TOWSON, Md. (WJZ) — A Baltimore County man faces 10 years in prison for putting a toilet outside the Towson Courthouse.  His trial was supposed to start Tuesday, but instead there’s a new twist in the case.  Adam May was in court when the man’s defense attorney was fired.

A toilet decorated with pictures of politicians and a cell phone triggered a bomb scare outside the Towson Courthouse in February.  Now Duane “Shorty” Davis was scheduled to face a judge Tuesday but he fired his attorney.

“I wanna tell people I was making a movie and he doesn’t want to tell people I was making a movie so we had to go our separate ways,” Davis said.

Davis, who’s working on a film about social injustice, has placed more than half a dozen toilets around the region, but the bomb scare led to felony charges of making a phony destructive device.

“The police knew the toilet wasn’t a bomb because I sent the police department videos,” Davis said.

After his arrest, Davis spent weeks at the Spring Grove mental hospital.  Authorities were concerned he was a danger but shortly after an exclusive interview with WJZ, he was released.

“No, sir, never threatened anybody, no shape or form,” he said.

Davis is now free on bond and he wants his toilet back.

“That toilet belongs to me and this was artwork and a movie.  It’s that simple; it’s my trademark,” Davis said.

Duane Davis is still searching for a new attorney.  His trial is expected to begin September 13.

  1. Rod says:

    Wow , why in the world would these people waste tax payers dollars on a toilet protester? It seems to me that all the man was attempting to convey was that the establishment is full of sh-t and someone other than our current decision makers need to be called in to get a handle on all of the corruption, car phishing ( police dodging in and out of traffic running the tags on each and every citizen until they get a hit) by lazy police who endanger citizens with these wreckless tactics and judges who fill the jais with non violent offenders to supply manpower to the prison industries to get cheap slave-like labor… I agree, some of this antiquated system needs to be flushed out of existence and replaced with up to date solutions that will prepare this society for the future..

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