TOWSON, Md. (WJZ)— A man is in custody, accused of murdering his pregnant girlfriend and her young daughter. 

Mike Hellgren has new information about the suspect and reaction from the victims’ family on the charges.

Police charged Alicia Avery’s boyfriend with her murder and that of her four-year-old daughter Darry’el Parker inside an extended stay motel in Baltimore County.  Brian Lamont Eggleston Jr., 28, was arrested the same day of the murders on unrelated drug charges in Baltimore City.

“He took them from us for no reason at all.  They didn’t do nothing at all,” said her sister Deniesha Avery.

Avery’s friend, who asked to have her identity concealed, said Avery told her she was breaking off their relationship the day before the killing.  She believes that sent Eggleston over the edge.

“She was sick and tired of him drinking,” the friend said.

She says Eggleston, Avery and her daughter lived with her in east Baltimore, a few blocks north of Patterson Park before Avery went into witness protection sources say for a Baltimore City murder case.  She says Eggleston had problems with alcohol and access to a semiautomatic weapon.

“They had some arguments, he pushed her,” she said.

Police confirmed Avery was pregnant; family members say she was going to have twins.

“We are now waiting for the medical examiner to make a determination in whether that pregnancy will result in a homicide charge as well,” said Baltimore County Police Chief Ames Johnson.

County police now say Avery’s murder had nothing to do with the case for which she was in witness protection.

“It’s quite troubling and extremely tragic to kill a child of this age, as well as any human being,” Ames said.

City police initially reported Avery missing when she failed to check in with them.

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  1. s keller says:

    So Sad. And yet so young. Even the Police can’t protect us. And that is not saying much for the poilce. This is a sick world. It doesn’t pay to do the right thing anymore. No wonder witnesses doesn’t want to come forward, look what happens. My heart goes out to the family. May they rest in peace. And i hope the police find who did this and take their life like they did these innocent people.

    1. b says:

      it was not police protecting her, it was her damm boyfriend

    2. Lisa says:

      Is it just television or is NO ONE supposed to know where you are when you are under witness protection? This is why so many people are afraid to get involved.

      1. Bob Decjer says:

        The people being protected contact boyfriends and family – the police cannot stop that.

      2. G M says:

        You are so right. If people cant be protected like they should be then I dont blame them for not getting involved. This is sick.

    3. deltasweetiepi says:

      Her boyfriend killed her and he was not a part of the equation regarding an up coming trial. Protective custody means you do not talk or tell anyone where you are, call them from a number that can be traced to a location …that includes family, friends, and yes boyfriends too. This is truly sad and heart wrenching.

  2. michaelena says:

    The Baltimore City Police moved her to Baltimore COUNTY??! THATS hiding her? And PROTECTING her??! They might as well left her where she was at and pointed a big neon arrow at her.


      It really is pointless to move her at all you’re right, If I’m ever a witness to a crime that requires me to be under protection I WONT TALK

      1. This Guy says:

        Even if you witnessed the death of your own mother?

    2. Bob Decjer says:

      I am in the county. Find me! My point is that she is in a witness protection program and needs to be available to testify. A witness protection program does not always mean relocation to New Mexico. Perhaps your taxes should be raised to help.

  3. Susan Charles says:

    Why did she not have someone with her at all times? She was not protected, the government and the police are no damn good. This woman died as a result of imcompetent idiots. So much for the Witness Protection Program, her Uncle Mike could have kept her alive and safe. Get a gun and protect yourself, no one else will.

    1. a.k.a says:

      first of all mike is feeling guilty already, so don’t put the blame on my nephew!!

      1. G M says:

        Please let him know its not his fault. I will pray for him to find peace with this.

    2. Bob Decker says:

      So police officers should live with her? She invited her boyfirend. He killed her. He was NOT thre reason she was being protected. The man she was to testify against did not find her. Police did protect her and for you to suggest ‘the police are no damn good’ please ASK for a huge tax increase so we can hire at least 3 officers per witness’s in the protection program.

  4. ilovemykids says:

    A few things about this story are just not adding up to me:

    I am not sure why if she was under witness protection for a crime witnessed in Baltimore City, why she was only merely moved to Baltimore County. Is that the best that could have been done to protect a witness?? Then BCPD wonders why they can never FIND witnesses to crimes…

    Secondly, while the BCPD should have used more of the “smarts’ they possess and moved her further away from the crime scene, something is telling me that the young lady was not so ‘secretive’ herself about where she was…people should not be so quick to blame the police on this one. God bless this woman’s soul and the soul of her young daughter, but how is it that she was actually found? Someone other than the police had to have known where this young woman was staying.

