By Mike Hellgren

LINTHICUM, Md. (WJZ)— An intense search but police are still no closer to tracking down the armed man who attacked a highway speed camera. The unusual nature of the crime has raised eyebrows.

Mike Hellgren has the latest on the search.

It’s quite a mystery. Police searched for the suspect all Wednesday night and all through the day Thursday. They say he likely fled into the woods and then drove off. The main change in the description is that he’s a little heavier set than they first thought.

Police say a gun-toting elderly white man with a pot belly smashed the windshield of a Jeep speed camera vehicle, while a contractor was inside. It was parked along the shoulder of the BW Parkway near the airport exit.

There have been several crazed attacks on speed cameras nationwide, as they’ve grown in numbers in recent years. It’s unclear, though, if the suspect in this case was irate over the camera or something else.

“These are crazy times,” said one motorist. “I mean, people are being pushed to the edge.”

Investigators say the man was armed with that hammer in one hand and a shotgun in the other. He was yelling incoherently, before he disappeared into the woods.

“No direct positive leads at this time, but nothing has been ruled out,” said Greg Shipley, Maryland State Police.

Police now believe the man parked his car in one of the many parking lots along Concourse Drive. Signs posted nearby warn of surveillance cameras. Police are revealing footage to see if it captured any clues.

“We have confirmed that traffic was slowed and even stopped when this was occurring due to motorists looking to the side of the road to see what was going on,” Shipley said. “We know there were other people who saw this, and we’d ask them to call, even if they think their information may be of little assistance.”

Police also say it’s unclear whether this attack is connected to an unsolved series of smoking packages sent to state officials in January by someone irate over flashing road signs.

The head of a Maryland anti-speed camera group tells WJZ, “Violence is no way to fight cameras. Obviously if a gun was involved, that was way over the line. Of course, many people are frustrated. People need to express their concerns through lawful means and the system should take those concerns seriously.”

Police also say that the prime suspect had clear glasses and a backpack and was wearing blue jeans and a flannel shirt.

The contractor who was inside the speed camera vehicle was shaken but not injured in the attack.

Comments (29)
  1. wjz censors says:


    1. Zip says:

      Yep, they just did it to me.

  2. Jack Kerouac says:

    If that’s true, not cool, JZ, and I will boycott as well.

    I applaud this guy. He didn’t hurt anyone, and I’m glad to see someone fighting the power.

    Only cops should be issuing speeding tickets – human discretion is needed here, not just another revenue source for the State.

    1. Tom says:

      The guy was carrying a gun, and smashed in a window with a sledge hammer, with someone in the driver’s seat of the jeep. Two major highways were closed, several people were probably lost as a result of the traffic diversions, and hundreds missed flights as a result. You applaud him for that? You’re pathetic. Never drive a car.

      1. Jack Kerouac says:

        Easy, Tom (and please don’t call me pathetic for voicing my view).

        No one was hurt. It’s apparent to me that he was striking out against the use of speed cameras and not the person in the car. Everyone eventually got where they were going, and the traffic only added to this patriot’s publicity. In fact, blame the police for holding up traffic – it was on the side of the road.

        And last I checked, it’s legal to carry a gun in this country.

      2. Tom says:

        Legal if you have a permit. No one knows what he has, or if he was allowed to carry it. You are wrong for looking up to this “hero.” I stand by my suggestion of never driving. These cameras only snap pics if you’re going 12mph or more over the speed limit. Slow down Jeff Gordon, this ain’t Nascar.

      3. Tom says:

        Jack, and like I said, hundreds missed their flights. You ever miss a flight? It sucks. Yes, people can deal with slow traffic or whatever, but missing a flight is a big issue. If you support that, I question your sanity.

      4. Jan says:

        Well said Tom!

  3. Jim says:

    The window bashing, gun toting individual is indicative of people who do not want to obey the speed laws and do not want a camera catching them. He probably got a couple of speeding tickets that were a result of speed cameras and decided that he was being persecuted and needed to take out the speed camera vehicle. Sad world we live in.

    1. Eric says:

      Or maybe he is nut and thinks the setup on the front of those trucks are the Gov. way of getting into his mind and taking control. lol

  4. Jim says:

    Sometimes it is too dangerous for an officer to stop a speeding maniac. Witness the incident on the JFX where the officer was knocked over the jersey wall and down 30 feet. Other officers state that it is just to dangerous to stop speeders on this road where the speed limit is 50 MILES PER HOUR. Cameras are definitely needed there. If you do not speed, you will not get a ticket. And the cameras do give discretion. This guy was lawless.

