BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Thousands gathered downtown Monday night to celebrate the red, white and blue.  But among the peaceful celebration, violence broke out.

Mike Hellgren has the latest information from police.

A 4-year-old was shot at the fireworks celebration.  The child’s parents were walking with him when he started to cry.  After checking, they saw that he had been shot in the leg.  He was taken to Johns Hopkins where he is in stable condition.

Another person was stabbed near the McCormick and Schmick’s and is in critical condition. 

Despite the violence, the show went on.

About 1,400 fireworks provided a dazzling light show. 

“This is a blessed country,” said one woman.

As the crowds watched, police were watching them.   They did act quickly after a fight broke out.

“We hope that the visible number of officers will act as a deterrent,” said Police Commissioner Fred Bealefeld.

That turned out not to be the case.

Even so, many were excited to celebrate the Fourth of July.

“Just to be here where the Star-Spangled Banner was written…that’s why we’re here.  We wanted to celebrate our heritage,” said one woman.

It’s also a massive undertaking requiring weeks of planning.  The spectators seemed to appreciate the effort.

Watch the fireworks

Comments (35)
  1. Tiredofviolence says:

    Typical Baltimore….I guess the next ghetto showdown will be on mt royal street during Artscape!

    1. West Baltimore says:

      It sure will be no matter where my culture goes we will destroy and it’s so sad. It really makes me as a man of color feel shame. I will tell any one that I am a shame of my culture just for the simple fact of violence, drugs, and disrespect.

  2. SickOfViolence says:

    I dont think Ive prayed so hard in a long time , because im praying this child is alright. Its so sad a family cant even enjoy a celebration without standing over there 4 year old child who was shot. its disgraceful that this is typical of marylanders

    1. Better Yet says:

      Its not a matter of color. You are proof of that fact, Sir.
      Violence, drugs, disrespect, and a lack of morals is the result of poor charactor; which knows no ethnic boundaries. We are all eligable to be stupid, regardless of race. One can find examples of good, bad, and indifferent, in every culture, at a mere glance.
      Don’t think of yourself as “a man of color” in shame. Rather, regard yourself as the future of the human race: Advanced, refined, productive and intelligent.

      1. Better Yet says:

        This comment was intended to reply to “West Baltimore”.

  3. Enough says:

    If all these people want to do is shoot their own send them to a war zone and let them go, if they survive all the better, but leave us alone to enjoy our lives and freedom’s.

    OR, start sterilizing so the criminals don’t breed. A child does not hate, this is what a parent teaches the child.

    Just frustrated one can not just go about life without concern, frustrating.

  4. Over the Violence says:

    Typical Baltimore, I hate to say….We can’t ever have anything nice in Baltimore anymore, because these idiots come and mess it up for everyone else! So tired of the simple minded people that think it’s okay to ruin a decent function…. We can’t depend on the Justice system even if the police bring the criminals in, they do not prosecute them, they give them a tap on the hand and send them on their way! It’s not only disgraceful and sad, it is WRONG on so many levels….There are too many decent people in Baltimore that have to put up with this kind of violence and something needs to be done, stop pretending this does not happen, do something about this!!!!!!!!!

  5. Ferguson says:

    News flash Marylanders: This kind of thing is happening all over the state. Continue electing criminal friendly left wing liberal democrats to the State House and Legislature and this never stops. If you’re tired of reading stories like this, vote for change

    1. tylerjake says:

      Ferguson, you are 100% right. Unfortunately, they will never listen and will never change. The only thing sensible people can do is move to another state!

    2. paul tupelo says:

      thats false. when was the last time you heard of someone in Garrett County, or St. Mary’s County being shot or stabbed at a public venue with this many people?

      1. Diane King says:

        This kind of thing does NOT happen all over the state. For the most part, it’s only the ghetto thugs that bring weapons to a family friendly event and as soon as someone looks at them wrong or bumps into them, they’re ready to fight. Freakin brainless savages.

  6. zuki says:

    I just think that yall r geekin things happen all ova the world (tears) to that baby and his parents … But come on stop puttin this all on young black GIRLS an BOYs there not yo`s and hoes ……. Let say that some of us is a product of our enviroment …… That is only looked at when something goes wrong… They dont look at preventive things

    1. Duh says:

      Hey zuki,

      Just wondering…did you pass the second grade yet?

    2. Diane King says:

      Who is “they”? “They” are not responsible for the behavior of you or your family. Preventive things are teaching your children how to behave so when they go out in public they don’t think it’s OK to act out with violence. That is your responsibility, not “they”.

  7. Distraught! says:

    I’m from Delaware, I zoom into the news of the Baltimore area at least every other day, simply because our news only consist of farms, crops, chickens ect.. Lol ! I must say yes there is crime every where im truly convinced that only certajn things happen in bmore( being sarcastic)never ceases to amaze me.. I fear for childhood friends that have moved to that area… I am such a BLACK country girl who loves the safety of her neighborhood and surroundings! This is so expected I said to myself let’s see who got shot at the fireworks tonight, never could imagin it being some innocent child… PURE IGNORANCE!

