Md. Baby Needs Surgery After Alleged Sex Assault

FREDERICK, Md. (AP) — A Frederick man is being held without bail on charges he sexually assaulted a 1-year-old boy so severely the child needed surgery.

Frederick County State’s Attorney Charlie Smith said Tuesday it is one of the most horrible child-abuse cases he has seen.

Prosecutors say the boy underwent a colostomy last week at Children’s National Medical Center in Washington because his colon was torn.

Investigators allege in charging documents that 19-year-old Ryan Sheppard acknowledged to police that he sexually assaulted the child last Wednesday.

The allegations include first-degree sex offense and first-degree assault. Sheppard could be sentenced to life in prison if convicted on all counts.

Sheppard appeared Monday at his bail review without an attorney.

No attorney of record was listed Tuesday afternoon.

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  • Sylvan Finkelstein


    • deltasweetiepi

      This mofo should be dead

    • hmmmm

      AGREE people like this do not deserve to live!!!!!!!!!! kill him by terring his rectum and let him bleed to death



    • Kimberly Blackwell

      ill do the honors and buy the round they should take him and tie him up to an old oak tree do the same thing to him fill him w/buck shot and let him slowly bleed out!!!

    • Kimberly Blackwell

      ill do the honors and buy the round they should take him and tie him up to an old oak tree do the same thing to him fill him w/buck shot and let him slowly bleed out!!!

  • Me

    He will get what’s coming to him…beasts like that do not last long in jail.
    God Bless that baby and pray he will be ok.

  • somechic

    This poor baby! What a disgusting act!! I would definitely love to partake in this sick punks punishment! He wouldn’t live to see the end, that’s for sure!

  • Joe

    This motherf**ker should have his f**king head torn off. Sick ba**ard. Maybe I’ll even do it myself? I will be at this trial for sure.

  • LaDasha

    This is sicking. This animal should be put to death. Now whine you liberals, I’m sure you will say he is sick and needs help. BULL.

    • really??

      What does politics have to do with this??? Well, with a name like LaDasha, I can imagine your confusion. Idiot.

    • Katelyn

      I’m pretty far left on the political spectrum, however I don’t think this man needs help, or is sick. No death penalty case (with all its expense to the government, ie. you and me,). He wont even make it to the trial. Prison justice will be fast and brutal for this man. Thanks for using this tragic case to spew your hate and bias.

  • R J Thomas

    This guy needs 11 of his appendages removed without pain killers. Send him to prison and let men who abhore child molesters take care of him. My heart cries for that little boy.

    • nicko

      Eleven? LOL Lemme see…Two legs, two arms. Are toes appendages?

      • angrymama

        Yes, they are. As are penes. His of which should be the first to go.

    • Johanne

      That is exactly what he should get. The big strong men that don;t like child molesters will fix him right up the ass.

  • Katie L

    yeah, no soap on a rope for him and make sure his soap is extra slippery

  • eric

    What a SICK person!!!!! He needs to be sodomized himself to see how he likes it!!!! Bubba and Otis will have thier way with him in the poky!!!!! They dont tollerate pedefiles in there.

    • AKgrandma

      Actually, he probably does know how it feels. Most child molesters were molested as children themselves. That’s how this ugliness starts.

  • connie

    that what he want is the slippery soap on the rope. he love anal sex and take pleasure in sodomizing helpless victims. he should be put to death !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Terry

    Execution on the spot – not trial – of course O’Malley would prevent it……

    • victor evans

      i heard you was with him

  • sad

    I just finished reading an article where comments were all in favor of pornography and extreme violence should be protected as free speech. I bet this child molester was weaned on the stuff. You get what you ask for.

  • pigeon

    Dismember the bum bit by bit by bit and very, very slowly so he will agonize ’til death.
    CPS should look into the lifestyle in which this child was forced to live.
    I so pray for that baby, which he is. May his recovery be swift!


    JUST HANG THIS PERVERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • urnotfunny

    Put him to DEATH! There is no room on this earth for a sick POS like him. God bless that innocent little boy and prayers for a quick recovery. It is my wish that he gets tri-fold in jail what he did to this poor baby. Luckily he is over 18 or his defense (if he has one), would be screaming he’s a poor innocent juvenile!

  • 1st Responder

    No. I say give him life and put him in a cell with a murdering lifer with a 16little inch member who has nothing to lose. Trouble is, he might enjoy it too much. An execution is to quick and not painful enough.

