BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A controversial crime fighting plan comes from one of Baltimore’s mayoral candidates Tuesday. 

Political reporter Pat Warren has more on a plan to raise the price of ammunition and reduce penalties for marijuana. 

Taxing bullets and ticketing for marijuana.  Baltimore mayoral candidate Otis Rolley says taxing a buck on a bullet may reduce more violent crimes and making small amounts of marijuana a minor offense—as other cities have done—can free up crime fighting resources.

“A lot of time, energy and effort is wasted by our courts and police officers spending time on petty crimes,” Rolley said.

He is targeting vacant houses, which residents say are a criminal haven.  Rolley’s crime prevention plan also includes more recreation and jobs for young people.

Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake was at an event for YouthWorks when we spoke to her about her thoughts.

“As a mother of a 7-year-old, I’m not trying to send the message to my daughter or her classmates that marijuana is OK,” she said.

Rawlings-Blake says she will continue to focus on stricter gun laws and targeting the most violent criminals.  State Senator Catherine Pugh says her policies are to get smarter, not tougher, on crime and Jody Landers calls for reform on drug laws.  All claim to have comprehensive plans that will target the most violent criminals.

Rolley’s plan to tax bullets purchased in the city would require legislative approval.

City property taxes are another priority in this race.  The Baltimore City primary is Sept. 13.

Comments (17)
  1. Shane Cooper says:

    so basically make it tougher on people like me to buy ammo for my LEGAL guns! go ahead and tax innocent people for their ammo and they might start using it on worthwhile things like criminals instead of paper targets at the range!

  2. SRB supporter says:

    If drug dealers are getting ammo I don’t think a few extra dollars is going to keep them from getting them; and do you really think they care??

  3. Yikes says:

    OK. So now I know another Mensa member has not a clue on how to really fix the city. Shane. Not to worry. The counties have many more places to by rounds. And to the next Mayor, Pass laws that TAKE AWAY empty, falling down houses. Reduce property taxes and give tax incentives to live in the city. Enforce the laws on the books now. Use the Feds, They know how to put guys in jail. OBTY. Good Luck!,0,4060727.story

  4. litle orphan annie says:

    wow ,, is fighting crime that easy

  5. Wheres common sense when you need it says:

    I think we should tax stupid ideas that come from politians. We would be out of debit in no time!

  6. North of Dixyland says:

    I have a solution to fight Baltimore City crime: WMRM (White Male Rebulican Mayor). It’s time Baltimore. Face it!

    1. Welcome to Maryland...FOOLS!!! says:

      Silly notion!!! Now you know that’ll never work!!!

  7. Fred Smith says:

    Does this man actually believe that Baltimore city is the only venue in which to purchase ammunition? This proposition will simply cause consumers to go elsewhere. And as far as cutting the Police budget in order to combat crime…welll, that nonsence speaks for itself,.

  8. Shane McClean says:

    Our politicians are stupid, the criminals will just go to the County to get thier ammo. Here is the solution.

    First, require any person who wants to purchase ammunition of any kind to obtain an ammunition permit. In order to get the permit one must have no felony convictions, pending charges, or misdemeanor drug, assault, or sexual assault charges. Permit price – $100 every two years.

    Second, it shoud be considered a felony if you purchase ammunition for an uneligable person. Fine of $25,000 or 5 yars in prision or both.

    Third, if it is found that ammunition which you purchased and it is found to had been ued during a crime, you will be considered an accessory to the crime.

    Fourth, require all ammo manufaturers to laser etch all casings for traicing purposes.

  9. Kay says:

    THE CRIMINALS ALREADY HAVE ILLEGAL GUNS…DON’T YOU THINK THEY GET THE BULLETS ILLEGALLY???? IDIOT!!! Some one please tell him to think before you speak. I can not believe these are the people representing us. This is one of the DUMBEST ideas yet!!!!

  10. JackDaniels says:



    1. Kay says:

      I agree and rob some people along the way!!!!!…LOL

  11. DRE' says:

    All of the comments here are typical of people who have no solutions and throw darts at anyone who brings a so9lution. Think about this the bad guys do not just go to a store and purchase ammo theget it from those law abiding citizens who have guns and either sell it to the bad guys or steal it in a home invasion. Well that means to me the law abiding citizens have too much or are not smart enough to lock it up in a place where it is not so easy to find. As far as the marijuana, alcohol is more dangerous to this city and it IS a waste of time arresting the RECREATIONAL marijuana users PERIOD Let them deal with that when they go to get a job and are denied. Good thoughts Otis.

  12. pigeon says:

    Take a good look at his face – looks more like a well known actor then a mayor. His idea is one for the books – look at how many of the shooting crimes comes from legal guns and bullets sold legally. Now, how rich do you think the City of Baltimore will get off of this tax?! Again, another individual who suffered a brain concussion from sitting down too hard (if there was a brain at all). Just another north end of a south bound mule!

  13. jimmy says:

    A corrupt DEA poisoned my dog to death because I called the San Francisco U.S. Attorney General’s office to complain that the FBI and DEA where fabricating evidence and stealing from me.

    It turned out that my call brought down a thriving theft ring centered in the San Francisco Bay Area involving many D.O.J. employees. They where creating fictitious suspects and stealing from them.

  14. Christine says:

    Chris Rock- Bullet control

  15. Steven Cville says:

    More Tax on Bullets? What is this guy an idiot? Take the feather gloves off the cops and let the handle the criminals. Stop paying out lawsuits to the families of these criminal because they were handle roughly. You raise a child to be an animal they should be treated as such! Juveniles end up in jail the parents or parent should be held finically responsible for the cost of incarceration as long as they are living in the state of Maryland.
    Two Good things that could come from such a law, the city would get money to help defray the cost or the family would move from the state and be someone else’s problem.

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