CUMBERLAND, Md. (AP) — The Maryland state archivist says he’s ready to delve into the history of Negro Mountain.


The Cumberland Times-News reported Thursday that Edward Papenfuse says he’s awaiting word from legislative leaders about the scope of a proposed work group that would study geographic landmark naming proposals.


House Speaker Michael Busch and Senate President Mike Miller proposed the group in March amid debate over a failed bill to rename Negro Mountain in western Maryland. The moniker supposedly honors a black frontiersman who died there during the French and Indian War. Some say it is offensive.


The work group would consider naming proposals for historical context and appropriateness.


Papenfuse says he’s ready to take on the project once he’s told what questions the legislative leaders want answered.

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Comments (3)
  1. Bob says:

    Is the WORK GROUP doing this for FREE? What budget is the money for NEW SIGNS, etc. coming from. Must be VERY SLOW in Annaplois looking for more ways to SPEND MONEY instead of ways to SAVE!

  2. KottaMan says:

    So, “The work group would consider naming proposals for historical context and appropriateness.” In whose opinion? That idiot delegate to the General Assembly from Baltimore City?

  3. RT says:

    Who are these “some People” I guess we will be changing the name of the “United Negro College Fund” Why is this offensive in the first place “Negro” means “Black” so what is the issue. Negro Maintain or Black Mountain same thing. I find all kinds of things in life “Offensive” and I live with it! Grow UP and get a life. You have nothing better in life but to think of things to cry about! Why don’t you worry about important things like maybe, hungry children, homeless, cancer, pot holes, so on and so on! Should we take the word “Negro”, “White”, “African”, Indian, “Spanish” ex. out of the dictionary? Anyway like I said at the beginning tell those “some People” about the “United Negro College Fund” maybe that will keep them busy for awhile.

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