    1. RC says:

      First your example of the JFX incident had nothing to do with the officer stopping a speeder. The officer and a tow truck was assisting a disabled vehicle when they were hit by some moron most likely on a cell phone. Second the cameras do nothing to prevent dangerous driving. They don’t use an discretion. In a 50 mph zone speeder going 62 mph is ticketed equally to a speeder going 120 mph. Also, people tend to drive stupid as soon as they see the camera. They slam their brakes, reduced their speed to the speed they need to be driving and as soon as they get past the zone they speed away again.

      However, I am in no way agreeing with the moron who attacked the vehicle. The unfortunate thing is even if the police catch him he will not get anywhere near a long enough sentence to keep him off the streets

    2. Eric says:

      I think it is more than just speeding. I can say I hate them because of the morons who slow down to 30 in a 55 because they think they are going to get a ticket for doing 56 mph.

  5. jeff says:

    I use to be against the speed cameras, but now I dont really have a big gripe with the speed cameras since they are either in school zones or construction zones and they tell you ahead of time that it’s a speed camera zone. If you can’t stay under 12 mph over the speed limit in a construction zone for the 2 or 3 miles of the zone, then that’s just pathetic. I know people speed up after the zones, but the intent is to make people slow down in the construction zones since there are workers on the side of the road. Driving through these zones every day, I think they are acheiving that goal.

  6. Zack de la Rocha says:

    As our government steals more and more of our money, we will see more “Falling Down” style incidents.

    Keep up the good work, D-Fens. Next time, break the camera.

  7. jeff says:

    That state is going to have to pay to fix the vehicle. The vehicle will be up and functioning at some point, they won’t just stop using it. So causing damage to it, just means more money that didn’t have to be spent will now have to be spent. Just something to think about for people applauding.

    1. Zack de la Rocha says:

      Jeff, I hope you’re not right about the tax payers funding this private contractor’s vehicle. As I read it, he just broke a window, so the vehicle should still be functioning.

      Mystery man, whoever you are, please make sure to smash the cameras next time. And be nice to the driver, it’s not their fault we live in an overly-letigious society.

  8. LadyA says:

    Call me a conspiracy theorist but I am beginning to think there was never any man. How do you shut down an entire highway and the surrounding area for 4 hours to look for one man in PLAID shirt when the weather is 90 degrees and not find him???? This is fishy to me. Maybe the guy in the jeep was attacked by his girlfriend who just found out he was cheating and he doesn’t want anyone to know LOL!

  9. Rick says:

    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wanted to do that.

  10. Tom says:

    People, it’s not difficult to understand. These cameras snap a pic when you are doing 12mph+ over the speed limit!!! Slow down!!! You “Nascar drivers” are the reason behind the horrible traffic in Maryland! Every time I pass an accident, I point and laugh at the person at fault, because 9 times out of 10 they were flooring it, or driving like a crazy person.

    1. J-Dub says:

      ……….more likely they were texting or talking on the d*mn phone.

      1. Tom says:

        Not really. People drive like morons without a phone involved. There was a study done recently, people typically drive like this for the thrill of almost getting into an accident. It’s crazy. If any of you reading this are one of those people that drive 20+mph over the speed limit, SLOW DOWN!!! You’re going to kill somebody, no matter how great of a driver you think you are.

  11. J-Dub says:

    The guy is not hard to find………he’s probably in Dundalk at his favorite corner watering hole having a chilly one……(boy its hot out). No ones gonna turn him in……they all are buying him rounds as he plans his next adventure.

    3 Cheers !!

    1. Tom says:

      …or Essex. haha

  12. Jim says:

    This guy is a hero! Rise against “the man”! This proves how lazy, incoherent and lack of empathy our Maryland state legislators hold towards the average working Joe who doesn’t hold a FOP card or influance. Everyone speeds and I mean everyone, only those who don’t have connections get stuck with a ticket.What a corrupted click! I’m sure this guy was frustrated and fed up.

    1. Tom says:

      Fed up because he was a speed demon like everyone else in this dumb state.

  13. T says:

    You sound white collar anyway, slamming on blue collar towns. Go catch your flight and leave.

    1. Tom says:

      Who are you talking to? Use the reply button you idiot.

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