BALTIMORE (WJZ) — He’s supposed to keep drugs off the streets, but a city police officer has been accused of selling heroin in uniform and in the parking lot of a police station.

Weijia Jiang explains how investigators unraveled the drug ring.

It was the Baltimore police department that asked the FBI to investigate.  Now one of their own could spend the rest of his life in prison if convicted of felony drug and gun charges.

Baltimore police officer Daniel Redd, 41, is accused of being one of the masterminds in a conspiracy to distribute heroin across the city with drugs shipped in from Africa.

“He’s supposed to be helping us, protecting us from the ones on the street doing it,” said Jackie Chukwu, Northwest Baltimore.

Redd and four others are named in a seven count grand jury indictment.  It says Redd made drug deals while on duty at the Northwest District, where he’s assigned to patrol.  Federal agents arrested him there on Tuesday morning.

“We hope that sends a powerful message that if you carry guns and deal drugs, whether you’re a street corner junkie or a police officer, you’re going to face a lengthy stay in federal prison,” said Rod Rosenstein, U.S. Attorney.

In one of the most brazen accounts mentioned in the indictment, prosecutors say Redd walked right out of the Northwest police station wearing his full police uniform to another part of the parking lot where he handed off an undisclosed amount of heroin.

“The men and women of the police department out there right now, investigating crimes and keeping people safe, are embarrassed and outraged,” said Anthony Guglielmi, Baltimore City Police.

Police say wire taps reveal Redd wanted an even bigger operation.  He’s quoted in the affidavit saying to a co-conspirator, “I get a little piece and you get the whole shebang.  This is peanuts.”

The men go on to talk about getting a big brick, or a kilo.

“You have this dude, so-called officer, making a mockery of the uniform.  That’s a slap in the face,” said Redd’s neighbor, Alvin Collins.

Redd, who also faces firearm violations, could spend the rest of his life in prison if convicted.

During a court hearing held Tuesday, a judge ordered Redd be held pending a detention hearing after prosecutors called him dangerous and a flight risk.

Redd is due back in court on Friday.

Comments (48)
  1. US Male says:


    Do us all a favor…..break the prozac in half next time.

  2. Michael Nauton says:


  3. Crazy says:

    Once again, affirmative action at its finest right here.

    1. marlon says:

      Why is that everytime a black person does somelthing, white folks make cowardly racist assumptions and genralizations? Who said he was an affirmative action hire? What evidence do you have that “once again” affirmative action isn’t working? Also, if you’re going to speak the truth, then own it. Use your real name.

  4. What? says:

    Dealing out of the police station? Really? Bealefeld, you have officially lost control of your department. Please, step down now.

    1. way to go says:

      i commend the bcpd and feds for this……nice job! way to get this disgrace off force, he didnt deserve to wear that badge, you (the general public) have no idea how easy it would be for an officer to get away with someone like this or slide under the radar depending on how widespread the operation was…..most officers work with little to no supervision throughout their day, giving them a lot of time and discretion to do what they please….as you can see what this bad apple chose to do with his time…..but thats what he is…one bad apple….but as usual you’ll have those who get on here and rant and rave that the entire department is corrupt and full of bad cops….please save it, we’ve all heard it before, and know thats not the case…every dept has its bad apples, some more than others, the larger the dept, the more there are….its as simple as that..

      1. G Modlin says:

        The truth is that a lot of people wont work as a cop in Baltimore because of the high risk of getting killed. They take people that they would not take if more decent people would take the job.

  5. truthteller says:

    i guess their all good cops untill they get caught…….

  6. stone thrower says:

    that didnt take long….theres #1…….im sure your a real good boy truthteller. probably obey all laws, speed limits, civil ordinances, churcy bylaws, credit terms, a real morally sound fella, etc etc etc, gimme a break man, your probably a sexual predator who has gigabytes of child porn on your computer and watches the neighborhood kids through the blinds with your pants around your ankles….the FBI doesnt waste time with little fish like yourself, i mean come on, a 40 yr old still living in his parents basement…your not very newsworthy!!!!

