SWANTON, Md. (AP) — Constellation Energy Group is celebrating the startup of Maryland’s first commercial wind farm.

The Baltimore-based company held a ceremonial ribbon-cutting Tuesday for the 28-turbine project atop Backbone Mountain in Garrett County. The Cumberland Times-News reports that the project has been generating electricity since December.

A company spokesman says the project is designed to meet the electricity needs of 23,000 households in Maryland, Delaware and Virginia.

Protesters at the event complained that the wind farm is a tax dodge that mars the landscape and threatens the federally endangered Indiana bat.

Project opponents say they have agreed to delay until 2012 a trial on their endangered-species claim to give Constellation time to obtain necessary permits.

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Comments (2)
  1. Ken says:

    Congratulations to Constellation for this patriotic project to help USA.

  2. Peter Madden says:

    At some point the environmentalists need to get a clue and move on to more important things. I am all for saving endangered animals but no animal should be put before the needs of human beings nor do I think that because some small group doesnt find something asthetically pleasing is an argument that has any weight to it.

    We are at an energy crossroads. This country needs to stop relying on foreign oil for our energy (or at least significantly reduce it) and the only way to do that is to find new, sustainable forms of energy and wind and solar is the only way to acheive that.

    How can you possibly think that wind farms will kill bats? They have some of the finest tuned senses for flying and catching prey. You dont thing they will see a windmill? You dont think they will see an entire farm of windmills? If a wind farm is a danger then you can make the argument that swaying trees are just as dangerous to their flying. Both highly unlikely.

    You dont like the way the wind farms look? Have you ever seen an oil or coal burning powerplant? They are the ugliest, dirtiest man-made object you can ever look at. The sleek and modern appearance of a wind turbine would be a welcome sight in comparison.

    Something needs to be done about our impending energy crisis and it needs to be done now. This is a great start and hopefully this will be followed up by more wind and solar farms including the offshore ones that are currently in the planning stage.

    As for the environmentalists…they seem to show a childish and clueless attitude toward this issue. They should be focusing on the benefits that less fossil fuel burning pollution, less shipping accidents and oil spills and less mining for coal will have on wildlife habitats.

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