ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — A man charged in a February attack on a man walking near the Linthicum light rail station has been sentenced to 10 years in prison.

An Anne Arundel County judge on Wednesday also ordered Dana Patrick West, 19, not be found anywhere within a mile of any light rail station anywhere in the state while on five years’ probation after his release.

Prosecutors say West and his 15-year-old brother beat a 59-year-old man walking along the Baltimore-Annapolis trail so severely that the man suffered a broken nose, eye socket and cheekbone, three broken vertebrae and a fractured rib.

The attack generated calls to shut down the Linthicum light rail station, but officials never learned whether the two teenagers used the light rail to get to Linthicum.

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  1. The Fright Rail says:

    This menace public transportation system should have long ago been renamed the “Fright Rail” because it cuts through and allows the worst Baltimore City criminals very easy access to wealthy areas to victimize the affluent people who live there. Anyone remember the white teenagers in Timonium kidnapped and the girl raped a few years ago by two Baltimore City black thugs who rode the train up there with the specific intent on committing crime? I know a woman who’s pre-teen daughter was fondled on the Fright Rail by some dirty trash city criminal.

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