Child Shot, Man Dead After Fireworks Celebration; Police Look For Person Of Interest

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — It was supposed to be a night of fireworks and fun to celebrate Independence Day, but instead a man was killed, an all-out brawl broke out and a little boy was shot.

Mike Hellgren explains outrage is growing over crime in Baltimore City.

New video shows the large police presence as officers tried to calm the crowds.  Several fights broke out at the Inner Harbor during the fireworks.  One occurred as “God Bless America” played from the loudspeakers.

The brazen violence claimed one life.  WJZ obtained a mug shot of Joseph Calo, a 26-year-old from Alabama, who died after he was stabbed in the neck with a bottle.  Police released a photo of the prime suspect in his killing.  It happened near McCormick and Schmick’s.

“These people who engage in these terrible and senseless acts of violence are cowards and we’re not going to tolerate their cowardly behavior,” said Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake.

Chaos also erupted at Light and Pratt streets, where a 4-year-old was shot in the leg with a stray bullet.

“We had incredible deployments down there and literally feet away from where this incident occurred,” said Police Commissioner Fred Bealefeld.

Police say the camera located at the intersection did not capture any part of the shooting.  Detectives did not recover any shell casings, either.

Police say they made 30 arrests and handled 20 curfew violations.  There are fears the violence will have a chilling effect on tourists.

“Most people are out here for a good celebration and to have something like this, most people won’t come back next year,” said Joseph Young.

Police are still evaluating whether they could have done anything to prevent the mayhem.

“This is absolutely ridiculous.  People come down to the harbor to enjoy themselves,” Rawlings-Blake said.

If you have information on any of these crimes, you are asked to call city police.

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  • Sick of the violence

    Until the American people speak up this will continue. All races are responsible for these actions. Some people look for an excuse for violence and prey on the law abiding citizens. It happens every day in the malls around Baltimore. Gangs looking for easy marks. The only time these thugs will bother someone is when they have you at a complete disadvantage( six or seven of them against a family). Build more prisons(sorry liberals) and use the Mega Millions profits for these prisons instead of using it for the MD Stadium Authority.

    • StandUp

      I agree with you, Take a stand America! Do something. A Neighborhood watch, something! Start up a group. File reports with the police when you see things. Secure your neighborhood. I’ve been working on mine for months now, people do come around and start pitching in. Face it, 20% of the people do 80% of the work. Why not let that be you?

      [W]e have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion…. Our constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.

      (Source: John Adams, The Works of John Adams, Second President of the United States, Charles Francis Adams, editor (Boston: Little, Brown, and Co. 1854), Vol. IX, p. 229, October 11, 1798.)

    • Will

      Wow! So much hate! To all the white people who don’t understand the violence, imagine if you grandmother or grandfather could have been tarred, feathered and lynched for walking down Pratt St with a book… how evolved do you think your mother and father’s behavior would have been? and how enlightened would you be? Simple huh? If you take books away from people for 400 years and then give them 50 years to read without teaching them how?… Grow up and get some empathy… Start looking at the world as it really is… It amazes me how many educated whites have no large scale historical awareness.

      • sbpdl3

        We didn’t take away black people’s books, we gave them written language. There were no indigenous forms of writing in sub-Saharan Africa. Look it up on google. You are the one who has know large scale historical awareness, a typical defect of liberal thinking. White people (and Asians) are seen as easy prey to these animals, so when you turn a corner in Baltimore and run into a pack of “teens” listen to that feeling of danger, and get away from them. Groups of black males traveling in packs that large are nothing but trouble waiting to happen, and it isn’t racist to not want to get assaulted, robbed, or caught in a gang related crossfire.

      • kt

        Really Will?

        Do you really believe all the violence in your community is being caused because of what happened over a 100 years ago, 50 years ago, 25 years ago, 15 years ago???

        There is doubt racism exist in this country. But that’s not what is putting guns into your hands. It’s the idea you can do whatever you want and somehow the racism is to blame. The white man doesn’t pass a gun law. The white man doesn’t do enough back ground checks. Its always someone’s fault but your own.

