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Boy, 3, Drowns In Swimming Pool At Birthday Party

WHITE PLAINS, Md. (AP) — Authorities in Charles County say a 3-year-old boy drowned in a swimming pool during a birthday party.

The Charles County Sheriff’s Office says the boy was swimming in an in-ground pool with several relatives late Saturday afternoon at a home near White Plains.

As some people were getting out of the pool, they saw the boy at the bottom of the deep end. A registered nurse performed CPR at the scene, and the child was rushed to a hospital, where he died.

The sheriff’s office says all signs point to an accidental drowning.

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  • Fred Auffarth

    HOW CAN YOU TAKE YOUR EYES OFF A 3 YEAR OLD, ESPECIALLY IN A POOL.Sounds like he didn’t have any kind of safety gear on.

    • Lowsky

      “It takes two people to make a baby, and a village to raise one.” Where were the rest of this babys “Parents” re family members and relatives? If your child is withing my sight line she/he is my responsibility. You do the discilpine I will watch out for security issues.

    • Kristine

      My son is 3. I am so heartbroken for you. No one knows how fast these things happen unless you are there at that exact moment, I am so incredibly sad.

      • Fact

        The fact that your son is moving in the direction of his next birthday suggests that you are taking better care of him than these folks did.

    • George W.

      Very sad indeed!
      Hey Fred! Unrelated, but tell Mark to look up his old pal George!

  • Senseless Tragedy

    Way to go “adult relatives”.
    Spare us, the tears and woulda’ coulda’s.
    Your results speak for themselves.

  • Justice Served

    The people that were responsible for this child’s safety should be “sentenced” to 5 minutes at the bottom of the pool.

    Fair is fair.

  • delores

    The child was 3 did the mother miss her baby ?Who put him in the water ?Did he fall in the pool? a lot of questions to be asked

    • Lowsky

      Let’s be fair, where was dad? Or uncle, aunt, cousins, ANYBODY!!!!?

  • Seriously.

    -And for these reasons, your Honor, the people ask the court to Order the pool filled with concrete, in an effort to save other innocent victims from parental neglect.

  • carrie

    It is truly sad. I feel greatly for the family. I also think people should watch how they comment. The! mother will hurt for the rest of her life and she wasn’t there to try to save him but the way your comments are made people will think she was

    • Think Again

      You are missing the point.
      The mother was supposed to be there. Had she been there watching this boy, there would be no need to save him.
      There also would be no need for a funeral.

  • Bullfrog

    I am so confused, Who was in charge of watching this little angel? How can there be several people in a pool and not one person notices this little angel unsupervised. Was alcohol involved? How is it possible? So many people and not one person had the brain cells of a monkey to watch this child. This was suppose to be a child’s birthday party, Why on earth would a little child under the age of 10 be allowed to enter the pool without some sort of flotation device such as a life jacket, inflatable arm supports, etc. Where was his father/mother. In a million years this should not have happened. All those people around and ereryone was so busy with themselves that this little child die’s, how tragic so terribly tragic. My heart goes out to the family and friends, but this was neglect in my opinion.

  • GreatfulHeart

    Why are people so quick to judge? Is this the way we feel better about our own perfect selves? I don’t know, but there are so many things legitimately that could have gone array. Why not have some compassion for the family with great loss. You know it is possible that this kind of thing could happen to YOU someday. God knows the truth. It is not ours to judge. None of you were there. JUST SAYIN’

  • Mark

    Sometimes things happen and you can’t do anything about it. These people havef to live with this and the possiblity that they could have prevented it. I’m not sure if there is a worse thing for a parent.

  • Mary

    I had been a lifeguard all through out college. A child that young, should have had a life vest on or some alternative safety gear on. The parents were neglectful by not providing that for the child. Supervision of children should never be taken for granted especially with a swimming pool. Hard to believe that many adults were present but no one had their eyes on that child. I think that a call to Charles County Child Protective Services should be made. This needs to be investigated. I do suspect there were possible drinking among the adults and if so, than that had an ultimate impact on this child’s untimely death.

  • S. Dawson

    floaty swimsuit at Walmart = $19.00

  • jj

    Maybe some of the comments are unfair and yes the family will suffer, but it COULD HAVE BEEN PREVENTED. I have 3 grandchildren and they have always been around a pool. Number one-they wear swim vests Number 2-Swim vests are not life vests so the kids are still watched like a hawk. If they stop moving even for a second Somebody checks on them (Yes kids can be drowning even if their faces are above water) And they are not only just watched by their parents, but by every adult near by. A tragic accident is when a child sneaks out of the house at night and finds a way into a secured pool. This was neglect

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