Airport Security Program May Shorten Lines For Frequent Travelers

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Airport Security
Schaefer Lies In Repose For Second Day At City Hall

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- It's the farewell to former Mayor and Governor William Donald Schaefer. Tuesday is the last chance many Marylanders will get to pay their last respects.

Mike Schuh reports Schaefer's body lies in repose at City Hall.

At the top of the news this half hour the outpouring of love for former Mayor and Governor William Donald Schaefer -- who will lie in repose one final day inside City Hall.

Thousands have already paid their respects.

Thousands of people from Annapolis to the streets of Baltimore have already taken time to recognize Schaefer for all he did for this city and state.

A furlough day for city workers was moved up to Tuesday, to give employees the chance to pay their respects without having to take off work. The turnout Tuesday is expected to enormous.

The final farewell to former Mayor and Governor William Donald Schaefer is well underway.

It began in Annapolis, where his body lay in repose in the State House Rotunda.

There was a steady stream of people that flowed in.

"He was a Baltimore original. We will never see another William Donald Schaefer," said Senator Barbara Mikulski.

A motorcade brought Schaefer's casket around the city.

"We give you thanks for the blessings which you have bestowed upon William Donald in this life," said one father at the Basilica.

He got a blessing at the Basilica, love in Little Italy and cheers at his childhood home in west Baltimore.

"Great politician. And there's nothing wrong with being a great politician. And he loved his people," said one man.

"This is a very emotional day. Just to see his motorcade go by. May he rest in peace," said another woman.

Crowds continue to gather at his statue in the Inner Harbor and where his remains now lie, inside City Hall.

Filmmaker John Waters were among some of the people paying respect.

"He made the whole city alive and he reinvented it and he made a lot of what it is today. I want more statues of him, on every corner," said filmmaker John Waters.

Schaefer's casket will be on display to the public all day Tuesday, beginning at 9 a.m, and ending at 9 p.m.

LINTHICUM, Md. (WJZ)– Shorter airport security lines. That’s the goal of a new TSA program that will streamline some fliers through checkpoints.

Andrea Fujii has the story from BWI Marshall Airport.

Starting this fall, the TSA will pre-screen some frequent fliers then provide them access to expedited security in the trusted traveler program.

“The vast majority of people pose no threat to civil aviation and so how can we identify those people before they get to the airport,” John Pistole, TSA administrator, said.

Eligible passengers include frequent Delta fliers in Atlanta and Detroit, and frequent American Airlines passengers in Miami and Dallas.

“Certainly, I’d appreciate an express lane,” said one traveler.

“I think it’s something that should be tried. I think it would be very helpful,” said another.

The TSA won’t say what extra information fliers must provide. Passengers will still go through metal detectors, but they may avoid a full security check.

“It won’t be a guarantee, though. We always reserve the right to be random and unpredictable in the way we do our screening so terrorists cannot game the system,” Pistole said.

Not everyone’s on board.

“It’ll give them time to focus on the untrusted travelers which means if you don’t go through a government background check you are going to be untrusted,” Michael Boyd, aviation expert, said.

The TSA expects up to 8,000 travelers will use the program each day. If it works they’ll expand it, which may mean shorter lines for everyone.

Most passengers welcome quicker security, if it’s done safely.

Airlines will contact passengers eligible for the trusted traveler program. If they choose to participate, their personal information will be shared with the TSA.

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