BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Birth control may soon be available for free for millions of women.  The Institute of Medicine has recommended the government require health insurance providers to cover contraception without co-payments.

But as Meghan McCorkell reports, those recommendations are coming under fire.

Most women pay between $15 and $50 for birth control pills.  Now that cost could be going away.

The Institute of Medicine has recommended birth control be included as preventative care for women, requiring health insurance to cover it.

Obstetrician Dr. Beth Aronson says many patients can’t afford contraception.

“It is very frustrating when you feel you can’t give patients what they need and so they end up showing up with an unplanned pregnancy,” Aronson said.

But the Catholic Church is coming out against the new recommendations.  The Archdiocese of Baltimore released a statement urging the government to strike down what it calls “controversial elective practices.”

The statement is from Cardinal Daniel DiNardo, chair of the church’s committee on pro-life activities.  It says, in part, “The mandate would force all men, women and children to carry health coverage that violates the deeply-held moral and religious convictions of many.”

The church also came down on Planned Parenthood for celebrating the IOM’s recommendation. 

Aronson says she understands the controversy.

“Certainly if people have religious objections to taking these pills or using contraceptives, then that’s their prerogative not to use them.  But for people who don’t have those types of religious beliefs, it should be available,” she said.

She says she just wants what’s best for her patients.

Despite the opposition, there isn’t much the church can do.  The final decision is in the hands of the secretary of Health and Human Services.  That decision is expected by the beginning of next month.

Comments (11)
  1. Ken says:

    Stop giving out tax dollars on all the social programs and I bet the birth rate goes down saving the money for this birth control and then some. Stop feeding off the system.

  2. Charles says:

    Nothing is FREE. We’ll pay for this entitlement with tax dollars.

  3. Shannon says:

    Yay to free birth control!

  4. Mike says:

    The church needs to stay our of government business. Not everyone believes in the same principals of all religions and the money hungry organizations that are tax exempt should have no say as to how the country is run.
    They also need to take a look at their “employees” and clean house of the perverts they have been protecting for years.
    Free contraception will help reduce money spent on social programs to support children where the parents want to feed off the system. After 1 child is being supported by the government, they must use the free contraception. Otherwise any further children born to them should not be allowed to be supported by any social government program.

    1. Ken says:

      Good point Mike.

  5. Debbie says:

    I agree 100% with those who say stop having the government pay for and raise these children and the birth rate will drop. It is a free ride right now with taxpayers paying for health care, housing, food etc. Make parents assume responsibility and it will do far more than “birth control”

  6. Niles Simmons says:

    Dr. Beth Aronson you tell them!

  7. whatnow says:

    I would rather pay for birth control than an abortion or 18 yeas of welfare or a lifetime of prison.

  8. stationnorth says:

    Birth control should be mandatory. Hopefully, this plan will reduce the “baby’s daddy” syndrome that is prevalent today.

  9. realistic says:

    i would rather our tax dollars to go to birth control to prevent a unplanned pregnancy. Also think they should pay for men to have a vasectomy after having more then 6 kids by more then one women because you know they can’t afford to raise and spend quality time with all the kids.

  10. just wondering says:

    what tax payers don’t cover, insurance premiums from those insured will.

    and just a thought, if everyone keeps yelling seperation of church & state, shouldn’t it go both ways & mean the church can’t try to dictate?

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