Md. Man Creates Sleep Alarm For Drivers And Traffic Controllers

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BALTIMORE (WJZ)–If you’ve ever fallen asleep at the wheel you know how dangerous it can be. In recent months it’s even happened to some air traffic controllers.

Ron Matz reports a Maryland man may have the answer to what seems to be a growing problem.

Tony Roman may have the answer to falling asleep at the wheel. He’s selling the nap alarm, which is designed to keep drivers from nodding off.

“The nap alarm is a simple device which goes over the ear. It’s very comfortable,” Roman said. “If you’re driving and you get tired and your head starts to fall, the alarm goes off.”

Roman is teaming up with his sister to market the product after recent incidents of sleeping air traffic controllers. The nap alarm is selling for just $10.

Roman says it is a simple one size fits all to a problem that could affect just about anyone.

“It’s for people going on long drives, driving late at night, airline pilots, air traffic controllers,” Roman said. “I don’t know about you, but I would feel a lot safer knowing a pilot had one of these on at 30,000 feet.”

Roman is a resident of Dundalk. He says he has been in contact with AAA Mid-Atlantic to discuss his innovative product.

“As you know, thousands of people a year get into car accidents,” Roman said. “They die from waking up and swerving their cars and this simple little product could save somebody’s life.”

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