I know this is totally off the sports topic, but I was told I could blog about anything I want.  So I wanted to blog about movies.  I just saw the new Spiderman trailer, and it looks really cool, But why do we have to restart ideas over and over again.  The new Spiderman is a re-boot, meaning we start all over again with every character being reborn and the story being told yet again.  They did this with Batman and I think we can all agree it was much better the second time around. I just feel like there are no more original thoughts.  Every song these days are sampling hooks from old songs.  We are remaking old T.V. shows into movies. There is even talk of making board games into movies.  If they capitalized off of a ride at Disney World (Pirates of the Caribbean), then the movie companies will do anything to pull the wool over the public eye to make a quick buck.

I’m not saying that some of these movies won’t be a success, but god bless HBO and other companies that have an original thought and run with it. I absolutely loved HBO’s Game Of Thrones, but I have no interest in seeing the guy that played Khal Drago, be the new Conan.  I know most won’t care to read about this, but it was bothering me and I felt like writing about it.  By the way, what’s up with these comic book  movies?  How the hell can the guy that played the Human Torch be Captain America, and you also had the Green Lantern be Deadpool in the Wolverine movie.  Were there no other actors available???  I know I’m showing my nerdy side, but call it a pet peeve of mine.

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