Man Turns Himself In For Fatal Stabbing On July 4

BALTIMORE (WJZ)—Police say the suspect in a fatal Fourth of July stabbing turned himself in Saturday.

Weijia Jiang spoke with the police about the arrest.

Joseph Calo, 26, was a father to a 1-year-old baby girl, but he was stabbed to death on Independence Day while visiting Baltimore’s Inner Harbor from Alabama.

Police clung to a key piece of evidence captured at the scene: a picture of the suspected killer.

“At this point, numerous, I mean numerous people came forward with the suspect’s identity,” said Col.  Jesse Oden, Baltimore City Police.

Saturday at 2 p.m. police say the man in the photograph turned himself in.

Marcus Harris, 32, is now charged with Calo’s first-degree murder. Police say he used a broken bottle.

“I was there when his mother found out,” said Calo’s ex-girlfriend Lyndsey Reilly with tears. “My little girl is not going to have a dad. She had him for a year. That’s not long enough.”

In an exclusive interview with WJZ, Calo’s loved ones blasted Baltimore City.

“I’m not from Baltimore and I don’t intend to go to Baltimore,” said Mike Dawson, victim’s uncle. “Baltimore does not look pretty in my book.”

The fatal stabbing was just one of several fights that happened at the Harbor on July 4th—4-year-old Kavin Benson caught a stray bullet in the leg.

“It’s not worth coming out here to see Baltimore and its history if your life is in jeopardy,” said Trey Brown, Baltimore visitor.

Court records reveal Harris has a long criminal history, including charges of drugs, guns, car theft and disarming an officer.

“She’s not gonna have her dad because what, some guy wanted to act tough? To prove a point? Well, what’s the point you proved? You took my daughter’s father away from her,” Reilly said.

Because this case is still developing, police are not talking about the details of the fight that led to the murder. They’re also not saying whether Harris actually confessed to the stabbing.

Police are still working to find the shooter in the case involving the 4-year-old, who has been released from the hospital.

  • mark

    Police Commissioner Fred Bealefeld says: come to Baltimore, it’s safe in the inner harbor.

    • Bill

      Good thing he turned his self in because Bealefeld would have never found him

  • nevershocked

    I wonder if the police commissioner encourages his wife and kids to come to the inner harbor too???? I doubt it.

  • tracey

    Why would he turn himself in if he was innocent?

  • lindsey

    Oh I’m sure his friends and family will try to claim he is innocent and so on and so forth. But I know what he really is. A murderer. Because of him my little girl doesn’t have a father. So go ahead and defend him. You will burn in hell right along with him.

    • Hayes

      I’m positive you have more important things to do, like parent your child, then to respond to petty idiots on this board. Now, act like it.

  • judy

    Pathetic. This man had a little girl who will never see her dad. How sad. His murderer needs to get the death penalty. He took a life and he doesn’t deserve to live. It is time to get these thugs off the streets and let people feel safe again but we are too afraid to offend anyone and enforce laws.

    I saw the video of the fights going on that night. These fools looked like a bunch of barbarians punching and kicking one another. Good G*d a child was shot, a man was killed and fights broke out.. Do you really think we should reward the people of Balto with a bigger and better fourth of July celebration next year? Come on people

    RIP Mr. Calo and I hope that his precious little girl has many people in her life that will tell her about her daddy. I love the photo.

    • Ferguson

      Unfortunately you won’t see the death penalty in this case because Governor O’Malley has put the brakes on executions in Maryland. This Governor and the Maryland Legislature has created a safe haven for black murderers in this state. There were four more murders in Baltimore this weekend, and unless the death penalty is reinstated, expect more of the same.

  • Joe

    With that history of criminal activity one has to ask why is he walking the streets? This is just another sad case where a life long criminal is free to walk the streets with unsuspecting citizens. The city did not want to make this a safe event. If they would have put up a fence around the inner harbor before the event and made people walk through a screening station the thugs would not have come. If you don’t believe me, ask yourself why we can put 60k people in a ravens game and not one person is shot or stabbed.

