider himself a “friend” of Schaefer’s.

  3. Michael Hyatt says:

    I still believe that Schaefer was GAY, he was often seen at the club down town Balto. where the guys danced with just there G-strings. Maybe this guy was Don’s gay lover?? who knows.

    1. Martha says:

      Get a grip buddy!

  4. Joe Hollingshead says:


    Who cares? How does you stupid comment relate to the article? It doesn’t.

  5. Martha says:

    Are you kiddihng me?? Willie Don is rollling over in his grave right now!! If he would have wanted this nut to get something, he would have given it to him! I am related to Willie Don and there are quite a few of us, despite what has been written by Lanie, and I was not listed in the will nor did I expect to be. I do resent some nut-case thinking because he had lunch wiith him a few times, that he deserves something..Shoot, most of Baltimore had lunch with him at one time or another through his lifetime!! RIP Willie Don!

    1. mike schaefer says:

      Dear Martha; not just having Luch a few times” it was over 100 outtings for breakfast, lunch or dinner, the tab was always on me but few exceptions; Don actually said “you said you’d take me out to lunch every month when I retired, I want to negotiate twice a month”. I responded with twice a week, and he was always promising me the moon; over 100 events over several years creates a business and social loving relationship, not gay, that you should be able to appreciate. I spent Christmas with him, alone, last December, for an hour, at the rest home and in February two hours, he did not want me to leave, as a former City Councilman myself and having almost memorized his biolgraphy we had constant discussions about our mutual friends, acquaintances, things to do, he met up with me in Oklahoma and planned a trip to LV where I was to host him at an Old Timers dinner invovling two former Nev. governors he knew. He is the reason I moved to Md. bought a downtown hotel, 723 St. Paul, named it Scahefer Hotel with his picture in the window. He thought that was a hoot.
      I am sorry you do not understand the situation. I got him on the with Bill Hudnut the former Indianapolis Mayor, after 25 years of silence, when Hudnt was speaking at Goucher College and the two had a great visit. I was an important part of his life, he appreciated it, and only reason he did not provide for me ins that Lainy hated, detested any of his friends or cronies who did not kiss her hass. He needed someone on his side and I was fearful of the Czarina.
      Mike Schaefer in Mt. Vernon; e:

  6. whatnow says:

    What a slimeball this guy is. He didn’t have the nerve to discuss money with Schaefer but he “knows” he would want him to have something. If he wanted him to have something, he would have left him something. This guy needs to be arrested for perpetrating a fraud.

  7. PAUL E. MICELLI says:


  8. mike schaefer says:

    To my many critics, please let’s have coffee at Owl Bar and go over the dozens of warm communications between Don and myself, over 5 years and 100 outings; we cared about each other, he orally game me his books and records and his townhouse, but the power-crazed Mrs. LeBow-Sachs banned me from visiting him, gave him zero information about his $200,000 annual pensions which all went to her accounts, he monthly lamented that she never invited him to her home in 20 years of relationship(he’s been to my Mt. Vernon home); she cut him off from anyone who was a threat to her total domination. I loved Don and he cared about me. We told each other we cared about each other, difficult for men to do. He was not gay, he was fond of all good citizens and having read his book many times I could talk with him about incidents of his whole life. We were city councilmen at the same time, he in Baltimore, me in San Diego.
    I got him to talk recently to Bill Hudnut, the Indiapolis Mayor who stole our Colts 25 years ago, took him and Governor Mandel to dinner, tried to get him to dinner with Cardinal Keeler and myself. I am the real thing, and would you love an adopted son any less than a birth son? Our relationship was in the stars–my biological dad and Don had November 2nd birthday and I was born on Maryland Day, March 25. I knew Maryland, from being a tobacco-corner farmer in Charles County as a Georgetown Law student in the 60s, to owning a downtown Hotel in the 90s. We met up in Oklahoma, we planned a west coast trip. We shared 100 outings. Gimme a break. Come review the papermill.
    I welcome skeptics but don’t assume anyones devotion to be opportunism.
    Mike Schaefer

  9. FBeck says:

    That is great that you had such a great relationship with him. It just seems incredibly shameless greed. If your relationship was so great and he treated you like an “adoptive” son, then why on earth do you think you need to be paid or compensated for sharing such good times with a “friend”. How much do you charge your friends per hour?

  10. mike schaefer says:

    I do not charge my friends at all.
    When I pay the bills, they cover the tip, or pick up the next tab.
    With the Governor, I covered all with few exceptions, and he responded by
    promising me his library, his record collection, he townhouse. His enjoyment of all this got his alleged POA to fear losing her authority — cannot see any other reason for her banning my access or my phoning him, both of which I was able to get around. He would be demanding I sit and talk more and the nurse would be calling securit to eject me. He has ZERO authority over his life while his money was sent, 200,000 a year, to the Czarina; He was frequently complaining that she gave him NO information about his retirement monies and in 20 years had never invited or permitted him to visit her home. A nasty woman and our Icon deserved better; I am sorry you have not appreciation of this.
    Mike Schaefer

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