        If you don’t ever throw the crutch of “racism” or “poor”, you will continue to live the way you do.

      • bill

        Will, Get over it!!!! Stop talking about 100’s of years ago. We today had nothing to do with that. Grow up

    • bruce brinkmann

      I lived in Memphis while it was under the rule of King Willie Harrenton. One look at the mayor of Baltimore answers volumes here, War zone.

    • David

      Black or white, why or why not, our culture is done. Irrepairable as status quo. I’m guessing civilization as a whole isn’t far behind. We don’t need empty speeches from empty over-paid suits, we need Jesus to come back and set it right.

    • Mike

      While all races may commit crimes, I assure you these events were committed purely by blacks. I was across the street when the fight broke out near East Baltimore Street and there wasnt one white or asian in that whole mob. They were all yelling, bouncing around and screaming like a bunch of animals. And they wonder why they live in the Ghetto.

    • LoL

      arm the populace

      • Finbar

        The poplulace are quite capable of arming themselves. Oh, excuse me. I forgot, this is Maryland.

    • cam

      you really think al races are responsible. You definately walk around with blinders on……

    • ColtRedState

      All races?????



    • Get your head out of the sand

      By your logiic, black on black violence is caused by all races- you’re entering a battle of wits unarmed.

    • Ben

      You are either blind or in severe denial………….

    • IllinoisJoe

      All races, my butt. Where are the whites? The asians? The jews? Hell, I can’t even see any hispanics.

      It is the blacks. It is ALWAYS the blacks and you KNOW it,
      EVERYBODY knows and understands that FACT.

      What I don’t understand are people willing to pretend otherwise so as not to hurt the feelings of the garbage committing the violence.

      Tell the truth:

      The problem is that 80 percent of them never met the trash that impregnated their mothers and don’t even know who they were. Fathers aren’t necessary when the govt pays deadbeats to spawn. Generations of damn near entire races on the dole between affirmative action, welfare, and the prison system…

      and when some of them DO man up, break out of the BS “victim” status, and live their lives responsibly they are spat upon as “Uncle Toms” and “not really black”.

      After all, “books is for white people”, right?
      Betta to be a gangsta pimp, yo.

      • Maki

        Accurate comment.

      • Ashley G.

        could not have said it better myself !! Noone wants to see it for what it REALLY is ! baltimore has turned into nothing but a zoo, right along with the animals that live here ! get a group of black people together, and a group of white people together, and see which group would have fists flying, knives out and guns shooting, i BET MY LIFE ON IT that it would be the black group first. granted, its not ALL black people, but we are talking about baltimore here, the numbers of uneducated blacks speak for themselves ! uneducated, ghetto, no respect for anyone or anything ! yep, thats baltimore for you !!

      • IllinoisJoe

        Ah, sidneysnow… Thank you for showing that you are EXACTLY the type of useless vile garbage I described above. At least you admit it.

      • Injun Joe

        That about sums it up. The media thinks that this is still the 1970s when they still controlled what people found out about situations like this. Then they could spin it how ever they wanted.

        That’s not the case anymore and never will be again. We know exactly what’s going on and who’s responsible.

      • Sidney Snow

        see you took it to far saying us black people you really did see that’s why there was segregation. Because you people don’t no how to talk to people. you r ignorant to think that the Jews and Hispanic r going to coincide with you r u crazy. you really need to grow up nd watch your mouth because one day your going to say that around the wrong person and i hope i pray that they knock you unconscious i pray for talking about black people like that. we did nothing to you and hear you go putting our name in your mouth if you dont have nothing to say good about black people then dont say anything at all.

      • Russ F

        Nice com back Sidney Snow. Instead of using reason to defeat Illinois-Joe, you resort to physical violence. I could explain to you why “might makes right” is inherently flawed, but I doubt, based on the context and grammar of your comment, that you’d understand it.