  • Anti-probation 4 sex offenders: change the laws!!

    I had a 19 year old relative (not in this state) that admitted himself into a psychiatric center after his biological mother kicked him out of the house for the rape of two small girls. He was afraid she would report him, so he checked himself into a mental hospital and admitted to raping six children between the ages of 2 and 12. To his surprise he was arrested. He was sentenced to 30 years with the possibility of parole in 15. He is a serial child rapist and ONLY received 30 years. This guy brutally sodomized this sweet, innocent baby. UNFORTUNATELY, the system will more than likely give him a few years in prison to “rehabilitate” him. They give stiffer sentences for possession. BTW, the relative was sent at the beginning of the year, was immediately sexually assaulted, but has stated even though he was raped he liked being in there.

  • Bullfrog

    You are a MONSTER. You are SATAN in the form of a human being. I will wish every night that your cellmate wears a size 13 shoe and that he is a very horney cellmate, someone who can cause the exact type of pain on you that you caused that little child. Why in this day would any parent entrust the safety of their child to a man (other than the father or grandparents) alone. I would question any man who would offer or be willing to child sit my child (unless extreme emergency) without a female. It’s just not normal for a man other than family to child sit, Men in general think about sex appro. every 3 to 5 minutes, I am not saying that they are child molesters, I am saying no one knows if they are thinking about their wife, lover, girlfriend, boyfriend or child. So we as parents need to use our radar to detect the danger and for pete’s sake if it sounds to good to be true then it normally is. Parents beware satan can take any physical form.

    • Eric Mainz

      You seem to have a very jaded view of men, and I feel sorry for you. What this monster did was sick, and excusable, but to generalize and say that 1/2 the population could potentially do something like this show me that you may have have also been traumatized yourself.

      I am a father of three young daughters, and while I no longer need to seek out babysitters as they are now old enough to help watch themselves (at 10, 12 and 15), I ave previously hired ‘males’ who were well known to me personally to watch my kids, and never had any reason to suspect anything was off.

      As a result, my children are well adjusted, and do not have a fear of the entire world. That said, they know that there are sicko’s out there, and they use their common sense, and the values that we instilled in them to make the right decisions in their life. I would hate to have my kids be as jaded as you, ad afraid of 1/2 the population. Also, your statement about men thinking about sex as often as you said seems to bit a bit too ridiculous, especially when you try to make the leap that they could be thinking about your children, etc.

      Of course, I think this guy should be locked up for a long time, and still think that if they had touched my kids, that I would be he one trail for his demise, though I doubt there could be any significant repercussions for revenge, as many judges also have kids (or nieces/nephews, etc.).

      • tracee

        By hiriing ‘males’ YOU consciously placed your children at risk! One does not have to be a man hater to recognize that males (and young onew with testosterone raging) are NOT the best source for babysitters.. Women molest as well understood. But, you are lucky and you were WRONG. And, you do not know whether something happened to your children or not…often they don’t tell for years, decades.

        Hopefully, that is not their story. But, being logical does not make one a hater.

      • Julia

        I was sexually abused by my male babysitter when I was only 4.
        I have never left my own child with ANYONE other then my own mother because of that.
        I do not see it as being scared of the world,but PROTECTING MY OWN.
        I refused to let what happened to me happen to my child.
        And I will go to the ends of the earth to protect my child.
        Anyone ever does something heinous to her,I WILL KILL THEM,that is a fact.

        I’m with Joe,someone needs to take this loser out.That poor traumatized baby should not have had to start his life off this way!!

  • MomOf1

    I don’t understand why God lets this happen to innocent children.

    • MACM

      God gives us choices–don’t mistake this tragedy for something that God did

      • Sabrina

        Apparently, only the criminals have choices, the victims are left out of the free will plan.

    • Zacchinc

      God controlling all action is a silly lie, its not biblical.

    • WOW

      God does not “LET” these thing happen. People make their own choices. A person always has the choice but what they do with that choice is another story. It’s a shame that the innocent pay for the choices that these people, male or female make. Hopefully this child will have alot of love and support.

