By Mike Hellgren

WASHINGTON (WJZ) — A Baltimore boy missing for three days is safe and sound after being spotted in Washington, D.C.

Mike Hellgren talked to the boy’s relatives, who were praying for his safe return.

Ki’Yauhn Birch’s mother tried to get inside the Children’s National Medical Center, rushing there to see her 7-month-old baby.

“We got him back,” said the boy’s father, Charlie Birch.  “Thank you, everybody.”

The infant was with the 16-year-old police say took him, Jonae Boozer.

The baby’s dad says Boozer was an acquaintance who showed up at his door in West Baltimore Friday, begging for food and a cigarette.  When he left to get one for her at the corner store, he says she took off with little Ki’Yauhn, who was only wearing a diaper.

“I think she had a hard life.  I don’t know that she meant to intentionally steal this baby.  I would hate to think that,” said Amy Birch, the baby’s great-aunt.

Police have questioned Boozer, but have not revealed what they believe was her motive for taking the child.

“I really thought I could trust her,” Charlie Birch said.

“I’m just happy that she kept him safe and she did not harm him and I just hope she gets the help that she needs,” Amy Birch said.

It’s also unclear what Boozer did with the baby during the more than two days they were gone together.

City police say they’ll consult with the State’s Attorney’s Office before filing any charges against the teen.

Comments (15)
  1. antoinette shorter says:

    Thank you Jesus that these children were found! Not sure what the father was thinking if previous articles are correct in leaving his child with this girl he barely knew. smh…..glad the little one is going to be reunited with his family! Great news to start off this Monday morning.

  2. deltasweetiepi says:

    I am glad the child was found safe. But he must be the dumbest dad ever to leave his child with someone he does not know just to get some darn cigarettes. He does not deserve this child.

    1. Chel Jump says:

      Agreed. Sounds like endangerment

  3. bmoregyrl says:

    Thank you lord for returning that baby unharmed. The girl is 16 and she needs to be talked to and I hope she has learned her lesson. I hope they find out why she took him.

    1. leah says:

      proly for attention from some1 hence all the piercings. N that should be a warning sign

  4. Shel says:

    By saying Cigarettes he meant Crack….

    1. DD says:

      …Inclined to agree!!!

  5. MzSpecial says:

    That makes no sense whatsoever. He didn’t even know her. What was he thinking?

  6. Sharon Williams says:

    To think that a request for a cigarette put this family through this nightmare which could have cost the family this beautiful child. It is unbelievable. What kind of world are we living in, the horror of these past days I have been unbearable. I just want to say thank GOD, he is ok, and as a mother and grandmother we call can learn to be careful and mindful of on how we just can not think our children will be safe with some of the people we think they will be safe with.

  7. A REAL DAD says:

    Glad the baby’s ok…the father is a royal A-HOLE…said the Police were getting on his nerves asking him questions…the father should be prosecuted along with the kidnapper. He’s the one that put the child in harms way!!!

  8. Are you surprised? says:

    If anyone, for one second, thinks this is the end of the story – just wait. There has to be more to it. If child protective services doesn’t investigate this, just write off the entire system.

  9. csr says:

    Nice “gang tears” on the guy’s face. So the police get on his nerves? Maybe they shouldn’t bother trying to find his child, then, since they “get on his nerves” so badly. Perhaps the police should actually turn their limited resources toward getting drug dealers locked up, helping law-abiding citizens that get robbed or attacked by these thugs… you know, people who actually APPRECIATE the services the police offer. You think?

  10. Can't Fix Stupid says:

    So the father left the baby with a 16 year old who stopped by to bum a smoke. The father left the kid with the 16 year old so he could go buy smokes. Giving a cigarette to a 16 year old is against the law. Hope the father is charged along with the 16 year old. There is one count of Child Neglect and one count of contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Dear ole Dad can get some cool new tats in prison! He can also “trade” for cigarettes in the joint as well. Where was the Mom?

    I’m glad this child was found safe. Maybe he can be given to someone who will not raise him to have gang tats and smoke at the age of 11!

    1. Lady A says:

      I was wondering when someone was going to point out the part about him going to buy cigarettes for this minor – whom he admittedly didn’t know well enough to have her phone # (and probably not even her last name!).

      1. letstellthetruth says:

        Thank God the child is home safe the father needs to get a mental evaluation what kind of a idiot leaves you baby with a friend of a friend there is alot more to this story that we are not being told

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