    The news is saying that there is a possibility that this case was a ‘crime of passion’, which again proves my point, that there was at least ONE other person that knew where she was staying, and everyone knows the old adage, where there is one, there are MANY.

    I am really saddened by the happenings of this case, because once again, a young woman who was trying to do the right thing and cooperate with the police has become a victim-and not just her, the lives of her daughter AND unborn children. This is a sad world we live in.


    1. RP says:

      She was found by police after they couldnt reach her they went to check up on her, the article WJZ wrote last night had that information in it I cant find it I think this one replaced it.

    2. Bob Decjer says:

      The witness was protected against a suspect. THAT suspect did not find her. Her boyfriend came to visit and he killed her. Why would she not have given the boyfriend her address if she was mover further away? Thie witness was NOT FOUND by the man she was being protected from – What part of HER BOYFRIEND do you not understand?

      1. richierich says:

        I just started reading these idiotic replies and was going to respond, but then I read yours (Bob Decjer) and figured I didn’t want to be redundant. Reading comprehension class might in order for the majority of the posters who blame Protective Custody for not protecting this woman.

  5. RP says:

    “We can’t, for the life of us, figure out who would want to do anything to them. This terrible,” said Lisa Branch, victim’s aunt.

    UM I can think of someone who would want her dead. Way to go Baltimore City 5-0 I’m sure people really want to talk now!

    1. MJ says:

      This has nothing to do with the police protecting…this could/probably would have happened whether she was there or not. She was killed by a known party. She told him where she was I’m sure not thinking she would end up killed.

      And for all you idiots who keep saying “they should have someone protecting her at all times” remember that when your taxes need to get raised to cover all the overtime it takes to sit an officer on a location where someone is set up. You think you can put an city officer on a house to watch for free. Those sort of movie type setups require funds something the city doesn’t have.

      But as usually its easy to get on a blog and complain with knowing any facts.

      1. Not your problem says:

        So. If it cost too much to protect a witness, mother child? What if it was you on the hot seat.. How much is a life worth to you. Very short sighted. Very sad statement on life.

      2. Tonya Y. Brown says:

        Well if they can sit and watch the Mayors house in office or out of office, They sure can sit and watch someone on a witness protection program. Are you serious!/ No value for life! Our tax money go everywhere else, recreations centers are closed, libraries, schools but hotels and other unnecessary establishments are being built across Baltimore! Get out of here with the nonsense! If the mayor is retired, there is no need for an officer to sit outside their homes.

  6. Confuzzledness says:

    Key word “PROTECTION” ….. so very sad 😦

  7. sezmane says:

    4 years old.

  8. Avery says:

    that is a horrible thing to say Matty.
    People lost their lives… think about that little girl. She came into this world with a clean slate, her life was cut way too short. It is very sad and people should care. Everyone should be alarmed when people are murdered especially when babies are losing their lives

  9. Alan P Kefauver says:

    That’s why MD should be a “shall issue” State. The Police can’t protect us. We need to be able to protect ourselves.

    1. It won't happen in Maryland says:

      I agree. I came to Maryland from a right to carry state. I carried a weapon for years while working on a parking lot. I never had to use it but there were times the other attendants were saved from bottom feeders who wanted to kill them for a dollar. I am not saying that everyone should have a carry permit, There should be mandatory training and understanding of the responsibility. No criminals or domestic violators with legal permits. No one with mental illness ( if you can get past the privacy issues). There has been to many incidents of law enforcement members who have no business carrying a weapon. Was one on trial in Baltimore?

  10. Baltimore is doomed. says:

    Wow. You wouldn’t help put a murdered behind bars? That’s really sad, selfish and cowardly.

    And for most of you on this thread: why is it always someone else’s responsibility or fault???

  11. Worried says:

    The man name is mentioned and then again you can’t blame the police because plenty of people knew and visited where she stayed including me

    1. Georgeanna Modlin says:

      The truth of the matter is that whoever told other preple whre she was, incleuding her, are responsible for this crime. If the guy didnt know where she was, he couldnt have killed her. That the bottom line.

      1. Not an idiot says:

        Complete IDIOT! The killer is responsible! What is wrong with you? Bottom Line…duh!

  12. What? says:

    Shoddy reporting. I don’t think the boyfriend killing her is related in any way to her being a witness or being in the witness protection program. Way to go WJZ. You suck.

  13. rob stationary says:

    They moved her 2 mins outside the city limi8ts, on a major road that leads directly into the city ,, baltimore City Police F N IDIOTS,,, and they didnt even notify the couty,, again I feel so sad for her family and I understand now why people dont trust the Police and they dont testify, for what,, Baltimorre City police a JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. This Guy says:

      She was under Baltimore City Police protective custody. BCoPD has no business in this. That’s why.

