Everybody is happy that Dallas Cowboys receiver Roy Williams got his engagement ring back.  But, there is something missing.  What about the CASH?

Yes, THE CASH.  You see, while everyone is making fun of ‘Romeo’ for mailing his girlfriend, Miss Texas Brooke Daniels, an engagement ring what you haven’t heard about was cash.  Straight $$$, Homey. (Thank you, Randy Moss)

The package containing the ring, a letter of undying love and commitment, an autographed baseball for her brother, also contained $5000 to help Brooke pay some bills.

Brooke turned down the marriage request but kept the ring.  She said she lost it.  Roy filed a claim to his insurance company then a lawsuit.  Magically, the ring was found and sent back.  But, I want to know what happened to the cash.

We all know how impressive Brooke’s assets are.  But, what about her credit?  The cash may have enhanced both.


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