Snowball Stand In Edgemere Uses Homemade Flavors

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EDGEMERE, Md. (WJZ)—If you’re from Edgemere, you may not appreciate something we tend to take for granted: the snowball stand.

Mike Schuh takes us to one that has a secret you can taste.

When the weather gets this hot and muggy, you need to know about a well-kept secret down in Edgemere.

Take a look at the flavor board. There is a secret there, hiding in plain sight.

“I did it as a kid, first job ever,” said Rosemary Shkor.

Her first job: making and mixing up homemade snowball flavors.

“Now, nobody mixes their own flavor any more. We do,” Shkor said.

She buys raw ingredients from all over. No one flavor seller can meet her discriminating taste.

It may be easier to buy the commercial stuff, but Shkor won’t do it.

“Talk me into it. It wouldn’t take much, ha ha,” she said.

Originally, the homemade flavors were cheaper, but not anymore.

“Can’t change because we’d have a rebellion from our customers who expect the same thing year after year day after day,” Shkor said.

Her other secret is she doesn’t use ground ice. It’s shaved ice.

Commercial flavor mixes are too sweet for something this delicate, so she says she needs “a more intense flavor to stick to that ice.”

Shkor says she’s bought the commercial stuff, but immediately regretted it.

The house specialty—raspberry lemonade—is a secret. It’s not even on the menu.

Maybe with all these secrets, Shkor is with the CIA.

“Oh, and homemade marshmallow,” said a customer. “You didn’t tell me about the homemade marshmallow!”

You know why? Because that too is a secret.

Come to the secret shack with no name and you can expect a few things: country on the radio, your ice shaved thin, and secrets you may never forget.

So find a map, find Edgemere, go down Sparrows Point Road until it makes the sharp turn at Ruth Avenue. They’re open until 9 p.m. unless there’s a line.

The shaved ice snowballs at that stand in Edgemere start at only $1.

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