LONDON (WJZ) — The News Corp phone hacking scandal zeroes in on the British prime minister and now he’s firing back. 

Kai Jackson has David Cameron’s strong words in court and how phone companies say you can protect yourself from hackers.

The phone hacking scandal has a wide range of people on the defensive.  At the same time, some wonder whether this debacle will cross the pond and involve America.

If England is known for anything, it’s theater and there was an ample amount of that in the Great Britain phone hacking scandal.  As media mogul Rupert Murdoch fends off charges of phone hacking, British Prime Minister David Cameron was in front of Parliament, both defending and distancing himself from Murdoch and one of Murdoch’s ex-editors, who Cameron hired and police have since arrested.

“You live and you learn and believe you me, I have learned,” Cameron said.

Allegations of a scandal came to light when news broke that journalists with Murdoch’s News of the World were hacking phones of murder and terrorism victims for stories.  The scandal forced the paper to fold.

Critics say Prime Minister Cameron and Murdoch have too cozy a relationship.  While the scope and damage of the hacking scandal in Britain is still being assessed, some observers believe the tentacles already stretch on U.S. soil.

AT&T and Sprint are advising customers to set up a password.  They say that will prevent hacking.

Scotland Yard has increased its staff to deal with the surge of phone hacking inquiries.

  1. kerwin says:

    FOX was also created by Murdoch. Should we demand a PUBLIC and INDEPENDENT investigation?

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