Gas Prices On The Rise In Maryland

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — After weeks of falling gas prices, drivers may not like to see what’s waiting for them at the gas station.

Derek Valcourt has more.

Just when drivers thought they were getting some relief from this spring’s high prices, another spike came.

Another jump at the pump is the last thing drivers want to see.

“Nobody wants to pay more.  We are paying enough already,” said one driver.

The average per gallon in Maryland is $3.62.  That’s up six cents from just one week ago and 96 cents higher than this same time last year. 

AAA says prices nationwide had been going down over the last eight weeks until the price of crude oil rebounded last week.

“Absent any major geopolitical events or any major disruptions as part of the hurricane season, most analysts continue to expect gas prices to range somewhere between the $3.25 and $3.75 per gallon range through July, as well as through August,” said Ragina Averella.

Fluctuating prices are a constant source of aggravation for many drivers, who complain that increases during the summer months affect their travel plans.

“Either the gas stations or the gas companies in general are ripping us off, because they know you gotta have it.  What good is your car without it?” said a driver.

Despite this latest rise, AAA Mid-Atlantic says most analysts agree that, barring  unforseen circumstances, we likely won’t be seeing $4 a gallon any time this summer.

Drivers may remember it was three years ago this week that the national average price hit its highest mark ever, $4.11.

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  • pigeon

    This is all such BS and a great way to “stick it” to the people. There is absolutely no sensible reason for this whatsoever. I guess they thought they were doing us a favor and when we started feeling confortable, BOOM! How high will it go this time, and rest assured it won’t drop again like it just recently did. Just another “gotch ya suckers”.

  • Puddin Tame

    The are jumping the prices up in anticipation for when the government defaults on its debts soon.

  • David

    You are right gas $4.11 a gallon, but a barrel of oil was at $140.00 a barrel. I guess in three years in is what we call in the business world, OVERHEAD

  • Vic

    Does anyone check or edit these useless articles? FYI, a $.06 jump is not 20%, it’s 2%. Math is hard!

    • Tom

      You’re surprised?

  • Samoeun Chap

    Gas is needed of the people in the world but the price is high. I would like to know the real price of gas in between July and August 2011. Thanks,

  • chris

    i thought that Obama was going to fix this by opening the oil reserve they all said that it was going down 50 cents this guy has no idea what is going on

    • Tom

      Another narrow minded individual that blames all their woes on the president.

      • Tom

        Libya is not a US war. It’s a UN war genius. We’re a minority force there. Any more useless arguments? No? Thought so.

      • chris

        hey tom what are we doing in Libya that’s Obama’s war

      • Tom

        Me, and everyone else. Bush is a joke. Invaded Iraq under false pretenses.

      • whatnow

        Bet you did too when Bush was in office!

      • Tom

        Tapping into reserves will lower the cost of gas prices. Simple math. You should learn it. Things take time to carry out.

      • chris

        tom you never answered my ? about the oil reserve why would your boy do that

  • Steve

    The health of the economy is based on how cheap oil and gas are. With the price of gas going up during a very fragile economic recovery, the path to rebuilding will be slowed to a hault once again, and we will return to the a recession. As long as we continue to utilize middle east oil, we will continue to see prices that we are seeing. They don’t like us, they never have, they just want our money, and lots of it. OPEC is predominately constructed of terrorist states.

  • Eric

    And every year gas companies have record profits. On top of it with us struggling with the high gas prices they also want to jack up the price of going through the tolls. Way to help in this economy.

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