    1. Kimberly Blackwell says:


      1. whatnow says:

        Excuse me, I do NOT makes bad decisions and mistakes EVERY DAY. The kids think drugs are cool because not because of this one officer but because all their “uncles” and their rap music tell them it is cool. You would have never found a cop doing this back in the day where you actually had to meet strict requirements to be an officer but nowadays, requirements have been thrown out the window to fill quotas.

      2. TROLL ALERT says:

        whatnow is a troll…don’t respond to him/her.

  7. Savage RIp says:

    Lol y’all funny as hell. The whole department corrupt minus a few. Murder cases go unsolved. Rape cases unsolved. Shootings unsolved. The under cover police are nasty to citizens on a daily bases. They respond late to everything I mean the list goes on. Police even smoke weed after there off duty. There regular ppl just like us with a gun a badge and a whole posse of scared yet violent police. That’s why I’m Chillin in Arizona where its peaceful and if someone roll up on you and try to harm you, you can pull your gun and shoot them. Gotta love these Honky laws out here.

    1. Kimberly Blackwell says:


      1. stone thrower says:

        Kim, I hope you dont have kids, and if you do, go back to school and get your GED, your spelling and grammar is HORRIBLE, i pray to go your not helping your kids out with their homework…..its WHERE not WARE, and WHAT not WAT, TRIES not TRYS, i could go on and on with the garbage that you post….I can just imagine the “bad decisions and mistakes” you make every day, your posts are a perfect example!!!!

  8. Sweet Revenge says:

    Chickens coming home to roost. This article reads as if the commissioner and the BCPD knew about this the entire time and tipped off the feds… I bet you it was the other way around. I hope the BCPD keeps going thru stuff like this. Until they come to terms and make right with the fishy sh- they’ve perpertrated for years and got away with. I will never forget BCPD (and I’m not talking about 911). Remember December 2003.

    1. Concerned Citizen says:

      December 2003? Enlighten me please.

  9. GCF says:

    This type of thing happens because the political monsters in Baltimore are forcing the police dept and the fire dept to hire minorities from the city. Once all the decent people are already hired this is all thats left. The standards have all been lowered over the last 10 years so much to get a more “diverse” department it’s pathetic. If the public knew the details they would be sickened by it. Not only has the general aptitude test been made so that a 5th grader could pass it, the physical agility testing can now be passed by a 350lb 5ft female. As for the background investigation, I can’t speak for the police dept. but I do know they are allowing people with felonies in the fire dept. Back in the day you would not be hired with anything more than traffic offenses. I’m sure someone will come here and say I’m wrong,but that’s not the case. The same thugs that you see on the street corners are the same ones wearing police and fire uniforms in the city. Thank God I have a very short time left at work,and I live far from the city.

    1. Marlon says:

      GCF, how do you know that the officer was one of the individuals let into the department on a lower standard?

    2. Crazy says:

      I know of at least 2 white people with minor records that Baltimore City Police wouldn’t hire. I know of at least 12 black people with major records they did hire. You tell me what’s going on?

      1. marlon says:

        No, Crazy, when 2 whites aren’t hired, you tell me what’s going on? And use your real name. People who have nothing to be ashamed of don’t hide.

      2. Susan-Karen-Bob-Winifred says:

        why do you need everyone to tell you their names? any other personal information you need? last names? addresses? a name is a name is a name…Marlon, if that is your real name. LOLOL!!!!! My name is Donna. Maybe, or maybe it’s Sue, or Kevin or Andrew…. what do you care?

    3. Kareem says:

      I’m a minority, grew up in the city, and I’ve been serving my city for 15 years and never stole a dime u racist prick

      1. whatnow says:

        Not everyone who speaks the truth is a racist. That is part of the problem. All the problems of the black community and waved away by the word “racist”. Until some truths are faced, things will never get better.

  10. Concerned Citizen says:


    You are right on target. I know far to many men personally that are in the BCPD that shouldn’t be. The standards really have dropped off as to who they will employ. It’s a disgrace.