      • a concerned citizen

        god had nothing to do with this… you go the same place when you die as you were before you were born… back into the void. having said that, speaking of death, shame on our a@!hole supreme court for shooting down the notion that child sexual predators be eligible for the death penalty.that crime(and crimes against the elderly) are 10 times,no 10,000,000 times worse than killing a cop or even murder in the heat of the moment, even murder in the commission of a felony… and prison(as someone who was there when it was full of MEN who respect MEN is now full of little boys more concerned about what color rag they have on their heads; unfortunately, he’ll probably get 15 yrs. and walk around the joint like that stuff is just fine and dandy; back in the day he wouldn’t have lasted 5 minutes…. these prisons cater to the p.o.s.’s, give them early parole, protect with “p.c.” (protective custody but more like punk city) i knew an 18 yr old boy w/ 50 yrs. FIFTY YEARS for making the mistake of selling cocaine(his first offense)…at the same time there was a 58 yr old man doing 5 yrs. for digitally penetrating a 3 yr old girl. Maryland is a backwards, f’d up state. if it was my child i would sit in prison for 20 yrs SATISFIED for killing that s.o.b….and believe me, they would prosecute you to the fullest extent of the law in this police state. they feel “sleighted” whenever an ordinary citizen acts on behalf of the defense of his own family… think about, all these so-called “officers” are drawn from the same age group as the “gangstas” and they treat the public, for the most part with the same tactics as the gangs: with fear, intimidation, and brutality. most of them are nothing more than a gang in blue.

    • Megan

      Because god is just an idea. Like witches and vampires were once believed to be real so as to explain what was unexplainable at that time. God told Abraham to kill his son to test his loyalty. God took everything from Job to show Satan Job’s loyalty. Does that sound like something to follow without question? And these are stories from “God’s own book”. Not trying to start a religious comment battle but you asked and so I reply. Don’t just blow me off as a god-hating atheist (I am not!). Please just think aboutyour question and how often these tyes of things happen. They happen because people get bored and desensitized and search for something taboo to satisfy them. Sometimes the taboo they choose is illegal and horrifying.

      • Mary V

        Megan, your questions don’t make you a god-hating atheist, you are looking for answers. The bible states that God visible in the garden of eden, but after man disobeyed him, he did not let man see him as he is. Abraham and Job both were of different eras. As many religious incidents of God presence, God appeared to
        humans in different eras in his own way. The bottom line is, God gave man the FREEDOM to choose right or wrong. But, many humans blame God when the results are bad after they had made the wrong choice. However, when the results are good after they had made the right choice, they bass in the fame of their own personal recognition.

    • jewels

      We can’t rely on God to protect our children, we have to do it.

  • Tracey Reitterer

    I don’t understand a criminal justice system that allows monsters like this to live!
    Nor do I understand a govenor who would halt executions of convicted murderers. Go figure….

  • Baltimore


  • blueclaw

    They have evidence…he admitted it….no trial needed. Execute him. There is no good left in a person who commits such a heinous act!! How anyone can even think of doing something like that to a child is beyond me.

  • He is Good

    Sweetheart, God does not “cause” this to happen to innocent children. He loves us all enough to permit “free will”. This pervert was exercising his “will” freely, but that does not mean that God was in favor of his decision or condones his actions.
    Think of it this way: Heaven is like a perfect garden, in which, the most beatiful flowers grow forever. There is no room for evil weeds in the garden of heaven. In His wisdom, God has arranged for a period of “free will” that allows us to prove to Him, ourselves, and others, that we are either a beatiful flower or an evil weed. Judgement Day is a time that we are either planted and watered, or pulled up by the roots and allowed to wither for eternity (as this one shall be). Don’t lose your faith, due to frustration at the process. The fact that you are enraged by the evil of this perpretrator is evidence to God that you are in need of moist soil very close to Him.

    • He is Good

      This was in reply to MomOf1.

    • lynn

      NOT. People leave religion out of this. For Christ’s Sake

      • VPutin

        Leave it out because you say so, why? If people took God serious , this type of crime would not take place, though I am in dream world -knowing that this sinful world is due for judgement.

  • SLHJ

    This story just made my stomach turn. It’s sickening!!! How can you do that to an innocent baby!!! I hope the inmates give him a dose of his own medicine. SMDH!!!!

  • Esperanza Hill

    This man was in complete control of himself. He did what he did to that child because he wanted to. I can’t even begin to warp my head around how someone could even put one foot in front of the other after doing that. I felt sick just thinking about how that child had suffered.

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