      1. sophisticated says:

        And how do you figure Baltimore County PD has no business in a witness under protection being placed in their district?hurry up and respond the suspense is killing me.The whole point that everyone seems to be missing is that 4 lives were lost,a mom, her daughter, and the twins she was pregnant prayers are with the family.

  14. Diane King says:

    Setting aside the triple tragedy of these murders for just a minute, how freakin stupid is this Brian Lamont Eggleston Jr. that he commits these murders knowing that he is going to be the primary suspect? If he didn’t know that, then he is even more stupid.

  15. marian says:

    it appears this young lady did not heed the police “not to tell anyone” where your are. how do we know that the boyfriend killed in a “crime of passion”. what if he was in on the murder in the city that she witnessed? but she “just couldn’t live without him” and told him where she was. then after he killed him the baby walks in and is old enough to tell who “hurt mommy”. bang, now she can’t. there is more to this story than what we know and wjz can only tell what they know. the biggest mistake was not letting the county police know that the city had placed a murder witness in their area so they could have been aware and beefed up patrol in the area. so sad so very sad. to the family, my sorrow to you and yours. remember them as they were………..

  16. DF says:

    Your niece calls you (as I’m sure she felt very unsafe where she was) knowing she was in the witness protection program and for a couple weeks, you just don’t get around to going to get her? You should be ashamed of yourself uncle Mike. UNBELIEVEABLE!

  17. How Could HE says:

    Kill a little 4yr old baby and her mother? The Devil is out there and has taken over the boyfriends mind and soul……Lord have mercy…..judgement day will come and he will burn in hell for eternity.

  18. Ashley Whatley says:

    Am I missing something? It seems as though her involvement in a murder case and her current boyfriend killing her having nothing to do with each other.

  19. ilovemykids says:

    Again I do not know where WJZ is getting their information from! Yes, the boyfriend has been arrested, but on NON-RELATED CHARGES!! WJZ removed my comment the first time around!! All of the charges stemming from the boyfriends arrest that was made YESTERDAY are all drug related…all six of them! How can they just come out and say that he is being charged, when Judicial Records show no such thing?!? Can someone at WJZ tv provide where their information is coming from, opposed to just deleting a comment that calls you all on your bulls**t stories?? Why is the media allowed to fabricate things to get the public in a damn uproar!!!!!!
    Now I am not by any means justifying wrong, because if the boyfriend killed this woman and her child and unborn children, his a** deserves to be extradited and FRIED!! But what if he did not do it? He IS NOT CHARGED WITH THE MURDERS YET! Dont believe me? Check this out:

    Now what if he never gets charged because he did not kill that woman? Now you have put something over someone’s head that is not necessarily true, and someone related to this woman may want to bring harm to him…thus the cycle continues….Shame on you wacked out media people!

    1. tony says:

      Do disrespect to you… “ilovemykids” but you did not READ the story/article carefully. The story clearly states that the man is being held in jail on un-related charges but the new warrant/charges will be served to the man upon his release from Jail on the drug charges. Its called a Detainer. The man now has a murder detainer on him. I bet if you check Maryland Case Search in a 1-3 weeks …you will see the murder charge.

      1. ilovemykids says:

        I understand that the article says that NOW, but it didn’t say that when I posted my comment before

    2. urwrong says:

      Baltimore County Police charged him. Their news release:

      Suspect Charged in Double Homicide at Precinct 6/Towson Hotel

      Baltimore County Police have charged Brian Lamont Eggleston Jr., 28, with the murders of his girlfriend, Alicia Avery, and her four-year-old daughter, Darry’el Parker.

      On June 27 at approximately 4:00 p.m., officers responded to the Welcome Inn to check on the well-being of Alicia Lee Avery, 25, and her daughter, Darry’el Amani Parker, 4. Upon entering the apartment, the two victims were discovered dead in a bedroom. The victims had injuries that were suspicious in nature. The Homicide Unit responded to investigate, and the victims were transported to the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner for autopsies. The autopsies revealed that the victims had been shot, and that both deaths were homicides.

      Detectives were able to develop information that the victim had been involved in a romantic relationship with Brian Lamont Eggleston Jr., and that he was responsible for the homicides of both Alicia Avery and Darry’el Parker. At the time of the homicides, the suspect lived with the victims in the 8700-block of Loch Bend Drive, 21234.

      An arrest warrant for Brian Lamont Eggleston Jr. was issued on June 29, charging him with two counts of first degree murder.

      Brian Eggleston Jr. is currently detained at the Baltimore City Detention Center on unrelated charges. The warrant will be served upon his release from custody at that facility.


