Can we come to an agreement on proper conduct to avoid looking like a complete yutz when sitting behind home plate (or any visible seat at events)?  

The latest add to the Orioles rotation, Mitch Atkins, made his first MLB start last night.  I was anxious to watch.  Pulling for the guy to do well.  My eyes were gradually drawn to the young girl on the “side” of the screen.  Not because of her looks…but, her actions.  She was on the cell phone, peaking into the shot.  She smiled and flashed a quick wave.  No problem.  Then she did it again…and again. And again. Again. Again. Again. Again. Again. Again. Again. Again. Again. The cute young girl with a nice smile became the devil that ruined my view of a great pitching performance.   By the end of the 4th, some young guy joined in.  Oh, the fun.  ‘Can you see me dad?  I’m on TV.  I said, I’m on TV.  The TV, Dad.  I’m on TV.  Look.  It’s me.  On TV.  Watch.  Here I am again.  On TV.’

Annoying. (ring, ring)  ‘Mom?  It’s me.  I’m on TV.  The TV.  I’m on TV.  Look.’

Let’s get something straight; We all saw ‘you’ when the camera panned the crowd.  Yeah, you.  Standing up looking up when everyone was sitting.  Looking away from the action when everyone was focused on the field.  Waving your arms when everyone was intently watching.  The first time, we’ll give you a giggle.  After that? DONE!

We’re all on TV.  Somewhere there is a camera filming us right now.  Do something stupid and some security guy uploads it to the web.  ‘Look, I’m on TV.’

I’m not much for rules…but, I propose new, uh, ideas(?) on fan idiocy:

Kids under 16 get a pass.  How about 3 passes?  Three chances to call family & friends and wave.  Then that is it!  Wave #4 and you are tossed from the park.

Adults get one!  Then tossed like The Earl of Baltimore.

Not much for conformity, but maybe we can start acting like we’ve been to a game, race, event before? The moron that gave you the good seat will be happy.  And, the grumpy DJ that shut the game off after 4 innings last night due to fan interference will thank you, too.  (‘Happy’ for him is not really a serious option)


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