BALTIMORE (AP) — Maryland’s largest state employee union is expecting to see a big increase in funding thanks to a law that allows it to collect fees from nonmembers.

The Maryland chapter of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees will start collecting fees in mid-July and The Baltimore Sun reports that the union could see a $4.7 million gain over the fiscal year.

The fees are allowed under The Fair Share Act, which the state legislature passed in 2009, and will take as much as $389 dollars annually from some of the 12,500 state workers.

Union officials say the extra money will allow them to improve services, but some state workers say they don’t have a lot of faith in unions.

The fees will also be collected by smaller unions.

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Comments (13)
  1. Larry says:

    GOOD! This makes them “dues equivalent” to the Union workers who have been fighting for every benefit they have. For every dollar they did not loose to some pay reduction scheme. For every job saved by a Union rep at a grievance..This was long overdue.

    1. Mel says:

      GREAT! Paying for services I didn’t ask for.

    2. Ura Crook says:

      Sounds like you work for the rip-off artists themselves. You are crooks, no better than the politicians.

      1. tj says:

        I do my job and don’t do the following:
        buck the system, abuse sick leave, steal/lie/cheat, come to work on time, don’t play the race card, dont harass other employees. So I don’t have to worry about getting into trouble.

  2. james says:

    You are extortion, pure and simple and I’m tiured of this sanctimonious , joan of arc persona face it you are thieves

  3. Paul Hannon says:

    Sounds like more money headed for the democrats at the expense of state workers.

  4. Guest2 says:

    It’s a shame Maryland is not a right to work state. These people are being to pay for someting that they didn’t want and the Union will take their money and do nothing for them. They should appeal in the Courts. This amounts to taxation without representation.

  5. TJ says:

    UNIONS SUCK PERIOD! They are a total WASTE! They are as dirty as management. All they want is your money.

  6. TIC says:

    Isn’t it interesting that in 2009, when this “law” was passed, no one heard about it! Now state employees are forced to pay union dues. They were told in March that after 3 years of furlough days and salary reductions to help the state’s financial situation, a $750 “bonus” would be paid and step increases would return. Then the legislator’s increased the employee contribution to their pension system and charges them union dues. So Much For The Increases!!!

  7. Debbie says:

    This definitely should be challanged in the courts. Keep voting for these Democrats and this sort of thing will keep happening. Wake up, Maryland

  8. pigeon says:

    Absolutely atrocious – suit against the governor AND the union needs to be filed like yesterday. Just another way to “put it” to hard working people so useless individuals will benefit. The union has done next to nothing on behalf of State employee members so now they are going to do more of nothing since they are getting money from non-members. That’s Unions for you. They should be like the dinosaurs – distinct!
    How long before they insist on doing this to retired state employees?

  9. Traderdad37 says:

    “Union officials say the extra money will allow them to improve services…”

    That’s a misprint. It should be:

    “Union officials say the extra money will allow them to improve campaign contributions to leftist union-friendly Democrats…”

  10. JJ says:

    UNIONS SUCK! Unions should be ashaimed of their outfits.

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