    This city is a dump and it’s only getting worse. Way to go bmore, you have exposed yourself fo being the worst city in America once again.

    Would the last tax payer to leave Baltimore please turn off the lights as you exit.

  • Doug

    It’s pretty much like being at an all you can slay,gladiator free for all,at the Coliseum
    in Rome, at the inner harbor, these days.

  • dave

    What another murder committed by a blck male in baltimore? I have never heard of such a thing. I talk the truth this IS Balltimore!!!! When you see the videos don’t just look at the people involved in the assaults look at those standing around them, they love it! Monique how can you defend this guy? Is it his clean criminal history? Oh wait he is a life long criminal. Lets drop a bomb on the city. I am from Maryland and any time I speak with people from other places I always hope the topic of Baltimore doesn’t come up, IT”S A DISGRACE!!!!

  • kiesha

    Every city has issues, not just baltimore.

    • Steve

      Not every city has a murder rate above 250 per year, rampid drug problems, or known as the STD capital of the world, highest drop out rates for public schools, nope, that’s just us, sweet home Baltimore! “Get in on it!” Most cities actually know how to take care of these problems, not us! We just keep getting better at all of these categories! The city needs to be bulldozed and started over. We that actually pay taxes have given enough money to keep this sinking ship afloat. Past time we let it sink.

      • justsaying

        umm, I thought DC had the highest AIDS/STD rate, not Baltimore.

    • Billiam

      Kiesha – and for that matter – Monique – when you can lend something worthwhile to this blog, come back. For now – as you would say – STFU

  • Meagan Kathleen

    baltimore after sunset is never a safe place to be. period. whether you are in inner harbor or wherever. its sad that this happened but whats even more sad is it does not surprise me. ‘people’ we will say, down there, are disgusting. i live fourty minutes away and still i hate going anywhere near the place because of this very reason. its nothing but trouble and people who have no conscious and no are for anyone but their own, or themselves.

  • Tammy

    Criminals don’t have a color. A lot of these comments are ignorant and racist. Yes he is more than wrong for killing this man,YES no doubt about it. But let’s not focus on the color of his skin. “blacks” aren’t the only ones killing and stealing. It’s sad that it’s 2011 and racism still exist. Let’s focus on the big picture

    • craig

      umm never do see a white person killing anyone at the inner harbor do you dummy

      • Truther

        Craig, you are a loser and a racist idiot!

  • KMIss

    Yes racism is alive and kicking. Everyone thinks that all the crime is done only by blacks because that’s all the news media shows. If another race is a suspect they just give a description. I am not saying that black people don’t commit crimes so don’t go there. I am saying that crimes are committed by ALL races but the media unfairly skews the picture going out to the public. But most people don’t want to hear the truth so…

    • craig

      well you seem to be a real educated white person… so why do you educate us all on this issue…. if 90 percent of the crimes are committed by blacks and 90 percent of blacks are in jail for the crimes… what does that tell you dummy

  • Looking for the core

    Baltimore is 65% black and 70% poor….so, you know, it’s not a race thing, it’s a class thing. Take a ride out to Dundalk/Essex, Highlandtown/Greektown… mostly white and poor and equally creepy….although, Greektown, I would venture to say, is now mostly Hispanic.

    • Ashamed of our city

      Hate to bust your bubble but go ahead and take a ride to Essex—its not white anymore, have you been by Eastpoint Mall lately? Essex and Dundalk used to be blue collar middle class, no more, they all have been chased out as well.. Got another theory?

      • craig

        tell it like it is

  • Kathy

    It saddens me to continue to here how repeat offenders continue to walk the street. I have 3kids and I do not allow them to visit the harbor
    Or anything were it will be groups of uncontrolled people.