      • Q

        First cant blame black people. Lets look at the pasty faces who allow guns to enter this country. There are no gun factories in Baltimore. Second not forget that a ex-military Jew attacked a high school kid which is a miner. Third Hampton is one of the most racist areas in Baltimore. Unfortunately. my high school was located there and we where called n*****s and attacked because THEY didn’t want us there. This has been going on for many years. Lastly you live in Illinois commenting on a incident in Baltimore,MD and honestly all this racist talk you are talking, white people would have even attacked you.

    • Mad Max

      They look like obama voters to me….

      • Rockatansky

        More like the civilian army Barry promised.

      • Get your head out of the sand

        They look more like the civilian army Barry oromised.

    • Machismo

      “It’s really these maniacs with guns” No it is Criminals with guns. Thugs that should be locked up. My heart goes out for the 4 year old that got shot. The Police do need more men, but the Sports GOD is strong in the Metro Areas, and in the worst economy in 40 years still talk about tax payers building stadiums for the Rich Owners. Let the Owners build their own business, and building to run it like the rest of us! Hire more Police, less Stadiums and waste.

    • Germsweeper

      95% of black and white violence is black on white. Granted, blacks commit crimes against themselves but that’s because whites know better than to stray into the inner city. If they did, they’d be victimized daily. I see these outbursts weekly in the news and it’s never been white people…ever.

    • Jack Kinch(1uncle)

      Our prisons are full of democrats. We need mor prisons.

    • bill

      I am also sick of the violence. I am not sure of what it will take to stop it but something has to change. All black problem maybe not, but for sure most of it is. The inner harbor area is not a place to this to be taking to have the freedom to act before the violence happens. It is not hard to spot the ones who are just out looking for trouble and the police should not have to be afraid of being politically correct or profiling. They should be able to use their own common sense and question who the think may be a problem. Most of what is happening is young blacks with the idea that everybody is afraid of them. The police should have the right to stop and question any group of 4 or more. If they have no money and are just hanging around the inner harbor area they should be asked to leave and if they don’t have them removed and locked up and let the parents come to and get them out at a cost. Why do we have to wait until some innocent person gets hurt or killed. This area is a big tourist attraction for the city and lots of revenue is going to be lost if we do not get this under control.

  • james

    I don’t understand , people acting like depraved animals . I truly feel sorry for those who call Baltimore “home” and act like responsible citizens .

    • Cindy

      I am so glad I moved away from here this year. It is truly sad for the children that cannot escape this city.

  • Cheryl

    How sad is it that the only way people know how to deal with conflict is with violence. Maybe a conflict resolution course should be a graduation requirement since the parents don’t seem to be able to teach their children how to deal with problems. Violence is never the answer…innocent people get hurt, the problem isn’t resolved and more problems are created. How can anyone think this is a good idea???

    • Noumenon

      Cheryl, you’re cute and would make a perfect liberal,.. safe in your little thoughts and pretend solutions. That’s the way liberals look at things,… let’s social engineer out the problem. A course in manners will solve this? Are you serious? Blacks deplorable situation is due to liberals astonishing naiveté and replacing accountability with victimhood, all so you can convince people, look at me I’m not a racist, I understand the black mans plight, their victims,…

      It’s your fault.

    • Jeff

      Lol- you think these people would use lessons from a course in situations like this, yet alone TAKE a course? Please. They’re barbaric.

      • Jeff

        Let me correct myself- “people”.


    • RC

      Great idea except the graduation rate in Baltimore is so low that most people still won’t take the course. I am sure these thugs are among the dropouts.

    • Hazel Burke

      Sorry Missy but they ain’t dealin’ with conflict they’re causing it.

    • Chris

      “…a graduation requirement since the parents…”

      LOL. Plural. As if their were two parents in a black “family”.

      • Chris

        Sorry, I meant ‘there’ instead of ‘their’ there. ‘Been living a ’round B’town too long.


      Welcome to the Real World Cheryl,
      Conflict resolution, lol
      This is exactly why these criminals do what they do, because of bleeding heart libs like you! All these punks know is brut force,an eye for an eye. period!
      So go ahead and call me a right wing nut,whack job or what ever you want,
      because it will be ME, or someone else with my values that will come to YOUR aide when you finally become a victim of these animals.

