TOWSON, Md. (WJZ) On a busy Saturday night in January, wait staff and customers at the Charles Village Pub in Towson ran for safety when a fire ripped through the building.

The popular college hangout spot was destroyed after a small grease fire spread through the building’s exhaust system.

Jessica Kartalija reports six months later, the very first steps toward rebuilding are happening.

The county executive and the pub’s three owners launched the reconstruction of the popular restaurant.

“It’s been a real painstaking six months, but we are very happy to hopefully get this going and get the building process going,” said Eric Wagner, owner.

Wait staff, who call themselves the pub nomads, donned ties for the special occasion.

“It’s a ceremony,” said Hans Merson.  “You’ve got to stay classy.”

“It’ s like a home to me,” said Joshua Nagle. “My roommate worked here and is going to work again, and I’m going to work again.  And we can’t wait for it to come back.”

Plans for the new, larger restaurant include an outdoor patio and rooftop deck.

“We are sort of pulling some of the materials from around the area.  We want it to fit in but also be new and to be great,” said Tilghman Shamer III, Sanders Designs Architects.

The owner hopes the new design and larger building will bring more people–not only college students–to the restaurant.

The owner of the Charles Village Pub says they hope to open Jan. 1, 2012.

  1. Dave says:

    I used to go to CVP Towson every Monday for trivia. I miss it a lot!

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