BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Remembering 9/11 heroes.  One artist spent hours drawing each firefighter who died in the terrorist attack.  Now her work is in Baltimore.

Gigi Barnett has more.

Dawn Siebel says her goal is a permanent home for the memorial, preferably at the National Portrait Gallery.

There are 343 portraits, all firefighters killed in the line of duty on Sept. 11.

“This father and son were the only ones I knew when I started,” said Dawn Siebel.

Siebel painted every one.  It was a 10-year project that started on the day they died.

“Around 3 o’clock that afternoon, someone came on TV and said,  ‘300 firefighters died today,’ and that burst my dam,” Siebel said.  “For me, that one sentence sort of held up the day.  It held all the horrors and heroism of the day.”

The memorial is called Better Angels and is on display at the Convention Center this weekend.  Each portrait is painted on a block of burned wood.

“You know what surprised me about this thing?  Looking at it, both of us are past chiefs as volunteers.  Look at all of the white hats that responded.  White hats mean chiefs,” said volunteer firefighter John Schadt.

For Siebel, the wall is 3,000 hours of work.  It was a way to give back.  Almost every face is now etched in her mind.

“A young man came up and over to the table there and he put his finger down and said, `That’s my father,’ and I said, `Ronnie?’ and he said, `You knew him?’ and I said, `No, I painted him,'” Siebel said.

She finished the project just in time for the 10-year anniversary of 9/11.

  1. Steven Cville says:

    What happened on 9/11 was avery terrible thing and we should never forget that it was an attack of Muslims on our Country. That said though why was the country responsible for handing over millions of dollars to the Families of the victims. They were not the first to go to work and be killed or harmed in this Country. We don’t pay millions to the Electricians family if he is killed at work, or the Police Officer. Other Americans have been killed by Terrorist and not given millions. The 9/11 Familiars were given 1.9 million to 4.7 million and the first responders average 1.1 million each. Why is most of this paid by tax payers. Anyone else going to work and gets hurt has too depend on their insurance.

    A payoff for votes is what it was and people didn’t complain out of fear of being called unpatriotic.

    A Soldier killed in Combat’s spouse receives less then $10,000 and $833.00 dollars a month and + $281 for each child. And what ever insurance they take out. Who should get that kind of money from the Government? The Soldiers Family I think, they have no choice and follow orders and do our dirty work!

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