    • Omega 13

      Sweetheart, what color is the sky in your universe. You think violence doesn’t solve anything? Wrong. It solves everything. It is all these animals understand.

      How can I think this is a good idea? Simple. A bunch of thugs or the safety of my family. Thugs lose. Messily.

    • Caiden

      Cheryl, I’m not going to make fun of you but I don’t think that will work. Where and how did they learn to use violence as NOT just a way to deal with a problem bt also as entertainment and sport? It wasn’t tv, tv has been pretty sanitized. Let’s be honest the black community exists without people being able to comdemn negative attitudes.

      For decades the idea was black crime and poor decision making was the fault of everyone EXCEPT the people doing them. This just made the problem worse because it made the next generations of thugs thing they really were justified in being thugs.

      A simple course will not help. See, you’re a decent person. You think everyone is decent. You think a lifetime of bad choices with a single parent and a ‘stop snitching’ culture can be taught away in a few classs.

      I don’t see a real solution. Learn to defend yourself as cilivization crumbles, the liberals and Democrats will make everything like Detroit, where a select few have power and protected from the majority who are angry violent but still happy with the barest of substanence. Personally, I think that’s why the entertainment industry demonizies the suburbs, because that’s where the white flight escaped to when Detroit went to hell. If productive people are to ashamed to leave a dying city they can still be taxed while they’re being mugged and raped in the cities.

  • mo

    Im sadden over the fact that I couldn’t go out and have a good time in this city. You can’t even go out without hoodlums flooding the streets with their gang violence. When will the violence stop?

    • TheDuke

      Move to a state with shall-issue concealed carry and a no-retreat doctrine; thugs behave when they have to play victim roulette — which is part of the reason for the Second Amendment.

      • Jeff

        I agree. I move to West Virginia next week- thank GOD!

    • Tim Martim

      When will it stop? When the authorities realize that some people can never be civilized. Start enforcing the death penalty for killers, physical castration for rapists and child molesters and severe sentences in real prisons (not the country clubs we have now), along with real restitution for the victims.Also standardize the sentences – black, white, rich or poor – the sentence will be the same – no plea bargains – no special deals. .How about taking the possessions of the criminals (cell phones, fancy cars, stereos, gold jewelry, etc.) and selling it to get restitution to the victims. Maybe if the criminal actually lost something of value he would wise up and not risk doing the crime. I feel sorry for all the good people in Baltimore both black and white. The black community has to start raising their children properly. They have to get off the “government plantation” known as welfare. They have to start valuing education and hard work.I grew up in a mixed neighborhood in the late 50’s and early 60’s. All of the black friends I had came from a hom,e with a mother and a father. All of the fathers worked. When I played at their homes it was no different than the way things were at my home.What happened? More books and less toys in the home would be a good start. However, when “mom” is 14 or 15 years old this is hard to accomplish. The solution is not more programs for the “disadvantaged”. The real solution is families who actually care about their children. I feel sorry for all of the kids who are stuck in bad situations. It is truly sad but it seems wherever a crowd of black people gathers for an event there is trouble. There have been shootings at parades, playgrounds and even family reunions. The solution is in the black community. I know most black people would like to stop the violence because it mostly affects them. I have talked to black co-workers and they all agree. They want these bad apples out of their communities too. They have to work with the police to identify and remove the cancer that is killing the black community.It is not about black and white. The cities are going to die if the situation is not brought under control. People will not come into town and attend events if they think they may be harmed or killed.

      • Bob Smith

        It won’t stop. Did Africa stop?


      When you and others like you stand up and get involved on what happens in your own neighborhoods, even if you DON”T have kids, you need to be involved with those in your area just so they as well as YOU can put a name to a face and know you both live in the area and are both interested in the well being of the neighborhood. It is the disconnect that the left has created between us all that allows this to happen.

  • troy

    Well people thats Baltimore for ya.Its like that for every event baltimore has from carnivals,festivals,parades.we cant never come together to enjoy something nice.And i already knew people was going to act a fool on the 4th Downtown of all places.

  • Raven

    “MD Stadium Authority” where did that come from?