    Its very unfortunate but the previous City States Attorney did not enforce the laws on the books..I honestly feel the government the city will let people self destruct as long as they are killing and hurting
    there own but when the issues
    Effect other demographics of people There’s a huge out cry from government officials. Mk people be held accountable for their selfless acts. I left the city 17yrs ago and don’t plain on returning. My brother was murdered defending a woman at a local carry out the boy who stomped him to death was 19 and had numerous of narcotic charges and two attempt murder charges..however they still did not prosecute him for the murder because the “state” wanted to use him as a snitch on other CAses they were “prosecuting” So how will the city ever get cleaned up when the officials allow criminals to make deals. I will never spend a $$$ in the city..Just think of what type of barriers they will have up for the Big Car Race Labor day wkend..if people wouldn’t support these million dollar events the city has they would do better at enforcing the laws.

  • Angry Parent

    I say sue! This is sad that this child no longer has a father because of this person. No one has a right to take anothers life. This person has priors, one being that he disarmed a police officer. That there shows lack of respect. And tell me why this man is walking the streets. There are people out there who have comminted less crime (all crime is punishable) and they are still in jail. So sue. Sue the freaking city, the state and this jerks family!! I’m so tired of reading stories like this. Stories that make our city, our state, and most importantly our country a joke!!! We should fear the consequences of wrong doings not laugh in it’s face. Come on people lets make a change. Provide a safe future for our children and our children’s children.

  • Trina

    Kathy, I totally agree with you. This is not unusual for the city, especially with the amounts of poverty, drugs and gang influence plaguing certain areas. Sometimes it takes for crimes to be committed against certain groups for there to be concern and outcry against violence. Regardless of race, no one deserves to be murdered and race has no correlation with what a murderer looks like. Spreading ignorance will not console this family, Being aware of your surroundings, avoiding places, and bringing justice to perpetrators of violence is a start. Tougher sentencing! May he R.I.P

  • Ashamed of our City

    This makes me sick…why was he ever released?? I think the Judge that sentenced him the last time as well as himself needs to be fully accountable for both their actions. We have a good police force but why should they try to enforce the laws, if the thugs are going to get away with everything, including murder? @Kathy, I am sorry for the loss of your brother. @Lindsey, how tragic that your little girl lost her Daddy way too young. I hope it heals your heart some to know that not everyone in Maryland is like the idiot that killed Mr. Calo, everyone I know is outraged that this is happening.

  • hef

    baltimore is a rats nest and the system is a joke.

  • Larry

    I pray for the family of Joseph Calo and I pray they are able to take care of his child. I also pray for the responders of this article who are not capable of writing without bigotry and racism. Volunteer to do some work in your own community an I guarantee you will find that poverty and lack of education are the major factors that lead to criminal activity. You may also find that there is something you can do to help regardless of the ethnicity of the person you are helping. If you want to make a difference you have to DO something. CBS —I urge you to delete any response that is unacceptable. Time for you to do your job!

    • whatnow

      Larry – how American of you to support censhorship. Boston and Charlotte are cities the same size as Baltimore. While we crowed that our murder rate was below 300, they had murder rates below 100. I dare you to start riding the light rail with me everyday. Trust me. There is nothing white people can do to fix this problem. The majority of black people HATE white people. They are much more racist then even the KKK. Their problems have to be fixed from within.

  • JK

    GM, “the thug / gang / stop snitching mentality taking over the country” that you refer to is only further evidence of the sad influence the degenerate black hip-hop “culture” is having on contemporary youth/society. Really just more evidence of the degradation of moral and ethical values by so-called black popular “culture”. In other words, the poison is spreading.

  • JK

    Larry – I agree that crime is usually the result of poverty and lack of education. There has now been 60 or so years of government programs and billions of dollars spent trying to help these people, seemingly to no avail. What of past generations of poor, uneducated immigrants such as the Irish, Italians, Poles, Germans, Greeks, ets. etc. who came here with nothing and with no government assistanc and despite plenty of ethnic hatred and discrimination have managed to assimilate and rise to solid middle-cllass and better status?

