Single-Engine Plane Lands In Queen Anne’s Creek

STEVENSVILLE, Md. (WJZ) — A pilot made a splashdown landing in an Eastern Shore creek.  Shocked neighbors on Kent Island watched the plane land just short of the Bay Bridge airport.

Kelly McPherson spoke to neighbors who saw the plane go down.

A single-engine Cessna plane ended up in Broad Creek Thursday afternoon.

“I heard this loud noise and I was like, `Oh my gosh.’  I looked behind me and it was like 10 feet above the water.  It was coming into the creek and I knew it was going to crash,” said witness Candice Spector.  “I didn’t hear anything.  It must have been going slow enough where it just glided in.”

The Bay Bridge airport is nearby, so planes are common. 

“We’d never seen anything like it before here,” said Mary Miller.

Two men who live nearby got in their boat to help the pilot.  The say the pilot told them he simply lost power.  Many around here are surprised that the plane didn’t hit anything.

“I was afraid it would hit that man’s pier, but obviously it didn’t,” Miller said.  “Or that it didn’t hit somebody’s house, that’s even more amazing.”

The pilot, a 47-year-old man who works at the airport as an instructor, was not injured.

“He was fine.  I saw him walk away from here and he was perfectly fine,” Miller said.

No one was injured in this crash.

  • Sylvan Finkelstein


  • Charlie

    this is horrible writting, is it Queen Anne’s Creek or Broad Creek, and what part of the plane is the ngine?

  • Charlie

    this is horrible writing, is it Queen Anne’s Creek or Broad Creek, and what part of the plane is the ngine?

    • Relax

      The “ngine” is a time-saving measure.
      Just pronounce the “n” as a noun, and you don’t have to waste time with typing an “e” in front of it.
      This time-saving measure allows the writer more time to pack the article full of relevant details.

  • CJ

    Now everybody is going to be a NTSB Investgator!

  • Eileen

    We were all outside and saw the plane come down. I was terrified that it was going to hit my barn, but the pilot tipped up his left wing and missed the building. He obviously was an experienced and competent pilot to have landed in such a congested area without hitting dwellings, boats or docks.

  • TMF

    That pilot is my brother; and, yes, he is very experienced and very calm when it counts.

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