  • Alex

    “How sad is it that the only way people know how to deal with conflict is with violence. Maybe a conflict resolution course should be a graduation requirement…”

    Unfortunately this isn’t traditional “conflict,” this is people going out looking for trouble and looking to hurt others. The social culture in this city is diseased, and until that changes, Baltimore won’t change. All of the responsible people Baltimore was able to attract back into the city over the last ten years and all of the responsible people who have been here all along have a greater and greater reason with every passing year to leave, and to take their tax dollars with them. A huge part of the problem is that those in positions to change all of this seem to lack the will and courage to do so. Everyone is instead consumed with making excuses. The sad fact is that Baltimore will not change.

    • Jeff

      It will only degrade and implode. At this rate, it’ll be history long before December 21, 2012.

      • Chris in NC

        It could be November of 2012. Next election, should Obama lose, will set of riots like we haven’t seen since the 60’s…

      • Jeff

        Wouldn’t surprise me. Wonder how their Obama “change” has been for them.

      • Jack Kennedy

        obama brought the ganstas upon America…….. now America must take out the trash

        when obama goes, the gangstas must go, also

    • Key Qi

      It’s changing sidewalk by sidewalk. Have you seen Charles Street? It’s almost crime-free.

      Certainly not fast enough, but there are people who are getting together planning to fight back and standing up for the block they live in. Of course, some are liberals who think they can accomplish this without a gun….

      • sans culottes

        Hopkins Student carved up last year by gangsta and grrrrlfriend. Takes lots of scrubbing to erase that kind of press.

        I don’t carry in b’more.

      • Judy

        They can build as many new buildings as they want and scrub as much blood off the sidewalks as they want but the problem will still be the PEOPLE. A kid getting SHOT and a man STABBED TO DEATH happened in what is supposed to be the SAFEST area of the city with tons of new development and cops. Sorry, you’re WRONG!

      • TJ

        Have you seen North Howard? One street does not mean it is changing.

  • Charles

    Raven….FYI printed on the Mega MIllions ticket “Benefits MD Stadium Authority”

  • johnsonj3

    This is very sad that people can’t go out and enjoy the city. I want to know why it is being said that it’s the gangs? no one know who it was doing the fighting or shooting. There were people from all over downtown watching the fireworks. Until the police have the suspects in both cases in jail do put a label on anyone. Just saying.

    • Chris in NC

      Yes, johnsonj3, just go on believing that. I’m sure the skittle farting unicorn will bring you his wonderful treats soon…

      • Jack Kennedy

        dammmm, felll off my chair laughing

        good one, chris

      • NavyBuckeye

        Best reply I have read in a long time….my coffee is on my monitor now.

      • Butters

        OK that is hysterical. Can I have permission to use that in future? Also I think I just peed myself bit.



    • Butters

      Wanda – I feel your anger.

  • Really

    This is really sad, the news cant report on how many people went to the harbor to see the fireworks and how much fun they had, intsead they had to report on the crazyness and violence that went on during it. People jst cant go home peacefully after a nice event like last night. smh.

    • Jeff

      Judging by the “smh”, we all know why you’re saying this. Sorry, but it is “your people” who are the issue here. Someone was KILLED and a child shot- it shouldn’t be reported? Would you have said the same had the crowd been a sea of white people? It is time to recognize the problem and acknowledge the truth!

      • Key Qi

        Jeff, I’m black. I would never call them “my people”. I am an individual. Do you call ALL white people “your people” ? The hicks, honkeys, serial killers, or wiggers?

        I wouldn’t.
        Acknowledge and then do what? Do you have a plan besides generalizing ?

      • SteveJ

        Key Qi, you make a good point and your willingness to stand on your own as an individual is truly refreshing. It’s unfortunate that Eric Holder and so many others on the left try to make “identity politics” the standard in this country.

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  • KevinK

    Hope and Change

  • Baltimore Expat

    Thankfully, my family and I have moved away from the sesspool that has become Baltimore. This does not seem like the same place I was raised.

