BLOG: Props To Women’s Soccer

I’m not a huge soccer fan, but the US Women’s win over Brazil was breathtaking.  Competing a player down for half the game, overcoming a couple of questionable ref calls that cost them a couple goals, and then scoring with a minute to go was amazing.  What a pass from Megan Rapinoe to Abby Wombach!  That was one of the most clutch plays I’ve ever seen, right there with Gibson in the World Series and Eruzione in the Olympics. Maybe not the same impact, but just as clutch.  They won me over. I know what I’m doing Wednesday at 11:30, watching the US in the semis.


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    I left a facebook update that I was literally shaking! I was watching with two of my girls and I was jumping up and down thinking something great was going to happen. Well it sure did!! I knew they could beat them but how they did it was just an outstanding show of will and belief. I believe the brazilian player faked an injury in front of the goal wishing time would run out but that backfired on her! It gave those girls the extra few minutes they needed to put them away. All I could say is WOW and what role models for all my girls (4) who play sports. We will be watching on Wednesday for sure!

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