Maryland Pit Bull Euthanized After Attack On Girl

CUMBERLAND, Md. (AP) — Police in Cumberland say a pit bull has been euthanized after biting a 6-year-old neighbor girl in the face.

The Cumberland Times-News reports that the child suffered severe facial trauma in the incident Monday morning.

Police say she walked onto a neighbor’s porch and was attacked by the unattended dog.

Police ticketed the dog’s 34-year-old owner, Victor Safchuck, for leaving his pet unconfined and unrestrained.

Safchuck also was cited for failing to post warnings about a vicious dog.

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  • Betty

    A stronger sentence should be put on the owners that want to own such a animal.

  • Corporal N. USMC

    Not such an animal, a known vicious dog! That’s anyones stupidity no matter what the breed!

  • michelle

    not all pit bulls are like that its all in the way they train them

  • bmoregyrl

    First off why was that little girl in the yard with out her parent with her and that dog was in his yard. I feel bad for the child and the dog. A dog died because the parents of the young girl did not keep a better eye on her.

    • larry

      ignorant females bother me

  • Cathy

    I am so so tired of hearing about another pit being put down,They should jail the owner and fine him a big fine and make him pay for the persons medical bills,These dogs or any dog are the way people treat or train them.Also the people that are getting bit either need to stay away or the parents need to watch the kids,I wish they would put as many criminals down as they do dogs.If any one wants to start a petiion to have the state have a trial for these dogs first like they do with people I would sign,My dos would bite if I treated mean or trained,and mine is the sweetest thing,

  • Cathy

    Sometimes I think these people want to get attacked,like when they see a pit,hey is that a pii,let me get bit so I can sue!!!

  • KottaMan

    It is very revealing to see the actual dog bite stats over time in many states. Pit bulls do not do most of the biting by a long shot. Unfortunately, they are powerful and their bite can be serious or fatal. Most landlords won’t permit them as their insurance companies refuse to cover liability claims involving this and other larger breeds known for powerful bites. I agree that the owners of these bully breeds frequently treat them poorly to “make them mean” or actually train them to bite or fight. With all the irresponsible dog owners out here, it is no wonder that some dogs get into trouble unfortunately. Bully breeds were originally bred for fighting which is another issue in their makeup and personalities. The counties’ animal control shelters are overflowing with pit bulls these days. There is a message in this.

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