By Ron Matz

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Urban gardens have become quite popular in recent years.  Lots of people in Baltimore are growing their own fruits and vegetables.

Ron Matz reports on one garden that’s popped up in an unusual place. 

Ann Stacy takes a lot of pride in what she’s planted in granite tree wells along South Broadway, especially the corn nearly as high as an elephant’s eye.

“It’s silver queen and it’s a tall corn with a very good ear and nice taste. As I understand it, the Eastern Shore is full of silver queen corn that comes to market,” said Stacy.

When Stacy and the Fells Point Garden Club saw the empty planters, they moved in to spruce up the neighborhood.

“This started with empty ground.  Nothing was in it.  I’m a farmer, so I took advantage of it and started planting,” said Stacy. “I soaked the seeds in late February and March and put them in little seed starter pots and put them outside after March and it sits here and grows.”

At nearby Pierpoint Restaurant, executive chef Nancy Longo prepares gourmet meals and loves what’s going on around the corner.

“It’s fascinating. I’ve been over there watching.  It’s getting bigger and bigger.  I think it’s just kind of cool that people actually want to grow their own stuff and do it right in the city.  Down here we’ve got some guys with tomato plants in front of their house,” said Longo.

There’s a lot more than just corn there.

“I plant all of the tree wells and I used vegetables.  We have eggplant and peppers and all kinds of herbs, along with the flowers.  The wells weren’t being used and nobody told me not to so I just kept going.  We think it improves the neighborhood a little bit,” said Stacy.

“I think it’s cool if you can put some container gardens in the city.  Put your corn in, your tomatoes, your herbs, go for it.  I’d like to have a full greenhouse on my roof if I could,” said Longo.

There’s greening in an unexpected place in the city.

The Fells Point Garden Club says the corn should be ready for harvest around the end of August.

  1. Jamie says:

    I would love to see some pictures or video of this tall corn in Fells Point!

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