BALTIMORE (WJZ/AP) — A 15-year-old Baltimore girl is facing trial on first-degree murder charges.

The trial for Arteesha Holt was set to begin Tuesday morning in Baltimore Circuit Court, but was postponed until next week.

Police said Holt shot Jose Gonzalez-Coreas and another man during a robbery attempt in August after the men laughed at her because she was so young. Gonzalez-Coreas was hit in the head and died a week later. The other man suffered a graze wound. Holt was 14 at the time.

A request by Holt’s defense to move her case to juvenile court was denied in May.

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  1. death penalty please says:


  2. antoinette shorter says:

    Wow! What a savage city Baltimore is. I’ve lived a lot of places and have NEVER seen such mean spirited nasty people as I’ve seen in the years I’ve lived in Baltimore. Does everyone here have lead paint poisoning or something? Is it the smog from Sparrows Point? What is it that makes people here so angry? God bless the future generation….what a tragedy! No love and no RESPECT for life….a 14 year old murderer; really sad! I blame her parents and I hope this little one gets the help she needs since they obviously let her down by not being hands on with her enough.

    1. Disappointed says:

      Antoninette – I agree with you to a point. There truly is no respect for human life any longer, but this isn’t limited to Baltimore City. You can attribute a huge part of this to “the want it now generation,” where someone has to have the $200 sneakers, the $100 pair of jeans so they aren’t considered outcasts. Between the Internet, computer games, video games, etc., the youth have no reason to leave their four walls. Basically, there is no incentive “to pay your dues.” But don’t single out only Baltimore. Parents involvement in the lives of their children is crucial, but when the City wants to provide breakfasts, lunches and dinners and after school programs and now provide havens for “curfew breakers” until their parents come and pick them up (and the will be fed while they are there), where is the incentive to better oneself? It’s a land of entitlements, hand-outs and freebies and everyone who voted for OweMalley are the first in line to get their handout

      1. antoinette shorter says:

        Disappointed – I agree with you wholeheartedly regarding the want it now generation. While it’s very true that these situations do happen in other places THIS (Baltimore) is currently where I reside and my point is that compared to the other BIG cities I’ve lived in per capita Baltimore gets the “savages of the year trophy” and it’s heartbreaking. There are so many beautiful things to see and do here but the NEGATIVITY AND MURDERS are at an all time high and constantly put a damper on ones spirit….I mean EVERY DAY it’s something… Baltimore is some kinda special with it!!

  3. N. says:

    Young people in Baltimore are getting out of hand. I wish to blame the parents, but personally i know orphans who know right from wrong. I wish i could blame poverty, but i know kids in the slums of Africa(Kibera) who would not do such a thing. This is plain savagery.

  4. mattii says:


    1. Angelo says:

      Casey Anthony… yawn…

      1. N. says:

        LOL. Some are so quick to scream blacks yet they forget that they have criminals in their ethnicity too.

      2. est 1988 says:

        Lmao good one

    2. est 1988 says:

      and for the record you damn prick,African Americans are constantly portrayed in a negative light for the simple fact that the media refuses to slander “the white man’s” name.Then theres Casey Anthony lmao YAWN

  5. Really? says:

    At A loss for words…how can a person whose been alive for 14 years murder someone? What happened to playing sports and video games? And going to the mall and movies?What could have possibly happened in this young girl’s life that would make her heart soo cold.This b.s is sad smh

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