HOWARD COUNTY, Md. (WJZ) — Right now in Howard County, there are more than 100 abused and neglected horses being nursed back to health.

Such care is expensive and, as Mike Schuh reports, one of the smallest voices at the farm had a big idea.

When horses are rescued, the farm taking these animals is saying yes to huge financial commitments.  It takes between $300 and $500 a month to nurse them back to health.  In some cases, like a farm that recently had 140 seizures, 70 of the horses went to the Days’ End Farm.

“We take responsibility for the horse, and that horse spends the time it needs to mostly in a stall,” said Ben Kitt, Days End Farm volunteer.

Some horses, like Manhattan the draft horse, cost a lot to keep alive.

“You have to have everything bigger and stronger.  A lot of people are scared of their size,” said Jamie McIntosh, Gentle Giants Draft Horse Rescue.

So Manhattan came to a small park in Lisbon to say thanks to the people who set up shop under these trees.

“At this time and this day, there is not as many donations coming in.  People don’t have the money to give the donations,” said Cathy Datz, organizer’s mom.

A yard sale will be held with all proceeds going to the Days End Farm and Gentle Giants Draft Horse Rescue. 

“I’m 12 and I care because people don’t understand what these horses have to go through every day,” said Tara Datz, who organized the yard sale.

“There are a couple of reasons why this event is cool.  Number one, because it’s being put on by a 12-year-old, which is awesome,” said McIntosh.

Some folks couldn’t be here, so they already sent Tara Datz checks for hundreds of dollars.  Discards are being turned into the treasures to keep these gentle giants alive.

“I’ve been there when the West Virginia horses came in, and it’s terrifying,” Tara Datz said.

If successful, they hope to have this yard sale every year.

Comments (3)
  1. Ben Kitt says:

    So that quote from me (“We take responsibility for the horse, and that horse spends the time it needs to mostly in a stall,” said Ben Kitt.) I said it, but then I followed that by “and then the horse goes out and lives out their lives happilly in Day’s End’s Feilds untill their adopted.” I wish they would have completed the quote because the rehabillitation in a stall is only a small part of a horses life at days end, but it was a great sale and an ok article. Thank you WJZ for comeing and reporting on this event. Congrats Tara Datz!

  2. Christine says:

    How awesome is this 12 year old for having the compassion to do this! What an amazing young lady. Her parents must be so proud! It’s good to know that there are kids like that out there and I hope her kindness is contagious

  3. Laurie Shipley Wagner says:

    Christine….Oh…kindness is contagious at the rescues. My son, Jimmy, has been a volunteer at Days End since he was 4 yrs old…he’s now 16 and a senior youth volunteer there and works there every day during the summer and as much as he possibly can during the school year. I have been a volunteer along with him and I can vouch…along with many other adult volunteers that these youths are one of a kind! Thanks, Ben, Matt and Tara for an awesome job Saturday!

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