By Mike Schuh

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The weather this weekend couldn’t be much better, but as you enjoy clear skies, there are others nearby who look forward to a dark, stormy day.  Mike Schuh explains.

On a holiday weekend, the sun is a welcome sight.  But soon, too much sun could soon give local farmers the blues.  We’re down an inch of rain for the year, nearly a half-inch in just the past month.

At the farmers’ market in Waverly, family farmers grow what they sell.  The produce is appreciated by the loyal customers.

“Supporting local farmers is critical,” said customer Mare Cromwell.

Farmer Joan Norman lets her husband worry about the weather.

“When my husband comes in saying bad words, that’s when we panic,” she said.

No cursing yet; they’re getting just enough.

“At this point, we’re doing fine,” Norman said.  “Like to have some rain any time now, but no complaining yet.”

It’s the same for Hal Zimmerman, who purchased his farm specifically because it has a spring-fed stream.

“We’d be dead,” without the stream, Zimmerman said.

Though the numbers are down, it’s nowhere near a drought, which class for an extended period, months, without significant rainfall.


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