    What is the problem with blacks, why are they still so mired in poverty and violent crime after so much effort to help them?

    • sophisticated

      you represent the average white person who believes they are soo entitled,soo righteous,soo intelligent,when your actually a damn fool.It is soo funny how you try to sound educated throwing these fake statistics that you made up yourself…”why are blacks soo mired in poverty?” Hmm lets see the same reason white trash are thats why.white people like you always talk about the efforts to help the poor,but can you name one effort you have made personally? what have you personally done to help the issue? You sat behind your computer screen typing,thats what you did! Your no better than the people you degrade because you think they are in their living situation by choice.And if thats the case so what?You chose to sit back and do nothing but blog about your irrelevent feelings so whats the difference? As far as the ”Efforts” your referring to,Medical Assistance,Food stamps,& other welfare programs are not funded by you and you alone.WE ALL have to pay for it so stfu and get over it,& more important than that those programs arent enough to change anything. That was really funny what you said about poor Italians coming here as immigrants then building themselves up to be middle class citizens…maybe you forgot about the era of mobsters and gangsters (who were Italian,Irish,& Jewish by the way) Who robbed,bootlegged,and murdered to become “middle class citizens”.Your a closed minded idiot & the day you decide to get off your ass and make a difference THEN SPEAK.

  • Angel

    When in the H$LL are we going to do something about Baltimore and Maryland. It’s not just Blacks, but it’s all Colors. That’s the problem instead of doing nothing in your own family and neighborhoods, easy to put all the issues on Blacks. Well I think it’s time to start with yourself and your family. GOD Bless the family for the lost of their loved one and I pray that our LAWS SYSTEM STOP PLAYING WITH THESE SICK AND CRAZY PEOPLE THAT COMES THOUGH THE SYSTEM. TIME TO BUILD BIGGER AND BETTER PRISONS AND LEAVE THEIR A$$ IN THERE TO DO ALL THEIR TIME WITH NO OUT PERIOD!!!

  • notalways

    I wish we were segregated for one year so then racist whites can see they cant aways blame everyone but themself. Most dont even live near baltimore and act like they know whats going on. Very sad for the man and little boy. But stuff like this makes people racist. im not defending anything but the real truth

    • TJN72

      We watch the news and see exactly whats happining

  • TJN72

    Just got back from Ocean City. This is what the boardwalk will look like in a few years.

  • Safer in thr county!

    Things I will never miss about Baltimore:
    1) The smell of urine on every side street and stairwell.

    2) Over priced parking and no security. Specifically property thefts from cars.

    3) Aggressive panhandlers and drugs.

    4) Parent-less animals roaming, cursing, littering and ignorant looking for victims in the harbor and surrounding areas.

    5) Plenty of police but a lack of enforcement around quality of life violations.

    6) Run down inner harbor retail buildings.

    7) Store clerks who would rather text their friends than sell you anything.

    8) Rudeness and a lack of humanity.

    9) Same old attractions, over priced and just out of date. Like an old mall it needs to be reinvented.

    10) Polluted waters with floating trash.

    11) Worn out performers doing the same shows for the last 10 years.

    12) Lack of overall safety and the feeling of a family type atmosphere.

    13) Tired food court and restaurants. Really, does Phillips represent what is best in Baltimore in regards to seafood? Just a question.

    14) Deadly consequences for anyone who wanders out of the immediate area.

    15) Over priced aquarium jammed with tourists waiting for hours at a time to see the same old thing.

    16)…..Need I go on?

    We will keep our families out here in the county where we are safer. We have lots of money and will no longer visit or spend it in your city until it cleans itself up like NYC did. Boil it, sanitize it, if needed level it and turn it into a parking lot and expand the marina. We need more parking for Orioles Park anyway.

    Good riddance.

    • Just Sayin

      So when they level it, where do you think they will relocate everyone??? They’ll keep pushing them further and further out into the county and surrounding areas!

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