Local College Put On Probation

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — In the face of serious academic violations, a local college was put on probation.

Mary Bubala has a look at what that means for students and faculty at Baltimore City Community College.

BCCC serves 20,000 students, but the group that accredits colleges and universities, the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, has put the school on probation, saying the school is not in compliance with how it assesses student learning.

“Even though it’s not good news, I wouldn’t sound the alarm because it’s something that the faculty and the staff, we’ve been working very diligently on,” said Dr. Caroline Williams.  “Middle States feels like we really need to tighten up that process a little more, fine tune it and get some more of our improvements under our belt.”

The warning for BCCC came just as the Baltimore International College lost its entire accreditation and people seemed to confuse what was going on at both schools.  While the Baltimore International College was stripped of its accreditation after years of failed reviews, Baltimore City Community College remains fully accredited.

“Because of what’s happening at the Culinary Institute, it raises a red flag so students have to understand our programs will continue with our accreditation intact and that we are still open for business and still doing great things,” Williams said.

BCCC has to have corrections in place and a plan submitted to the Middle States Commission by March.  School leaders say they expect to have this complete even earlier, by January.

A team from the Middle States Commission will visit BCCC in March to lift the probation, if improvements are seen.

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  • TMHurt

    A repeat failure by a failed state institution drawing exorbitant amounts of state tax dollars when AACC, CCBC, and other community colleges remain profitable. Its a shame that we pay the $100,000+ salaries for these talking heads to keep lying to the city and misleading our youth. Everyone I know transferred out after one semester.

  • TMHurt

    How long before they finally shut this thing down and let CCBC take over the city? Most of the good programs are over there anyhow.

  • Frank

    Lord- her hair reminds me of a topiary hedge!

    • TMHurt

      I thought Grace Jones was dead.

  • Clinton

    What used to be the Baltimore Junior College is a disgrace to the city. Very poor administration. Besides, the college paid salaries to former state senator Rawlings and Catherine Pugh (yes the one and same now running for mayor). They both had offices (Rawlings at the Liberty Heights campus and Pugh at the downtown Baltimore location). Although they had offices, neither ever occupied them but were handsomely paid. It will not be long before they lose their accreditation. Want to know the truth, take the time to talk with Dr. McKay, former President of the College. He now works at the Morgan Stae University. He tried to get the college back on the right track but met with powerful opposition from the poweres to be within the college. He was black-balled and put out to pasture.

    • TMHurt

      Seems to me like this thing is siphoning our tax dollars instead of helping inner city people. Why not take all that wasted money and make better mass transit to CCBC, give grants to the students and it help Baltimore become a world class city like Boston or DC with a green solution to traffic.

  • TMHurt

    If its not such a big deal why is it called probation? And why are you on it again? I knew someone who attended a program out in the midwest that lost its accreditation and they lost all of their credits, money, and time with no apologies from the faculty. Go CCBC!

  • donato

    Let us be fair and close down Morgan State, once a great school. Now with integration it serves no purpose and provides a VALUELESS EDUCATION. Great for non educated minority faculty

    • TMHurt

      I think they both serve a purpose. The more you read since this article was posted, they both employ a lot of high paid people in Baltimore who would plain not be able to hold jobs elsewhere. Both schools have so many administrative scandals its crazy. Both schools seem to be money laundering sites for state dollars. I bet Sheila Dixon is mixed up in this somewhere. The Wire nailed it.

  • Lauraville Lou

    We have two friends who graduated from BCCC. Both have good jobs — one even got a master’s at Johns Hopkins. BCCC must be doing something right.

    • Bridges

      I’ve also read some really good stats about their (BCCC’s) health programs’ licensure pass rates:
      Registered nursing-91%
      Licensed practical nursing – 100%
      Dental hygiene – 100%
      Physical therapy assistant – 100%
      So “yes,” they must be doing something right.

      • TMHurt

        How many students graduate annually from these programs and how much are the tax payers paying? Wouldn’t it be more cost effective to shuttle them to institutions that don’t drain the tax payers wallet. Gas is cheaper than those salaries.

    • TMHurt

      I think I remember a local billboard talking about a student who had all odds against them graduating from Harvard with a PHD in sociology. There are rare instances of the human spirit overcoming overwhelming odds everywhere.

  • TJones

    Someone needs to look at the administration and why since Dr. Willians took over the college has been on a down slope. The leadership is too involved in terrorizing the staff, unjustified firing, lying, misuse of funds, vote of no confidence against the President, and yet our government continues to let the college fail. Get rid of the current administration and replace with qualified leaders. Until this happens, the college will continue to move backwards instead of forward.

    • TMHurt

      You obviously didn’t watch the video. Everything is fine. Nevermind that silly Middle States. Probation doesn’t mean anything just ask Lindsey Lohan.

      • Reality

        TMHurt, I’ve been monitoring your comments with dismay. Nothing can be gained by posting “personal & demeaning” comments. It’s clear that you don’t have a real insider perspective as it relates to BCCC. If you want to know the story, speak to those that are in the midst of the storm. I challenge you to go to the institution and speak to the very people you made fun of. You would be very surprised.

      • TMHurt

        Day late and a dollar short Reality. You should really focus on the rest of the comments not just the low hanging fruit. I think there is more in this series of posts than “personal” commentary.

        Or…Maybe it is about the poor and the working class tax payers of Maryland who must REALLY like to see their hard earned money wasted by a community college that has been bailed out time and time again and is less than 10 miles from two OTHER community colleges that don’t have a third of the problems, take far less state tax dollars and are not on probation…again.

        Usually when there are too many Dunkin’ Donuts in one spot, the one that sells the least donuts gets closed…

  • TMHurt

    RC00A Main Building Renovation ………………………………………… $ 2,250,000

    “State agencies are required to report on P3s that are active or under consideration. Baltimore City Community College (BCCC) has NOT complied with this reporting requirement even though it is in negotiations for a P3 to redevelop its Harbor Campus. This action would restrict funds until BCCC submits a report on a P3 as required by Title 10A of the State Finance and Procurement Article.”

    April 2011 House Appropriations Committee Report

    What else haven’t they complied with…Guess that is the part of the storm, huh?

  • TMHurt

    Google…what an information source.

  • TMHurt

    Found this “insider” article pretty interesting too, Reality.

    Just Google:

    RC00A Baltimore City Community College

    That first PDF is a doozie…lots of good unanswered questions

  • TMHurt

    Or try this one:

    Baltimore City Community College at the Crossroads

    Looks like an identical situation in 2002, and everyone tried to bail the old sinking ship out then as well. So much for that plan. 9 years later.

  • TMHurt


    Can ANYONE up there be responsible with the State taxpayers’ money. Someone had to TIP the campus police off but there is a big screen shot of a security camera??? Aren’t they the ones that are supposed to be GUARDING the expensive stuff? Who is in charge up there?? “No reason to sound the alarm yet…”

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