BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Police are searching for one of two men accused of snatching an 8-year-old boy off the street near his home in West Baltimore with plans to hold the boy for ransom.

Mike Hellgren reports police say more than two men may be involved.  They say the motive is money.

Eight-year-old Darrick Charles Brown survived a terrifying ordeal.  He was snatched from outside his home in West Baltimore, thrown in the trunk of a car and left at an abandoned house on Lyndhurst Street, where Helen Jones found him.

“I happened to see a man come out the house, get into a green car and pull off.  The little boy came out a few minutes later,” Jones said.

His family says he’s home and he’s OK.

“At some point, somewhere along the way, the suspects are familiar with the family,” said Donny Moses, Baltimore City Police.

“I have no idea.  We don’t know anything.  We’re just happy that he’s home,” said a family member.

Police have one man in custody and are searching for another, Raheem Taylor, who has a lengthy arrest record on drug charges.

Jones is just glad she was watching WJZ, heard the description and acted on it.

“Such a pretty little thing and he was not afraid at all,” Jones said.

Charges are pending against the man in custody.  Police have not released his name.

If you have any information, please call 410-396-2100 or 1-866-7-LOCKUP.

Comments (40)
  1. Darryl says:

    Man what is going on!!!!! This is one sickening city…

    1. jim says:

      doesn’t just happen here!

      1. joyce says:

        you got that right it is going on everywhere what is this world coming to

      2. jim smokes crack says:

        but it happens more in bmore that most other places, wake the F up Jim, quit drinking the koolaid and take the blinders off, you and others needs to stop thinking that baltimore is mayberry!!!!!! They dont come up with phrases such as “the city that bleeds” or Bodymore, Murderland for no reason!!!

    2. joyce says:

      hell it is going on here in delaware my grandaughter live in baltimore and it scare the hell out of me she is 9

  2. mj says:

    God bless this boy and his family

  3. sunshine12 says:

    This is very disturbing. I pray for this little boy & his family. Please pray he is returned safely. We really do live in a world that is changing.

  4. joyce says:

    my thoughts and pray goes out to you and your family, what is this world coming to when our kids cant be safe, my heart goes out you and your loving family

  5. josh says:

    Well ppl, I live here in baltimore and seen this on the news this morning. Its sicking and these ppl that did this should be thrown in jail for life if not worse

  6. Kia says:

    People, allow our eyes to be open to the root of the situation: this is either a drug retaliation or a custody battle. Only one child was abducted a very specific child ! I too pray for the child but it’s not the city it’s the harmful, immoral, unethical and poor mindset of it’s residents.

  7. letstellthetruth says:

    @ Jim smokes crack I agree with you about Baltimore yes crimes do happen everywhere but in Baltimore serious crimes happen on a DAILY BASIS,my son is a Baltimore County Police officer and I do know several older retired Baltimore City Police officers but one of the main problems in Baltimore City is the police force it is now easier to get on the force in Balt City then any other department in MD,as we all have seen on the news the officer that shot the unarmed man many times in a bar had previous criminal charges that consisted of violence but somehow the city overlooked these charges and still allowed this man to be an officer,alot of people have older charges expunged before they apply to a police department,but even with the older charges expunged the police department can still see that there has been charges expunged and they can see what the charges consisted of so of course Balt City chose to put a gun in a mans hand that had previous violent charges,another hugh problem is that this officer chose to take his service revolver with him when he was off duty going out drinking at a club,wow that was smart,the city has lost all control over the crime because alot of the crimes are committed by police officers,mayors and so on……..the only way that the city will ever gain any control is to change the rules as far as what it takes to be a police officer,I am not saying that all the officers are bad but the few good ones are so overwhelmed with trying to do the right thing it is very sad,also other police departments in Maryland refer to Baltimore City as the place where you can be an officer when you dont meet requirements to get in other police departments,to sum it up for the most part alot of Balt City officers are there because they have been turned down by one or more other police agencies,lets wake up here folks Baltimore City needs to re-group lay down some better rules and start over again if not the city is going to remain being the hell hole that it is,may God bless the victims of crimes along with their families and also may God bless the very low number of decent Balt City officers that have always followed the law and wanted to be a city officer to make a difference and not because no other police department would take them.

  8. sue says:

    Baltiomre City has become the Wild West. It’s Pathetic and sickening. Bad enough the thugs are killing themselves now abducting children. You’re right it’s most likeley drugs. Can’t competely blame the cops there are only so many of them, start with the politicians, lawyers and juries. This is an issue for everyone. Our society has been too busy making excuses for these types of behavior instead of doing something about it. Sad part is that we have how many generations now of this garbage to deal with. .

  9. Mike says:

    I’m glad he was unarmed. These reporters must not proof read.

    1. The Real Estate Renegade says:

      my thoughts exactly, Mike – geez!

      1. Suzann Langrall says:

        Was going to say the same thing. It wouldn’t surprise me if there were 8 year-olds who WERE armed, though. This WORLD is sickening – not just this city. But I do have to say that it wasn’t very comforting when the police chief responded to the outbreak of violence yesterday with something along the lines of: ” We’re not changing our strategy.”

