BALTIMORE (AP) — The Maryland Public Service Commission wants to remind residents that public utilities are barred from shutting off electrical service or gas service used for cooling during the heat wave.

The PSC said Thursday that if the temperature is forecast to be 95 degrees or higher during the next 72 hours, a utility may not cut off a customer’s service for failure to pay.

Utilities can terminate service for theft of service or to respond to unsafe conditions.

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  1. Gregory Randolph says:

    the PSC is trying to mask this like they are doing something for customers who are unable to pay. what happens when the heatwave is over,? or do customers who have already been attacked by BGE(batimore’s gangsters of energy) will have there power restored? or will it be business as usual. The PSC and elected officials need to stop taking payouts and other perks from BGE to let them do what they want and makeup rules as they go along. shutoffs are cruel and inhumane punishment. impress me by making it against the law and placing a permanent moratorium on utilty shutoffs, when you do that, you will be doing something.

    1. Cadell Hall says:

      I think it’s great that they are not disrupting service during a heatwave!!! I agree that BGE as well as other utility services are highly profitable companies but they are a business. It’s not inhumane to turn off power if the bill isn’t paid. If you’re A/C in your car breaks, your automotive dealer isn’t required to fix it……….. so making a law against utility shutoffs would be unfair unless there is subsidization from government for the services.

  2. Iluvyaserj Sipes says:

    they dont care one time when my daughter was a few months old they came out to shut the service off i owed a whopping 30$ i didnt have cash so i offered to write a check the guy wouldnt take the check because he said it wasnt their policy cash only bear in mind it was january and snowing my heat was electric the cookstove everything was electric i asked if he could wait and i would try to borrow the money from a neighbor they guy said mam i dont have time to waste either you can pay or not so i said i couldnt and he cut the service off 30 lousy dollars yet others can have bills in the thousands and have no problems i had to wait until the next day and run to the bge office downtown and pay and then wait another 6 hours before my service was finally on when i had a newborn baby

  3. Jeanne Clarke says:

    I agree – and what forecast are they following for the 95 degrees or above? local or national weather institute? Often I get three or four different forecast for Baltimore from as many different places – BGE doesn’t care one iota. They give you a one week extension on a turn off when sometimes you just need one, two or three days more before getting paid. I worry because I have a 78 year old husband who is not in the best of health and sometimes I need a few extra days before money comes in to pay on the notice. And yes, what happens if the forecast is for 94 degrees one day but the next day it’s forecast for 98? do they still turn it off?

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