      NOTE: Chief Jim Johnson will hold a news briefing to announce the charges to the media in the lobby of the Public Safety Building, 700 East Joppa Road, Towson, Maryland 21286.

  20. ilovemykids says:

    Unsure of what you were attempting to reference by posting your link

    1. ilovemykids says:

      sjohnson2, where did your link go?

  21. ??? says:

    Ummm… I agree. What does her boyfriend murdering her & her child have to do with her being in a witness protection program? Unless she was a witness to a murder her boyfriend committed- it’s irrelevant. And if they are related, did she compromise her own safety by contacting family members? Needless to say, we are not detectives, we will have to wait for them to do their job.
    To the family & friends of this young mother & child… I am so very sorry for your loss. Take care of yourself & of each other. Although I know it is very difficult, I too was in your shoes just last month, try not to let your rage change who you are. I did and I regret it everyday.
    My best advice… DO NOT read the comments that are being posted. She must have been a beautiful human being for doing her part in making our world a little safer.

  22. Angel says:

    Put his behind 20 feet down and forget all the nonsense and wasting our tax money to save animals like this. These type of people are not HUMAN, they are a certain type of breed. Baltimore you wasting our money doing NOTHING!!!


    1. Bernard Mc Kernan says:

      Angel, You are anything but!

  23. Hotboy says:

    My cousin was a beautiful caring mother who would hurt a fly…. Her and Darryel will be greatly missed…. Its really killing me that someone would do something like this…. I would also like to take this time to thank everyone for all the prayers and kind words…..for all u negative people yall already know what yall can do

  24. Hotboy says:

    I meant to say wouldn’t hurt a fly

  25. Veronica Jenkins says:

    i really didnt know her i knew her threw my daughter lashelle moten.. and as a mother when yu lose something yu love the person should pay and me personley think that he desever to death>>

  26. Gotta Be kidd'n says:

    “City police initially reported Avery missing when she failed to check in with them.”

    Sounds like Baltimore City Police think that having a “protected witness” check in with them occaisionally, is protecting them.

    What is the Code Word…”I’m still alive”?

  27. Atavia says:

    To all that said any thing neg. Save it cus if it was your ass you would not have stopped your life complete ever. everybody in this world belive that they can trust some one it’s just that some of the ppl we think we can trust we really cant soto all the one talking neg. Put your self in er shoes before you can judge any one cus you dont know not unless you have walked that yellow brick road. TO THE FAMLIY My HRAET GOSE OUT TO YOU GUYS. LEE LEE MY YOU REST IN PEACE. DARRL’E My YOU REST IN PEACE . AND TO THE TWINS MY THEY REST IN PEACE AS WELL. With Love Atavia

  28. Pumpkin says:

    Facts are important…and the media has achieved their objective. Good news draws no applause, but negative news brings out those who feel a need to vent. No one knew she was in protective custody until the family put it out there in the news. It is obvious the boyfriend knew where she was and how to contact her…only one person could have provided this information…sadly it cost her and her child their lives. We are so quick to place blame everywhere but where it belongs. Hold up a mirror my fellow AA’s and tell me if you like what you see.

  29. happy1 says:

    You guys miss the obvious.. Baltimore county knew this was a domestic but “leaked the witness info.. Distraction created…And you took the bait, hook. line and sinker… Sad.. Stop being media Sheep!!!

  30. smh@b-more leadership says:

    There is something very strange about this case. I have never for the life of me see the police make an arrest so fast for a avage black young citizen. Was this quick arrest done to keep the citizens of Baltimore calm about this ???? BCPD ? The victims family should be outraged seriously!!!!!! She and her child should have not been killed in that hotel. No one should have been able to get close to this young lady and her daugher !!!!!! I smell a rat Police Commissioner. Stephanie Rawlinging where you at on this lady.

  31. Folksrclueless says:

    This is such a sad story and an even sadder truth, 2 lives lost for nothing before they could even have a chance to truly liveand 2 more that never had a chance at all. T his world Is filled with such mean and evil spirits, when or will this kind of stuff ever end all the senseless killing. May god bless the family and may the deceased R.I.P

  32. harry p.pickle says:

    sorry but i protect myself,i only call the worthless police just to make it legal

  33. mageec says:

    IThings like this lead me to want to follow the BIBLE – you know – DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WANT THEM TO DO UNTO YOU Go get him !

  34. Donald Jones says:

    Ephesians chapter 6 verse 12

  35. HP says:

    Sounds to me like this young woman associated with some pretty violent people.

  36. sheriff says:

    Typical moolie way of dealing with their problems. Bang bang, you’re dead.

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