By Mike Schuh

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — When the Baltimore Grand Prix takes over downtown on Labor Day weekend, not all of the racers will be in the kind of cars seen at the Indy 500.

Mike Schuh reports cars that you could drive on our streets are included, and one has a local driver.

There is a slow class of car running at the Grand Prix. How slow?

“We should be going 160 down Light Street,” said Marc Bunting, driver car #68.

Being this close to the cars, your mind can play tricks on you.

“That right there is my racing car, and I drive that and I race and I win all the time,” said Jabari Gilliam, Boy Scout. “I can handle that one.”

Not so quick.

These cars were showcased Tuesday because they are sponsored by Baltimore companies: Goetze Candy, Porsche of Towson, and Morton’s The Steakhouse. The other big Baltimore connection is the driver; Marc Bunting is from Baltimore.

“I’m looking forward to showing my best to my hometown,” said Bunting. “It’s just sinking in, 160 on Light Street, 160.”

But don’t tell Gilliam that Bunting is going to drive #68.  He still thinks he is.

“Man, I drive that car so fast you won’t even see me,” said Gilliam.

The Indy cars race in the big race on Sunday. Bunting’s car is part of the Supporting Series, which races on Saturday of Labor Day weekend at the Inner Harbor.

Tickets are still available. They run from $20 to $850 each.


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