RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — A company that provides kitchen exhaust cleaning services to restaurants, government entities and large organizations is moving its headquarters from Maryland to Virginia.

Gov. Bob McDonnell said Thursday in a news release that HADPRO plans to invest $375,000 in its new headquarters in Alexandria.

Fifty-three jobs will be created.

HADPRO’s existing headquarters is in Rockville, Md.

HADPRO Chief Operating Officer Brian Vahaly says the company is impressed with Virginia’s pro-business community and it’s the best location for future growth.

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  1. overregulated says:

    WJZ loves leaving out facts. To go along with “Virginia’s pro-business community” should be “Maryland’s business unfriendly community”.

    Keep voting for liberal/progressive statists such as O’Malley and see what happens to our business environment.

    Business IS the economy, not government spending, high taxes and red tape.

  2. Mike says:

    HADPRO is a holding of McLean Capital. McLean Capital is run by a Dendy Young who is on the board of Northern Virginia Technology Council which endorsed and funded Bob McDonnell’s campaign in Virginia. Big surprise.

  3. Jeff says:

    By “pro-business community”, they mean you can come here and line your executives pockets with more profits while not paying your workers any more than they were making and not giving any back to the community. It’s all a sham. They were making profits in MD, now since they are going to be getting huge tax breaks from VA (they gave money to help the governor get elected), they will be making more profit. You think any of that extra money gets seen by anyone below executive level. Companies will constantly be finding ways to get out of taxes while you and I get stuck paying our share. If the taxes go up in VA, they’ll just move to somewhere else. I don’t know why anyone feels sorry for these companies paying taxes considering the level of greed we’ve seen in the last 2 decades. Non of that money from tax breaks makes it’s way down the chain, that’s the magic trick.

    1. overregulated says:

      Wake up! Maryland is unfriendly to business, actually the fourth worst in the nation to do business, and getting worse thanks to the many liberals who keep voting in idiots like O’Malley.

      “The executives are lining their pockets and not giving back to the community”. If you want to walk around with your hand out expecting someone to give to you, how can you look at yourself in the mirror? What they give is jobs to working people. That creates a larger tax base and generates revenue for the State, and employs people. We all can’t be government workers.

      Virginia is laughing all the way to the bank living next to liberal mecca, where the idea of running a business means “evil” to the liberal inhabitants and the corrupt liberal government (remember Jack Johnson and the pay to play environment).

      As far as campaign contributions, O’Malley had three times as much money than Erhlich, so who bought him off? Or how about the Campaigner in Chief? CBS reports he will be the first billion dollar candidate?

      Get off that high horse, your head out of your rear end, and realize what the greed in governement (especially in Maryland) is reaping us.

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