EDGEWOOD, Md. (AP) — The Harford County Sheriff’s Office has arrested a man who allegedly broke into a bank and tried to break into an ATM.

Deputies say two men entered a vacant building next to Sun Trust Bank on Pulaski Highway in Edgewood about 4 a.m. Wednesday. The two men knocked holes in the wall between the vacant building and the bank.

Deputies say once inside the bank, the man tried to break into the bank’s ATM. During the burglary, the men triggered the bank’s alarm and police responded.

Edgar Soler, 50, of Baltimore was arrested at the scene and charged with burglary. The second suspect fled the scene in a car.

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Comments (3)
  1. whats up says:

    should this be on bumbest crimes, or do they now keep money in vacant building ATM machines? LOL

  2. whats up says:

    I mean dumbest crimes. Sorry still sleepy.

  3. Observer says:

    @whats up: Apparently, really sleepy, as the story says they tried to take the money from the bank’s ATM, not from an ATM in a vacant building. Here’s the interesting part: Other sources say the perps had a key to let them into the vacant building; and to be precise, it wasn’t an entire, vacant building; it was a vacant location next door to the bank in a strip shopping center. Makes it a lot easier to reach the bank, although I’m surprised the bank apparently did nothing to reinforce its own walls during construction.

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