TOWSON, Md. (WJZ) — The Baltimore County Council has adopted a new measure to help revitalize downtown Towson.

Andrea Fujii explains it’s meant to attract new businesses and new shoppers.

Parts of downtown Towson are booming, like Towson Town Center.  But other areas, like near the recently sold Towson Commons, continue to struggle.

“That just seems dead right now,” said one Towson resident.

“It definitely has potential,” said another.

To build on that potential, the Baltimore County Council has adopted a new strategy called The Urban Design Principles.  The idea is for a more walkable downtown, like Bethesda.  They want more attractive storefronts, open windows and lots of doors.

“If they build using these principles, it helps them fast track their program, which helps them save a lot of time and money,” said Nancy Hafford, Towson Chamber of Commerce.

And the plan is already working, as clothing store Urban Outfitters is opening soon.

“It’s very helpful to get businesses to move in, because when the businesses move in, it’s tax dollars to our community,” Hafford said.

Some residents don’t welcome change.

“I’d hate to see it turn into Bethesda,” said one.

Others have ideas of what they’d like to see.

“I think there should be a new movie theater,” said one.

“Just maybe more older crowd-oriented restaurants and bars,” said another.

The Urban Design Principles aren’t mandatory, but city planners hope it’ll drive desirable businesses to come, stay and grow.

Last month, CNN’s Money Magazine ranked Towson the 14th best place in the country to live.

Comments (10)
  1. CoreF says:

    God they pay people to come up and plan these ideas?! Its terribly simple, just remove the bus lines 🙂 Towson will revitalize in 6months time!

  2. Jason Robinson says:

    That will never happen. Too many people who work at the mall, and spend money at the mall rely on the bus to get there, so another more realistic option is in order.

  3. AnitaR says:

    I have a better idea then removing a bus line, BUILD A WALL, so those who want to mix only with a “better class”, to one they belong of course, could stop inflow of poverty and crime to Towson. The poor and the more wealthy form one country and until those more wealthy learn how to raise the floor for all Americans, it will be very difficult to maintain those sterile bubbles like Bethesda, Towson, Ellicott City. Every measure will be very temporary. By they way, along York Road Towson already looks like a third world country.

  4. AS says:

    It seems that “Build more shops” is a recipe for all American trouble. There are too many shops around Towson already. There is a huge mall at Towson itself !!! and look at Hunt Valley! Who needs more retailers here? What we need is a park like small Central Park in NYC, medium size movie theater, sidewalks and fast, reliable public transportation to the Harbor, with a stop at JHU Homewood may be….. Especially park is a necessity. In Towson there is nowhere to go, but the mall when the weather is nice. Success of Rodgers Forge is based on a tiny playground, Towson needs a little bigger one. We need a place to walk, to sit on a bench, to ride a bike, to watch our children play, to listen to the concert.

  5. rre says:

    The first thing to do for downtown towson is parking. If they had more parking i would be there every weekend.

  6. me says:

    Towson again Gimme a break.. Waste the money where it is needed and NOT in the politician pockets.

  7. M says:

    Trash everywhere, bars everywhere, people coming just a few miles from very depressed areas of the city, and in some instances attributing to more problems.
    The big problem is the bars. But Towson wants them.
    I have lived in the area (Further North) my whole life, and can’t wait to leave here.
    Poorly planned development, i.e. shopping centers everywhere that are not needed in close proximity to each other, trash everywhere, crime, congestion, people driving like fools, high cost of living, a lousy climate. Did I miss something?

  8. Cloud says:

    They don’t have the money to spray for mosquito’s in the south east county where we are infested, but they can find the money to beautify Towson. Something Stinks!

  9. nightwalker says:

    I do agree with a lot of you all and I live in the inner city. Towson needs to find away to keep all that negative and stop the flow of crime and all the negative that follows with it especially my culture. I have been to Towson on a few occasions twice for a the movies and out to dinner there. I really don’t think any more stores are needed with all the space out there. I hope Towson is locked down and just continue to keep the negative out in my eyes. That money needs to be spent other ways.

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