  8. Cathy says:

    Maybe the next thing that ought to be done is put a huge fence around the harbour with a gate and guard and checjk evryone like they do at the airports etc,Because there is no way to detect everyone carrying guns with them.and where are all the law enforcements who promise all the time to get fire arms off the streets,and with all the low class ghetto ,druggies down there,what is going to happen when the grand prix comes into town,I hope that little boy will be ok

  9. Mandy says:

    It is really dad when you have to be afraid to go outside without thinking you could be shot.
    I was down the harbor today for the fireworks and could literally feel tension in the air. Like we knew at any second something wad going to happen. We actually Left early because I felt very on edge. And we ce home to hear a 4 yr old was shot. It’s crazy something has got to give.

  10. J.R.Richardson says:

    Just another day in paradise. It’s good they had several hundred police down there working.

  11. MaryJane says:

    Plain and simple….no one has any values or respect for anything anymore. EVERYONE!. No race excluded. Human beings have become monsters.

    1. walter says:

      this behavior seems more the norm in maryland than any other place I have lived…it sucks!!

  12. frank coffee says:

    It would not hvae been a Baltmore holiday without at least one shooting !
    I wonder how much this celebration cost the City. I am a patriot,but in these tough times moneywise,sometimes we need to be a little more conservative.

  13. Various says:

    @jonathon yeah yeah we all used to watch “family matters” on Friday nights. I’m talking about REAL life in Baltimore.

  14. Dee says:

    This does NOT happen all over the place. FACT! WHY? does this happen. Because there are no real punishments given if caught. Saying this is happening everywhere is a lie. Go to the rich areas and see if there was a shooting….. NO.. why? because education does make a difference…..

  15. Steve says:

    The Harbor is a great place, unfortunately there is no way to keep the trash out of it during major events. The Police can’t be everywhere, no matter how much they try. The answer to avoiding this type of incident is to avoid Baltimore during these events.
    And to the folks saying that this stuff happens everywhere…no, actually it doesn’t. Look around, where else do you find news of someone getting stabbed and shot at a public venue in Maryland.

    1. LUCKY LOU says:

      steve what police really you about made me fall out of my chair from laughing,,,police are worse then the criminals

      1. hoxsieq says:

        especially in this city. Does any one remember Officer Rivieri?

      2. Totally wrong says:

        Was he a liberal?

  16. West Baltimore says:

    Baltimore was once consider the city that reads well it’s now the city the bleeds. The crime is “mainly” black on black crime. I won’t even allow my kid to go down to the Inner Harbor just for the simple fact of reading on the number of incidents that occurred last night. Black males on Baltimore (not all) but most are dangerous, and drug heads. There was a stabbing, shooting, brawl, and A hit and run. Every time I hear or watch the violence in Baltimore I am a shame of being a black men in my culture. No matter where we go we have to cause problems. The stabbing victim didn’t even make it and that is a damn shame someone had to bury their sun or daughter. I don’t blame the police department I blame the black folks. We just need to stop.

  17. hoxsieq says:

    Ugh, this comes as no surprise. We were over near the Welcome Center when a fight broke out down by the water, near where the statue of donald schaffer is. It was probably the most excitement of the evening since the fireworks, as usual, were very lack luster. Some of the music the fireworks were timed to didnt even make sense for the 4th of July (Under the Sea – Little Mermaid, and Enya?). I certainly hope that not a lot of money was spent on this show, though i’m sure they pulled out all the stops.

    I will say, after witnissing and hearing about so much violence at the show, i think it is time to go back to avoiding the inner harbor fireworks all together as i have for the past 5 years.

  18. John Wilson says:

    The problem is that folks, black, white, hispanic what ever feel this behavior is something they can get away with. Until our officials deal seriously with these criminals and make it painful to do these crimes, nothing will get better. Say what you will, the liberals in this country have destroyed it slowly and surely. We need conservatives who stand for justice done fairly, harshley and quickly. Having lived in several areas like Baltimore, this place is a discrace. Most cities the “hood” stays where it is. Here the “hood” travels and impacts the nice areas..why because that makes the news, makes the gang bangers feel that they have accomplished something. Start by dealing with low level criminals harshley then work up the food chain. If we do not invest in better justice systems and more police, I see Baltimore becoming the next Detriot. Foflks it is in your hands to vote in people who who will do the tough task, not line their own pockets and give away the city to thecriminals and special interests.

  19. HappyInDE says:

    I moved from Baltimore to Delaware this year. Best decision my husband and I could have ever made for our family. Saturday we were sitting on the community beach where there was a huge party with a DJ. It started at 11:30 and about 1:00 in the afternoon, I looked at my husband and said “If this party was in Baltimore, there would have been 3 shootings and a stabbing by now.” See, I was right.

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