WASHINGTON (AP)–The number of black children living in most large U.S. cities has fallen substantially over the past decade, according to an AP analysis of census data. The chart below illustrates the number of black children in in select cities, and the percentage change:
City 2000 2010 Change
New York 568,295 441,237 -22%
Chicago 332,296 228,486 -31%
Philadelphia 197,910 172,513 -13%
Detroit 250,105 155,957 -38%
Houston 147,819 124,600 -16%
Memphis, Tenn. 134,465 120,291 -11%
Baltimore 121,313 98,800 -19%
Los Angeles 108,198 73,791 -32%
Washington, D.C. 85,401 65,804 -23%
Dallas 92,443 75,966 -18%
Charlotte, N.C. 54,050 71,190 32%
Jacksonville, Fla. 71,552 73,706 3%
Atlanta 72,100 52,566 -27%
Indianapolis 64,058 67,125 5%
Columbus, Ohio 56,464 66,930 19%
New Orleans 103,978 54,014 -48%
St. Louis 58,676 43,576 -26%
Newark, N.J. 42,923 36,981 -14%
Boston 43,408 34,431 -21%
Fort Worth, Texas 34,126 4,157 22%
Oakland, Calif. 38,765 22,377 -42%
Phoenix 21,194 25,138 19%
San Antonio 21,613 20,593 -5%
San Diego 28,434 19,605 -31%
Gary, Ind. 26,463 19,236 -27%
Austin, Texas 18,740 14,541 -22%
Seattle 12,071 11,261 -7%
San Francisco 12,793 7,584 -41%
San Jose, Calif. 7,783 5,702 -27%
El Paso, Texas 4,800 4,826 1%
(Copyright 2011 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

Comments (9)
  1. common sense says:

    A mere function of section 8 reloacting families.

    Some “get it” and decide they want a better life and work towards it.

    Others feel the “pattern” is okay to repeat and let the goverment relocate them.

  2. Darryl says:

    A lot of’em are being killed off…

  3. Opinion says:

    I think if you line that up with the murder rates in those cities it’s a horrible fact. Scary in a sense of places to raise your kids. Young black people are dropping fast..:-(… Its good for someone, but not for young black people.

  4. JJ says:

    Every city was in bankrupcy, despite massive federal funding, trying to house and feed the ‘cradle to grave’ lazy welfare parasites for the last 45 years. So the Democrats came up with another failed social program to relocate many of them to the suburbs at the expense of taxpayers. And along came gangs, drugs, littered roads and bigtime crime. It began in the last 4 years of the Clinton administration when the Dumbocrats had majority power in all three branches of government. Like all of their failed social programs, at an estimated cost of over 16 trillion dollars to date and with little positive results, it was rammed down the throat of the American people.

    1. done with it says:

      As a super liberal left winger democrat, it kills me to say that JJ, I totally agree with you. I am seriously done with supporting people who can’t/won’t support themselves. They are worse than children. They make one bad decision after another. Should we have to support them, they should have a set of rules to follow and the the first one is not to reproduce. Frankly, I cannot afford to pay for anymore of them.

  5. Walter says:

    Section 8 DUH! And lets see the compared stats of where the inner city black children went and how the crime rate has risen in the past ten years in the suburbs (people don’t disappear, they move elsewhere).

    The suburban crime rates have risen massively the past ten years! It is directly related to section 8 and young black children with mother only families and NO fathers. This is why I had to sell my beautiful home in White Marsh 5 years ago and move to Sparks, MD. Mass Crime, Vandalism, Gangs, Teen Pregnancy, Drug Dealing, and all overall lack of safety for my educated “nerdy”, goal driven children!

    We are falling fast!
    Disgusted, Responsible, Middle-classed, hard working, still married, PARENT!

  6. Not So... says:

    I feel the decline is due to more inner-city minorities that are using welfare and subsidized housing to better themselves. They are getting better educations, reproducing less, and working hard to improve their standard of living. They are encouraging their (fewer) children to respect the law, go to college, work hard and pay taxes.

    One moment please……..

    Damn, I just pinched myself and felt nothing.
    Disregard all that I said earlier.
    I was dreaming.

  7. Robert Long says:

    The fact that most of them are leaving the city. And the fact that most of the 16-25 year old males are being killed is also causing a drop in kid’s. Blacks are killing them selves off. Each year the number of black people drop by around a million or more around the world. There needs to be a lot of change otherwise there will be no one left.

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