    • Judy

      It’s not- and it makes me very sad- once I saw illegals take over Highlandtown wall to wall, it made tears come to my eyes, but there’s really nothing we can do- it’s all downhill from here!

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  • Judy

    Twenty years ago I used to bring my kids to see the fireworks downtown and never would I bring my grand kids! Look at the video, there is a SEA of people flowing packed shoulder to shoulder and ALL I saw were blackss and illegals. Let’s be honest, that is NOT diversity. What’s happening is a mental intimidation in numbers. What white family WOULD think highly of blacks and illegals in the city after seeing that video and hearing about what happened? Put two and two together! It took me FOUR tries to get this comment through, the censoring here is laughable!

    • Nico Henstock

      Jesse Jackson would agree with you, remember his comment about feeling unsafe on a street with blacks? These so-called “chocolate cities” are nothing but crime infested cesspools.

    • Mike

      White Flight is a real problem. Someone has to take a stand and take the city back!! Our cities cannot support themselves without community involvement and a strong tax base.

      New York is next…..

  • KG

    Damn shame the tribal blood comes out black folk; look at similar instances where events like “freaknik” took place earlier this year. Same tribal animalistic violence.Moreover, look at the majority of democrat controlled inner cities. They are reaping what was sewn.

  • jerry

    SOME adults who behave like animals are the products of broken and incomplete family structures. When kids don’t have structure, unity, family purpose, responsibility, manners, courtesy, respect, ethical behavior lessons, they become adults without any sense of morality and virtue.

    • Nico Henstock

      Brought to you courtesy of the demonrat/liberal party, who in the guise of wantint to “help the downtrodden” have created this class of people who for almost 50 years look to the government as the daddy and provider. Reward out-of wedlock teenage mothers. Punsih hard work and marriage. Give all these people “affordable housing”. I don’t think Jews were charged rent in the Warsaw Ghetto either.

    • Em No Deart TnoD

      Sociology 101… pfft. Give me a break.

  • John

    TNB…who’s really surprised?

  • marked for political correctness

    Planet of the Apes

  • Big G

    I agree with TheDuke, I hate going downtown for anything and would love to be able to protect myslef since the city can’t do it. If the thugs don’t know who is packing they will back off they are nothing but bullies once you stand up to them with force they will back down.

    Also what does the stadium authority do with all that money???

  • Jim

    this is what happens when you make people slaves to govt handouts. no responsibility needed. thanks dems!

    • Freenews

      Untrue!! The majority of people on welfare are WHITE!! You don’t see things like this in places like W Va, when these welfare whites get together. This issue of violence is a BLACK thing.

      I don’t understand these black people… Yes there are many that are civil, but from what I’ve seen, they have a mob/tribal mentality when they start getting into groups.

      Growing up, I went to a predominantly white neighborhood. There were other races, but not many. As time went on more people of other races appeared and this is what I observed in school. When there were a few blacks, they acted “white” (That’s how ghetto blacks would describe them), but when as more black kids started coming to the school, they would start talking and acting like ghetto blacks. Yes there was always one or 2 that would hand with their old friends, but the majority of the blacks kids would start feeding off of each other like they were in New Jack city or something.

      The Asians seemed to integrate into the majority white population just fine… Hispanics tended to hang together, but never got loud or violent like the blacks.

      What is wrong with the majority of blacks?? I’m really thinking there is something genetic to these people that makes them act out.

  • b.mclane

    I would say the Democrats/Socialist/Obama regime has the inner city black community right where they want them. Its part of their decades old plan. They use these people to control the city. Constant propoganda since the blacks were young on how abused and neglected they are. On how they are “owed”. Gov’t writng checks to single moms. Black dads in prison. Unparented youth seeking approval via gangs and thugs. Even the music they listen too glorifies this behaviour. This way law abiding folks seek the BIG GOVT’s help in stopping the chaos giving over ever more power to the Big Govt.U employment is the match to the kindling laid over years of planning. Baltimore is but the tip of the iceberg. They are aiming for riots in most cities so they can completely take over.

  • Jaque Bauer

    Give them all guns and let them kill themselves off. They will accomplish themselves what two hundred years has not been able to do !

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