  11. Sylvan Finkelstein says:

    why are we not surprised to hear about another dirty officer in balto..just seems to fit the pattern

  12. Leonard says:

    I honestly believe he could have gotten away with this indefinately if it weren’t for the fact that he sued and got his job back. It seems to me a blind eye is turned until one of them does something to anger his fellow officers. Other than that as long as he kept his drug business quiet as he has been doing, the Feds would have never been tipped off.

  13. Marlon says:

    whatnow, who said that this issue is indicative of problems in the black community. There is one pic of a black cop and suddenly there are all these issues that African Americans need to deal with. No, you need to look at yourself and stop making stupid, thoughtless racist remarks.

    1. whatnow says:

      Watch the news every day, put 2 and 2 together, that does not equal me being a racist. You have your head buried in the sand. If you don’t think there are problems in the black community you are totally out of touch. Quit blaming everything on white people. That is old news.

      1. Marlon says:

        Whatnow, watching the news and putting “2 and 2” together seems like a pretty stupid way of doing things. I think you have your head buried in your flat, flabby white rear end if you think a picture of a black cop and a story about a drug bust gives you an open to begin discussing supposed problems in the black community. And who said I was blaming anything on whites? Stick to the facts!

      2. JustMe says:

        @ Whatnow should we talk about all the big time white congress men who mess with underage little girls, so if we want to talk about problems in both white and black communities. White people just molest with there children are you one huh you been playing house with your daughter or son???. First off no one on here is really talking about any real issues. Grow up stick to facts and stop making this a White/Black thing. Just because one person does wrong that don’t mean that everyone should be thrown into the same category, Yes BCPD has always had a bad wrap with their corruptness, So the main issues is what can we as citizens do to help end the corruption throughout Baltimore city not blame it on one race or another. GROW UP PEOPLE PLEASE AND STICK TO THE REAL ISSUES.. GOOD DAY

      3. Steppin' Razor says:

        @justme: I had a lot of trouble following your rant, but I think your point was something about this not being a black/white thing, though white people “molest with their children”. K.
        African folks make up the majority (about 63.7%) of our city. 20.9% of our city lives at or below the poverty line. This is not a racial thing, it is a socio-economic thing, it just so happens that most of our city is of African descent…ergo, most crime is committed by people of African descent in Baltimore City.

        In any prison in the country you will find the are 3 major groups: African, Hispanic & White…none of them “rule the roost”… the sickness is pretty evenly spread between the three…in fact, my statistics came from the national census of 2010…a census missing critical statistics on the illegal immigrant data…so…you know..whitey may suck, but brothers are fueling stupid racists’ fires and the illegals are standing back and waiting for you guys to tear each other apart.

    1. JustMe says:

      Stick to the real issues. Get of the Black thing. I guess your not smarter than a fifth grader. My 5 year old could come up with a more intelligent response than that.

      1. hiddledy-hee says:

        what is the real issue and how are “just you” going to fix it? proposals-thoughts-ideas?

  14. happy1 says:

    What , are you thinking?? A PC that is finally tring to weed out corrupt cops and you want hiim to step down? So the BPD can sick their heads in the sand and ignore the problems, as they have been doing for years??? Really ??

  15. cindy says:

    Who cares if he was black or white? The man was caught breaking the law. Y’all need to get a life…

  16. whatnow says:

    Marlon, didn’t realize you were a racist name caller, I thought you might have some intelligence. Sorry I answered your post, I save my debates for people with a brain.

    1. marlon says:

      Whatnow, you started it with your stupid, thinly veiled racist reasoning.

  17. BETTY LOU says:

    a whop bop oh lu ma whop bang boom ,,,,,GOTTA LOVE THEM BALTIMORE CITY POLICE

  18. Gregory Randolph says:

    @ the Commish, yourr department is cursed and has been since 1996,these misfortunes will continue for a long time to come and it does not discriminate sorry to say.

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