    2. LadyA says:

      Exactly what I was thinking! The web writing for this station is awful. I see mistakes like this daily.

  10. JackDaniels says:

    “A group of children was walking,” said Detective Nicole Monroe, Baltimore City Police.


    1. Barbara says:

      That is correct English. A group “was” walking.

      1. JoeFromAACounty says:


      2. Billiam says:

        Good pickup, Barb. For Joe, it is correct – if the word used would have been groups, then it should have said “groups were walking,” but since it is just one group, it should read “a group was walking.” Stay with us.

      3. GM says:

        No its not. Its hould be “A grouop of children WERE walking.”

    2. Billiam says:

      Uh, sorry to burst your bubble, but the sentence is corrects. If it said “groups” then it should say “were,” but since the subject of the sentence is singular (one group), the word was is correct because it “agrees” with the subject of the sentence. Now, stop typing in caps, and get your English workbook out and keep trying.

      1. Billiam says:

        …and sorry for the typo, but it should have said, “……the sentence is correct.”

      2. PeopleWhoNotPeopleThat says:

        I really think it should be were. The subject of the sentence is children. The word group in this sentence is descriptive. For example: it could have said “Three children were walking” or “Elementary school children were”. I’m not an English teacher but “A group of children was walking” does not sound correct to me. There are tons of grammar websites online, maybe I’ll do some research. But seriously, I am glad the young boy was found.

    3. PeopleWhoNotPeopleThat says:

      Actually, it should read “A group of children were walking”. To have “was” in the sentence it would read “A group was walking”. Because the sentence contains “of children”, were replaces was.

      1. LadyA says:

        Actually, that’s not true. The phrase “of children” contains a preposition. Therefore, you have to match to the noun of the sentence which is the singular, group.

      2. Avon says:

        The sentence is correct. “A group of children was walking”. The word “children” is the object of the subject “group”. Just as you would say “A bunch of grapes WAS on the table” and not “A bunch of grapes WERE on the table.” A bunch (or a group) is a compound subject meant to be perceived as a single entity, thus a verb in agreement with this subject would also be singular.

  11. Leigh Ann Erdman says:

    This is great news for the boy and his parents and every parent who found it to be a parents worse nightmare. Thankfully no one was hurt, but are you sure ” He was found Tuesday around 7:30 a.m. in a vacant home in the 300-block of Lyndhurst Avenue. ****He was unarmed.**** Police took one suspect into custody.” I suspect the child was unharmed?

  12. PeopleWhoNotPeopleThat says:

    The boy was unarmed? Perhaps the author meant unharmed. However, I do not see how the boy could’ve been unharmed. Wasn’t he shoved into a car trunk? It was most likely the suspect who was unarmed.

  13. PeopleWhoNotPeopleThat says:

    Enough grammar class for today. I’m happy this young boy has been found, alive!!!

    1. jonah says:

      Really???!!! You people are pathetic -arguing over what is correct or incorrect grammar. What matters is this child was found safe and hopefully this will be a wake up call to his parent(s) – and all the other drug addicted parents out there.

      1. Billiam says:

        you can make all the wake-up calls you want, Jonah. No one will answer the phone because the parents aren’t active in this child’s life to start with, I’m sure. So while you want to cast stones on those who want to speak write properly, let me say this – yes, really! No one is arguing on here – except you. A person thought the sentence was written incorrectly; we offered to explain why. Maybe someday, you can do the same.

  14. tanya martin says:

    All I can say is thank God that lil’ Darrick is home and unharmed…We will keep all of you in our prayers…Much love…

  15. Margaret says:

    I could be wrong but, reading between the lines, I’m thinking his parents aren’t what they should be, are somehow involved with the kidnappers and with drugs. Regardless, I’m so happy the police found him alive and well. If I’m right re: his parents, I hope he’s soon removed from their custody before it’s too late.

    1. Billiam says:

      Well said, Margaret – it’s imperative social services get involved and get this child out of harm’s way. If that means relieving the parents of his care, then so be it.

  16. deltasweetiepi says:

    This is what happens when people are in the drug world either dealing or using, they put their kids at risk for these types of incidents to occur. I am glad this child was not harmed. It did not require a rocket scientist to know that is was drug related, Baltimore has enough problems without adding the taking of children in exchange for drugs or money. Parents if you are in the underworld it is time to come out before this happens to your child, sister, brother, etc.

  17. Cathy says:

    Of course it was drug related and they knew each other.I also think that child services should get invoulved before this happens again

    1. Really? says:

      I agree with you 100%.This story is very disturbing and I feel soo bad for the child involved.Its beyond distgusting to me how any parent could let this happen.Lets be clear this was not a random act and Im sure the parents were threatened and made aware that their son would be taken and possibly harmed. Thank God he was found safe.As for the parents…what efforts are being made to have them arrested as well?

  18. MD DAD says:

    I am glad he was found safe and sound.

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