BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A grim milestone in Baltimore City.  There have been 100 murders so far this year.

Adam May reports a family is pleading for witnesses after a military veteran was gunned down in cold blood.

“I have a niece that wants to know where her daddy is,” said Joanne Samuel, Christopher Samuel’s aunt.

Family and friends held a vigil for Baltimore’s 100th murder victim of 2011.

“I just want whoever did this to know that you left my daughter without a father.  You left me without a husband,” said his wife.

Christopher Samuel, 24, served in the military.  He did not have a criminal record.

“He always said he was gonna be a good father and take care of his family.  He was never one to get in trouble, never one to walk the streets,” said Russel Samuel, Christopher’s father.

Late Tuesday night, Samuel was shot in the back in the Upton community of West Baltimore.  Police believe it was a robbery because Samuel was on the phone when he was murdered.

“Whoever he was on the phone said that Christopher said, `I don’t have any money so if you kill me, you’re not gonna get anything,'” Joanne Samuel said.

Police are not reporting any solid leads in the murder, leaving the family desperate for answers.

“He will be missed and his legacy will live on through his family,” said friend Mallory Wright.

“Christopher was such a good man and people are gonna miss him so much.  He was my best friend,” said his sister, Adrienne Samuel.

“All I want his justice for him, and I won’t give up until we have it,” said his wife.

Funeral services are Tuesday at noon at the March Funeral Home on North Avenue.

Comments (14)
  1. bmore life says:

    Another sad. Story my prayers go out

  2. bmore life says:

    Another sad. Story my prayers go out to th family

  3. Not my city anymore says:

    Baltimore remains an extremely dangerous city. There is an endless supply of ultra-violent anti-social psychopaths walking this city’s streets and no real legal way in which a Baltimorean can effectly defend themslves without him or her being prosecuted. Criminals own and control Baltimore. It’s their city and that’s why I gave up and moved far away into the burbs long ago.

  4. JJ says:

    There is no place like Baltimore Maryland aka Bloodymore Murderland

  5. TJ says:

    There is no place like Bloodymore Murderland!

  6. Robert Long says:

    This is why i am glad i am not in the city any more. I stay away from the city any chance i get!. I grew up there. Born and raised for 20 years. And it has only gotten worse!

  7. RileyfromtheBoondocks says:

    Just another example of the evil that lurks in the city. You killed a marine, who fought so you can have freedom. I hope justice finds you before the angry family does.

  8. ilovemykids says:

    This is so sad and disheartening…RIP young man-this occupants of this city sicken me

  9. JJ says:

    The elected officials and the Police Commissioner should be ashamed of themselves. I get so sick of seeing the Police Commissioner and elected officials smiling and acting for the tv cameras with every excuse in the book.
    Hopefully a new mayor will get elected and clean house!

  10. tate says:

    Same comments, over and over again.

  11. T.Clark-Fellows says:

    Its a sad day,my heartaches 4 the family.whoever did is a coward!be accountable,come forth an take ur medicine….

  12. tylerjake says:

    Instead of the city worrying about making the harbor for swimming, trans-fat in the restaurants, or a grand prix, shouldn’t they instead make it so people could walk around? You know without being stabbed in the neck or shot in the back. Horrible stories like this just never end.

  13. theox says:

    Mayoral candidates are proposing civic centers to stop crime. Throw some pools at them and they’ll stop the killing. “We’ll leave it up to the murderers to stop, if they want to. Here’s some fun activities for you thugs to distract you from raping and murdering.”

    That’s ingenious! I wonder why nobody else EVER thought of stopping crime before in the history of civilization, you know… with SEVERE PUNISHMENT?

  14. JH says:

    Chris was actually the husband of one of my friends. I left Baltimore for Oregon back in 2006, but it seems still that I can hear the same stories about my city. For all its beauty, it still has ugliness beneath the surface, and now because of some idiot, a friend is without her husband, and a beautiful little girl is without her father. This coward is on the loose, and a wonderful family man who also put his ass on the line to serve his country is now in the ground. What goes around comes around, and heaven help whoever did this when they get their just dues.

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