BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The doctor at the center of a major medical scandal can no longer practice medicine in Maryland. 

Derek Valcourt has more on the findings against Dr. Mark Midei from the State Board of Physicians.

Midei was blasted by Maryland’s Board of Physicians.  In an 88-page decision released Wednesday, the board calls Midei’s violations repeated, serious and indefensible.

In 2009, the world-renowned cardiologist came under intense scrutiny after a review found more than 500 of his patients at St. Joseph Medical Center may have received unnecessary stents—tiny devices designed to open blocked arteries—leaving some patients confused and frustrated.

“It just doesn’t seem right,” said one patient.  “Dr. Midei said I had a 90 percent  blockage and whoever did a subsequent reading said less than 50 percent blocked, so I just said, `Who’s right?'”

In their lengthy report, the Maryland Board of Physicians found that “Dr. Midei implanted stents unnecessarily in four out of five patient cases it reviewed,” that “he falsified the extent of the blockage in those patients, saying it was higher than it really was” and that “he violated the standards of quality care.”

For his part, Midei has all along denied any wrongdoing.

“What I did was what I would want for myself, for anybody in my family,” he said last October.  “They were treated appropriately and with the highest regard for their well-being.”

Midei’s attorney, Stephen Snyder, tells WJZ’s media partner, The Baltimore Sun, the decision is a disappointment, adding, “Unfortunately, I think a fine doctor is being put out to pasture and that the community receives a disservice by him not being able to continue to save lives.”

Midei has 30 days to file an appeal on the decision.  He can reapply for his medical license in another two years.

Several patients have filed civil lawsuits against Midei.  Midei has filed suit against St. Joseph Medical Center and its parent company, saying they falsely accused him of wrongdoing.

Comments (4)
  1. Sara James says:

    It is about time that doctor’s are held accountable for performing unnecessary, invasive and costly procedures.
    Competent and responsible physicians like John McDougall, Caldwell Esselstyn, Joel Fuhrman, Dean Ornish, Neal Barnard, and many others have shown repeatedly over the years that heart disease can be safely reversed with aggressive nutritional intervention.
    Here is a great lecture from Dr. Esselstyn explaining what you need to know:

  2. Joe Micelli says:

    How many DEATHS were attributed to this “PROCEDURE”????????????????????????

  3. charlie says:

    Everyone I know Who have been to St. Jo’s for a heart condition has died in their care. No joke.

  4. Alex says:

    I walked into the Emergency Room at St Joe’s on Feb 6, 2002…having severe chest pains for most of the afternoon. I exercised regularly had lost weight (on the Atkins Diet) tover 2 years, but had a very stressful business.

    Dr. Midei performed a life saving angioplasty and two stents were put in me. I can assure you, I needed the procedure, did not “die” at St Joe’s and have no side effects of the stents after 9 1/2 years.

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